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15 Best Trivia Podcasts for Improving Your General Knowledge

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Best Trivia Podcast

Looking to win your next pub quiz or boost your general knowledge? Our selection of the best trivia podcasts from all over the web!

Perfect for any situation, these podcasts are a fun and easy way to learn interesting facts and random info. Whether it’s for an icebreaker at social events or just to satisfy your curiosity, there’s a trivia podcast for everyone.

Explore a variety of topics, from specific subjects to a mix of all things intriguing, and stay entertained and informed effortlessly.

Best Quiz Podcasts

Looking for the best quiz podcasts? Look no further!

RankPodcast NameLink to Listen
1Trivial Warfare TriviaListen
2Things I Got Wrong At TriviaListen
3Trivia TimeListen
4Ask Me AnotherListen
5No Such Thing As A FishListen
7Good Job BrainListen
8Miss Information: A Trivia PodcastListen
10Minds Over MatterListen
11Factorious and The Dorky Geeky Nerdy Trivia PodcastListen
12Fingers on BuzzersListen
13Super Fun Time TriviaListen
14EQHAS-Every Question Has A StoryListen
15Brain Food TriviaListen

These podcasts offer a wide range of trivia and quiz topics to keep you entertained and your brain sharp. From general knowledge to pop culture quizzes, these shows have it all. Tune in and test your knowledge with the best quiz podcasts available.

1. Trivial Warfare Trivia

Starting this list with a strong contender for one of the classic trivia podcasts that have been established in the last 10 years, we have the Trivial Warfare Trivia podcast.

One of the most popular formats that many trivia podcasts have adopted is the form of the classic pub quiz, that time-honored tradition of pubs and bars around the world.

Trivial Warfare has refined its formula down to a razor’s edge and is listened to and participated in by thousands of trivia lovers across the world.

That’s right! This weekly pub quiz podcast also gives anyone the chance of being a guest on an episode of the podcast, to be grilled and trivia tested by trivia team Carmela, Ben, Chris, and Johnathan.

This is a classic trivia podcast that is one of the most consistently engaging online, especially for people who love trivia games.

Episodes are usually released twice a month, so there’s regular new content still being pumped out.

2. Things I Got Wrong At Trivia

Best Trivia Podcast

When it comes to learning new trivia or facts, one of the things that can often be frustrating for people to deal with is how that trivia is learned or presented.

Simply presenting a list of historical dates or an obscure piece of information might be enough for some, but plenty of us also have enough of that after leaving school.

For a trivia podcast to stand out from the rest, it can’t just have random information monotonously read out to you.

You’ve got to have either the personality to help carry that info with some enthusiasm, part offbeat trivia, or a script well-crafted enough to present that information in a way that isn’t just interesting but helps contextualize it too.

If that is the itch that you’ve needed scratching when it comes to trivia podcasts, then you need to take a long listen to Things I Got Wrong At Trivia.

This podcast helps create a narrative around the information presented, turning what would otherwise be a disjointed piece of evidence that would otherwise fade into irrelevancy, into a story that you can follow and remember.

They say that you should never underestimate the power of a good script when it comes to podcasts, and Things I Got Wrong At Trivia is living proof of that sentiment. 

3. Trivia Time

Of course, not everyone is listening to podcasts for the grand narratives on history or trivia.

Sometimes all you need is a rapid-fire podcast episode, and some bright personalities to help carry those facts.

Well, that is exactly what Trivia Time brings to the table with its podcast, providing you with quick 5 rounds of 8 questions quiz based on revolving topics, from bar trivia to history to music, to popular culture, to a connection round.

There’s even a little anagram presented at the start of every episode to get your thinking cap on before the questions even begin.

So, if you love to keep your podcasts simple and sweet, then this is the podcast that you should be tuning into!

Best Trivia Podcast

4. Ask Me Another

Ask Me Another might be one of the oldest podcasts on this list, as it has been running since April 2012.

In terms of podcasts, that’s ancient!

What has probably helped this podcast survive for so long is the extensive amount of celebrity guests that have taken part in the podcast over that time, including Busy Philips amongst other frequent guests.

The energy that the presenter, Ophira Eisenberg, brings to the show probably helps matters too, presenting the information in an entertaining format, with questions from history to traffic rules and regulations being on the table (don’t worry, there are more interesting topics, we swear!)

The fact that guests can join in and help answer those questions also brings a healthy amount of audience participation into the mix, a key detail that has helped keep this show running for more than 10 years.

If you need a good offbeat trivia podcast in the background of whatever task you are doing, this is the perfect series to listen in on.

5. No Such Thing As A Fish

Firstly, take a moment to absorb that little trivia fact that the producers of this show snuck into that title. 

That’s the level of trivia that this podcast treats its audiences to, and you haven’t even tuned into an episode yet!

The hosts of this show, Dan Anna, James, and Andy, are part of the research team that is behind many of the trivia and information featured in the hit British TV quiz show QI.

Collectively known as the QI Elves by both the original show’s presenters and its audience, these four hosts each bring the interesting fact that they have learned in the last week, and present to the others and their audience on their podcast.

The other host’s vast knowledge of trivia and other information helps stimulate conversation around the topic, creating weird tangents and fascinating deep dives that you can only get from the deep recesses of four nerd’s minds!

If you were a fan of QI, then this is the perfect trivia podcast to jump into!

6. Triviality

did you know

Of course, we couldn’t stay away from a good trivia and pub quiz format for long!

This weekly podcast combines the trivia that you love to learn and curse for not remembering sooner with the big personalities and banter that carries any good podcast.

With episodes released on Tuesdays every week, this is a reliable source of entertainment with a massive backlog to work through as you go about your day-to-day activities.

If you love your quiz bang trivia and podcasts as seriously as a clown convention, this is the podcast for you.

7. Good Job Brain

This podcast is for people who desperately need to feel the validation of that one Wikipedia rabbit hole that you dove into at 2 am last night becoming useful one day.

Joking aside, this is the perfect combination of both entertainment from the presenter’s personalities clashing, combined with the very obscure facts and trivia that you happened to remember six days too late.

Only here, do you get to use that information!

If you want facts that are weird, wacky, and wonderful, then you need to tune into this podcast!

8. Miss Information: A Trivia Podcast

quiz time

While we don’t think that a good pun in the title for a podcast is an immediate mark of high quality, it certainly helps for us!

In each episode of this podcast, the two presenters, Lauren and Julie, will take turns giving a short lesson on a piece of trivia that they learned recently. Pretty standard stuff at first glance.

However, the podcast suddenly turns from a comfortable trivia talk between two friends into an impromptu pub trivia quiz in the second half.

This is where the trivia games start as each host takes the opportunity to quiz the other on their topic of choice, to see just how much they remember.

So, every school and college student’s worst nightmare.

Only here, you get to watch other people squirm instead!

If you have a mind for quickly retaining facts, this is the podcast for you!

9. Podquiz

If you’re looking to support a fast-paced podcast whilst also getting your daily recommended dosage of details and diatribes, then you may want to consider tuning in to the podcast Podquiz.

This is the perfect podcast for people who don’t want any extra bells and whistles with their trivia game.

The hosts crack on and give you all your trivia questions in less than 20 minutes (usually), making this a very digestible show.

Podquiz has a massive library of episodes for you to catch up on, with over 900 episodes of jam-packed trivia to absorb in this rapid-fire round quiz format.

This is the perfect podcast to crack out if you want to test your knowledge, or play trivia with your friends!

10. Minds Over Matter

Minds Over Matter is a unique blend of radio show and podcast that delves into a wide range of trivia topics. Originally aired as a radio show, it has transitioned smoothly into the podcast format, offering listeners an engaging and interactive trivia experience. The show is known for its diverse subject matter, expertly crafted questions, and a format that encourages listener participation, making it a favorite among trivia enthusiasts who enjoy a classic, radio-style approach to trivia.

11. Factorious and The Dorky Geeky Nerdy Trivia Podcast

Factorious and The Dorky Geeky Nerdy Trivia Podcast are grouped together for their similar appeal to trivia lovers. Factorious offers a fast-paced, game show-style experience, challenging listeners with questions across various topics. The Dorky Geeky Nerdy Trivia Podcast, on the other hand, caters to the inner nerd in everyone, focusing on topics like science fiction, fantasy, and pop culture. Both podcasts provide an entertaining and educational experience, making them perfect for those who enjoy a mix of fun and learning in their trivia.

12. Fingers on Buzzers

Fingers on Buzzers is a podcast that immerses its audience in the world of British quiz show culture. It offers a fascinating exploration of this unique genre, combining insightful discussions about famous British quiz shows with actual trivia questions. The podcast is perfect for listeners who are either fans of British quiz shows or those curious about the intricacies of this distinct cultural phenomenon.

13. Super Fun Time Trivia

Super Fun Time Trivia stands out with its distinctly Canadian perspective on trivia. The podcast is known for its humorous and relaxed approach, often featuring witty banter and a casual style that resonates with a broad audience. It’s a perfect choice for listeners who appreciate a more laid-back, conversational style of trivia, combined with a touch of Canadian charm and humor.

14. EQHAS-Every Question Has A Story

EQHAS-Every Question Has A Story takes a unique narrative approach to trivia. Each episode revolves around the idea that behind every question is an interesting story. This podcast blends educational content with storytelling, making it an ideal choice for listeners who enjoy learning the fascinating backstories and contexts behind various trivia questions and topics.

15. Brain Food Trivia

Brain Food Trivia is a relatively new addition to the trivia podcast scene, known for its straightforward and no-nonsense approach to trivia. The podcast presents a range of questions across different subjects, delivered in a clear and concise format. It’s perfect for listeners who prefer a more direct trivia experience without the fluff or elaborate discussions often found in other trivia podcasts.

Final Thoughts

So, there you have it!

With such a massive genre to pick and choose from, we hope we’ve helped you narrow down your options!

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