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The Best Educational Podcasts To Listen To

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Best Educational Podcasts

Podcasts are a great way to get information without reading long articles or watching boring lectures – which is a large reason for their popularity in recent years. There are thousands of free educational podcasts available on iTunes, Spotify, Google Play Music, 

Stitcher, and other platforms, and these podcasts cover topics ranging from science to history to current events.

We have put together a list of the very best educational podcasts on the market right now – no matter whether you are a teacher looking to improve your practice, an entrepreneur, or simply a curious learner on the hunt for new information, we have the podcast to teach you!

Key Takeaway

Rank Podcast 🎙️Descriptive 📜
#1Stuff You Should Know 🤔Curiosities of the Everyday 🌈
#2TED Radio Hour 🌍Ideas That Shape the World 🤯
#3Encyclopedia Womannica 👩‍🎓Celebrating Women in History 🏆
#4RadioLab 🎨Fueling Your Creative Fire 🔥
#5Stuff to Blow Your Mind 💡Exploring the Universe 🌌
#6Grammar Girl 📚Mastering Language Nuances ✏️
#7The Tony Robbins Podcast 🚀Strategies for Empowered Life 💪
#899% Invisible 🏙️The Hidden Side of Design 🔍
#9Unexplainable 🔍Unraveling Scientific Mysteries 🧬
#10Philosophize This! 🤔Modern Philosophical Impact 💭
#11Hardcore History ⚔️Deep Dives into the Past 🕰️
#12Freakonomics Radio 📊The Economics of Everything 💰
#13The Infinite Monkey Cage 🐒Science Meets Comedy 😄
#14Every Little Thing 🧐Answers to Life’s Quirks 🎈
#15Skeptics Guide To Universe 🌐Promoting Scientific Skepticism 🧠

This table provides a visual and engaging summary of the top 15 educational podcasts,

Top 15 Educational Podcasts For Learning On The Go

Here are the best podcasts for learning.

1. Stuff You Should Know

stuff you should know podcast

Stuff You Should Know covers various topics ranging from science to history in an approachable format.

Stuff You Should Know, hosted by Josh Clark and Chuck Bryant, is an award-winning podcast that educates listeners on various topics.

Each episode dives into the fascinating details behind everyday things and extraordinary concepts, making learning fun and accessible.

Pros and Cons

ProsConsWhy You Should Listen
Explores a range of different topicsSome topics may lack depthIdeal for satisfying diverse curiosities
Engaging and conversational toneMay not cater to niche interestsMakes learning fun and accessible
Accessible to a broad audiencePerfect for casual learning and entertainment

Top Episodes

2. TED Radio Hour

ted radio hour

TED Radio Hour invites you to embark on a journey of profound ideas and inspiring talks from diverse voices.

TED Radio Hour is a podcast that explores different fascinating ideas, astonishing inventions, and new thinking and creation methods.

Based on talks given by riveting speakers on the world-renowned TED stage, each episode is centered on a common theme – such as the source of happiness, crowd-sourcing innovation, power shifts, or inexplicable connections.

🧠 Podcasts That Make You Smarter

Pros and Cons

ProsConsWhy You Should Listen
Wide range of innovative topicsEpisodes can be denseExplores groundbreaking ideas and discoveries
Features thought leadersBroad topics may not appeal to allProvides deep insights into various fields
Inspirational contentStimulates intellectual curiosity

Top Episodes

3. Encyclopedia Womannica

encyclopedia womannica podcast

Womannica dives into the bite-sized tales of extraordinary women throughout history.

Encyclopedia Womannica is where the history books meet the feminist revolution. Each episode features a brief yet comprehensive biography of a woman who made her mark on history but didn’t necessarily make it into the history books.

These stories are informative and inspiring, from leaders and scientists to artists and activists.

Pros and Cons

ProsConsWhy You Should Listen
Highlights remarkable womenEpisodes might oversimplify complex livesEducates on influential women in history
Short, informative episodesFocus is more historicalPromotes gender equality and empowerment
Covers a diverse range of fieldsBroadens knowledge on women’s contributions

Top Episodes

4. RadioLab

radiolab podcast

RadioLab stands out as a beacon of storytelling and scientific exploration.

This podcast, masterfully hosted by Jad Abumrad and Robert Krulwich, delves into the mysteries of science, philosophy, and the human experience through a unique blend of investigative journalism and innovative sound design.

RadioLab’s episodes are more than mere discussions; they are immersive experiences that weave together expert interviews, thought-provoking narratives, and a soundscape that captivates the listener’s imagination.

The show’s ability to make complex scientific concepts accessible and engaging to a broad audience is unparalleled.

Pros and Cons

ProsConsWhy You Should Listen
Innovative storytelling transforms complex subjects into captivating stories.Some topics may be challenging for new listeners.Educates and entertains with a unique blend of science and storytelling.
Covers a wide range of subjects for every curious mind.Distinctive style might not appeal to all.Ideal for science enthusiasts and storytelling fans.
Features expert insights for depth and authority.Sparks curiosity and provides a deeper understanding of the world.

Top Episodes

  • Colors” – An exploration of how humans perceive color, a journey that’s as much about science as it is about art and culture.
  • The Bad Show” – Delves into the nature of human morality, questioning what it means to be good or bad through compelling stories.
  • Elements” – Takes listeners on a fascinating tour of the periodic table, revealing the surprising and often bizarre stories behind the elements that make up our world.

5. Stuff to Blow Your Mind

stuff to blow your mind podcast

With Stuff to Blow Your Mind, you’ll find yourself exploring the intriguing world of science, psychology, and the unexplained.

Stuff to Blow Your Mind explores the neurological underpinnings of the human experience and the universe’s vast mysteries.

This podcast, hosted by Robert Lamb and Joe McCormick, delves into scientific questions and philosophical inquiries, bridging the gap between the known and the unknown.

Whether discussing the science of dreams or the history of human technology, each episode is a deep dive into the wonders of the world around us.

Pros and Cons

ProsConsWhy You Should Listen
Explores a wide range of topicsCan be complex for casual listeningDelves into scientific and philosophical mysteries
Thought-provoking discussionsRequires focused attentionExpands understanding of the universe
Engaging presentation of ideasStimulates curiosity and critical thinking

Top Episodes

6. Grammar Girl

grammar girl podcast

Grammar Girl will allow you to unlock the secrets of grammar and language with quick and engaging lessons.

Grammar Girl provides quick and dirty tips for better writing. Mignon Fogarty, the voice behind Grammar Girl, simplifies complex grammar, punctuation, and style issues using short, friendly tips.

This podcast is a go-to resource for anyone looking to improve their writing skills, from students to professionals. Fogarty’s engaging approach and clear explanations make even the most daunting aspects of English approachable.

👨‍🏫 Best Podcasts for Teachers

Pros and Cons

ProsConsWhy You Should Listen
Simplifies complex grammar issuesMight be too basic for advanced usersIdeal for improving writing and communication
Short, manageable episodesFocus is mainly on EnglishQuick tips make learning easy
Helpful for all writing levelsEnhances clarity and correctness in writing

Top Episodes

7. The Tony Robbins Podcast

the tony robbins podcast

The Tony Robbins Podcast aims to transform your life with insights into personal development and success.

The Tony Robbins Podcast provides strategies for improving your life, from business and health to relationships and personal finance.

Robbins, a renowned motivational speaker and coach, shares his insights and interviews with successful individuals from various fields, offering practical advice and inspiration to help listeners achieve their fullest potential.

Pros and Cons

ProsConsWhy You Should Listen
Offers motivational strategiesStyle might not appeal to everyoneProvides actionable life improvement tips
Covers various life aspectsSome topics can feel repetitiveFeatures successful personalities
High-profile guest interviewsInspirational content for personal growth

Top Episodes

8. 99% Invisible

99 percent invisible podcast

The 99% Invisible podast uncovers the hidden design and untold stories behind everyday objects.

The Skeptics Guide to the Universe podcast promotes skepticism, critical thinking, and scientific understanding.

Hosted by Dr. Steven Novella and a panel of skeptical rogues, the podcast covers science news, myths, conspiracy theories, and misconceptions, aiming to educate listeners on the importance of skeptical inquiry and evidence-based thinking.

Pros and Cons

ProsConsWhy You Should Listen
Reveals hidden design storiesNiche focus on designUnveils the unnoticed world of design
High-quality storytellingSome stories might seem obscurePromotes appreciation for everyday aesthetics
Covers a broad spectrum of designEnhances awareness of our built environment

Top Episodes

  • On Average” explores how averages can be misleading and not always representative of reality, challenging common assumptions.
  • The Pool and the Stream” delves into skateboarding pools’ design and cultural impact, highlighting their significance beyond sports.
  • Thomassons” investigates architectural remnants that serve no purpose, offering insights into urban development and the concept of uselessness in design.

9. Unexplainable

unexplainable podcast

With Unexplainable, you’ll venture into the mysteries of the universe with a scientific lens.

Unexplainable is a podcast that delves into science’s mysterious and unanswerable questions. It focuses on the things we don’t know, bringing to light our universe’s most intriguing and baffling scientific mysteries.

From the depths of space to the intricacies of the human mind, Unexplainable explores the questions that keep scientists up at night.

Pros and Cons

ProsConsWhy You Should Listen
Tackles scientific mysteriesMay leave listeners with unanswered questionsFuels curiosity about scientific unknowns
Encourages critical thinkingSome topics are highly speculativeExplores the limits of current knowledge
Features expert insightsOffers a deeper appreciation for science

Top Episodes

  • A Stethoscope for the Rainforest” investigates innovative methods to monitor and understand the complex ecosystems within rainforests.
  • The Data Vigilantes” highlights individuals taking science into their own hands to fill gaps in official data and address pressing environmental issues.
  • Rogue Waves” explores the mysterious and often underestimated natural phenomenon of sudden, massive waves and their impact on maritime activities.

10. Philosophize This!

philosophize this educational podcast

Philosophize This! delves into the depths of philosophy’s profound impact on contemporary thought.

Philosophize This! is an engaging podcast that breaks down complex philosophical ideas into accessible discussions, making it ideal for newcomers and enthusiasts in philosophy.

The podcast covers various topics and thinkers, providing valuable insights into how these ideas apply to modern life.

Pros and Cons

ProsConsWhy You Should Listen
Simplifies complex ideasSome episodes may be too briefIdeal for newcomers and enthusiasts, it makes philosophy accessible.
Covers a diverse rangeLimited critique or exploration ofOffers clear explanations of philosophical concepts and their relevance to modern life.
Engaging and informativeCounterargumentsCovers a wide range of philosophical topics, fostering a deeper understanding of our world’s fundamental questions.

Top Episodes

11. Hardcore History

hardcore history educational

Hardcore History invites you to time-travel through epic historical events with immersive storytelling.

Hardcore History by Dan Carlin is a podcast that delves into the complexities of historical events in a profoundly engaging and detailed manner.

Carlin’s passion for history and his dramatic storytelling bring to life the people, places, and events of the past, making it accessible and captivating for a wide audience.

Pros and Cons

ProsConsWhy You Should Listen
Deep historical analysisLong episode format may deter someOffers immersive historical narratives
Engaging storytellingInfrequent episode releasesProvides a unique perspective on history
Covers lesser-known historical eventsExpands knowledge of global history

Top Episodes

12. Freakonomics Radio

freakonomics podcast

Decode the hidden incentives and economics governing daily life with Freakonomics Radio.

Freakonomics Radio delves into the hidden side of everything, applying economic theories to diverse subjects like school cheating, crime rates, and sports.

Host Stephen J. Dubner, co-author of the Freakonomics books, explores the incentives and behaviors that drive real-world phenomena, often with surprising results.

Pros and Cons

ProsConsWhy You Should Listen
Applies economic theory to everyday topicsSome concepts may be complexOffers unique insights into the hidden aspects of life
Features expert guestsFocus can be US-centric at timesStimulates intellectual curiosity
Often provides counterintuitive insightsEncourages critical thinking and questioning of assumptions

Top Episodes

13. The Infinite Monkey Cage

the infinite monkey cage

The Infinite Monkey Cage blends science and comedy, all while exploring the fascinating mysteries of the universe.

The Infinite Monkey Cage, hosted by physicist Brian Cox and comedian Robin Ince, offers a captivating fusion of witty banter and scientific expertise.

This dynamic podcast brings together a panel of experts and celebrities to delve into significant scientific questions through thought-provoking discussions.

Pros and Cons

ProsConsWhy You Should Listen
Combines science with humorHumor may not appeal to allMakes complex scientific topics accessible and enjoyable
Features a range of expert guestsUK-centric perspectives at timesFosters a deeper understanding of science
Engages with diverse scientific topicsPerfect blend of education and entertainment

Top Episodes

  • The Science of Laughter” – Explores why we laugh and the role of humor in human evolution.
  • The End of the World” – A lighthearted look at various apocalypse scenarios and their scientific plausibility.
  • Quantum Worlds” – Delves into the bizarre and counterintuitive realm of quantum mechanics.

14. Every Little Thing

every little thing podcast

Every Little Thing will allow you to embrace your curiosity and find an answer to life’s quirky questions.

Every Little Thing illuminates the fascinating stories behind the ordinary, answering listener-submitted questions on various topics, from science to culture to the animal kingdom.

Host Flora Lichtman guides listeners through the delightful curiosities of the world, revealing the hidden influences behind everyday objects and phenomena.

Pros and Cons

ProsConsWhy You Should Listen
Answers fascinating listener questionsSome topics may seem too nicheFuels curiosity about the world’s quirks
Diverse range of topicsShort episode format may leave wanting moreOffers bite-sized knowledge and fun facts
Engaging storytellingIdeal for learning something new every episode

Top Episodes

15. The Skeptics Guide to the Universe

the skeptics guide to the universe

With the Skeptics Guide to the Universe, you can navigate through the realm of skepticism and critical thinking in science.

The Skeptics Guide to the Universe podcast promotes skepticism, critical thinking, and scientific understanding.

Hosted by Dr. Steven Novella and a panel of skeptical rogues, the podcast covers science news, myths, conspiracy theories, and misconceptions, aiming to educate listeners on the importance of skeptical inquiry and evidence-based thinking.

Pros and Cons

ProsConsWhy You Should Listen
Promotes scientific skepticismMay be confrontational for some beliefsFosters critical thinking and skepticism
Wide-ranging scientific discussionsSome knowledge of science may be requiredDebunks myths and pseudoscience
Engaging panel of expertsEnhances scientific literacy

Top Episodes

  • “Debunking UFO Myths” – Challenges common misconceptions about UFO sightings with scientific reasoning.
  • “The Science of Happiness” – Explores what research tells us about the pursuit of happiness.
  • “Neuroscience and Free Will” – Discusses the implications of neuroscience research on the concept of free will.

Honorary Mentions: Learning Podcasts From Each Category

Best Educational General Knowledge and Culture Podcasts

RankName of PodcastDescriptive Title
#1Freakonomics RadioEconomics for the Curious
#2TED Radio HourFascinating Ideas Explored
#3The MothTrue Stories Told Live
#4No Such Thing As A FishQuirky Facts Galore
#5Hidden BrainA Dive Into Human Nature

Best Educational History and Society Podcasts

RankName of PodcastDescriptive Title
#1Dan Carlin’s Hardcore HistoryIn-depth Historical Analysis
#2You Must Remember ThisHollywood’s Untold Histories
#3Revisionist HistoryReexamining Overlooked Events
#4The DollopAmerican History With Humor
#5LoreDark Historical Tales

Best Educational Science and Technology Podcasts

RankName of PodcastDescriptive Title
#1RadioLabWhere Science Meets Culture
#2Science VsPitting Facts Against Fads
#3Reply AllDemystifying the Digital World
#4The Infinite Monkey CageScience Made Hilarious
#5StartUp PodcastEntrepreneurship Uncovered

Best Educational Language and Literature Podcasts

RankName of PodcastDescriptive Title
#1The AllusionistAdventures in Language
#2LingthusiasmLinguistics for Enthusiasts
#3Grammar Girl Quick and Dirty Tips for Better WritingGrammar Tips and Tricks
#4OverdueBooks You’re Missing Out On
#5LeVar Burton ReadsImmersive Storytelling

Best Educational Podcasts For Teachers

RankName of PodcastDescriptive Title
#1Cult of PedagogyInnovative Teaching Techniques
#2The Creative Classroom with John SpencerCreativity in Education
#3Truth for TeachersEmpowerment for Educators
#4Angela Watson’s Truth for TeachersPractical Advice for Teachers
#5Google Teacher PodcastIntegrating Tech in Teaching

Best Educational Philosophy and Critical Thinking Podcasts

RankName of PodcastDescriptive Title
#1Philosophize This!Philosophy for Beginners
#2The Partially Examined LifeUnpacking Philosophical Ideas
#3Hi-Phi NationPhilosophy Through Narratives
#4Philosophy BitesBite-Sized Philosophy
#5The Philosophy PodcastClassic and Modern Philosophy

Best Educational Podcasts for Kids

RankName of PodcastDescriptive Title
#1Wow in the WorldDiscoveries and Wonders
#2Story PiratesStories from Kids’ Imaginations
#3Brains On!Science Fun for Kids
#4But Why: A Podcast for Curious KidsAnswers to Kids’ Big Questions
#5Circle RoundGlobal Folktales for Children

Personal Insights: Navigating the World of Educational Podcasts

My experience in educational podcasts has been an enriching experience, transforming mundane commutes into sessions of enlightenment and curiosity.

Diving into various topics, from the intricacies of everyday phenomena to the vast complexities of the universe, has broadened my perspective and ignited a deeper passion for learning.

The blend of storytelling, science, and history in these podcasts has entertained and educated me, making each episode a valuable lesson.

The diversity of subjects, ranging from language mastery to philosophical inquiries and the hidden wonders of design, has catered to my eclectic interests, ensuring there’s always something new to explore.

This auditory adventure has reinforced the idea that learning is a continuous, enjoyable process, with each podcast offering a unique lens through which to view the world.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which podcasts keep you learning?

I find podcasts like Hardcore History, Freakonomics Radio, Radiolab, and TED Talks Daily to keep me learning.

Can you learn from podcasts?

Yes, you can learn from podcasts. Podcasts offer various topics, from history and science to language learning and personal development. They can provide valuable insights, expand your knowledge, and stimulate intellectual curiosity.

What podcast to listen to when studying?

Listening to podcasts that align with their field of study can enhance learning for some. For example, a history student might benefit from “Hardcore History” by Dan Carlin.

However, if you find lyrics or spoken word distracting, you might opt for instrumental music or ambient sound podcasts instead, such as “Sleepy” or “Calm Collective.”

Why use podcasts for learning?

Podcasts are great for learning because they allow you to explore a wide range of topics at your own pace, they can be enjoyed while multitasking, and they often delve deeper into subjects than traditional media, offering a more comprehensive understanding.

What are the best educational podcasts on Spotify?

The top educational podcasts on Spotify include “Stuff You Should Know,” which delves into diverse topics from history to science; “TED Talks Daily,” featuring daily insights from experts on a variety of subjects; and “Radiolab,” known for its deep storytelling in science and philosophy.

How to learn from podcasts?

To effectively learn and remember content from podcasts, consider these strategies:

Take Notes: Jot down key points while listening.
Use Mnemonic Devices: Employ memory aids to recall information.
Pause and Reflect: Stop the podcast to understand what you’ve heard.
Replay for Clarity: Listen again for a deeper understanding.
Discuss with Others: Talk about the podcast to reinforce learning.
Focus on Key Information: Concentrate on important points.
Continue Learning: Further explore the podcast’s subject matter.

These methods can help you retain and understand the information from podcasts more effectively.

Final Thoughts on Education Podcasts

Exploring these educational podcasts has opened up a universe of knowledge, blending entertainment with enlightenment. Each episode is a journey into new realms of understanding, catering to diverse interests and sparking endless curiosity.

So, here’s to the joy of discovery and the ongoing adventure of learning—happy listening!

Matt Brook

With a background in Journalism and years of experience in the industry, Matt brings a wealth of knowledge to the WiredClip team.

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