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15 Best Podcasts On SiriusXM in 2024

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Best Podcasts On SiriusXM

Podcasts have revolutionized the audio entertainment industry. Today, listeners can choose from a seemingly endless range of show genres and listen to them on various apps on their computers, mobile devices, and smart sound systems.

SiriusXM is one of the biggest audio entertainment companies in the world. It streams more than 150 channels of ad-free music, sports, live news, comedy, and more, easily maintaining a wide and loyal global audience.

Listeners can also enjoy streaming access to an expertly curated collection of podcasts through SiriusXM’s app or the web browser.

Key Takeaways

  • Diverse Genre Offerings: SiriusXM’s podcast lineup spans a wide array of genres, from the superhero adventures of Marvel’s Squirrel Girl to the comedic insights of Kevin Hart.
  • Exclusive Content: Many of the top podcasts on SiriusXM offer exclusive content not available on other platforms.
  • Celebrity Insights: The platform features podcasts with deep dives into celebrity lives beyond their public personas.
  • Cultural and Historical Deep Dives: SiriusXM podcasts go beyond entertainment, enriching listeners with educational content on cultural and historical contexts.

Best Podcast on SiriusXM

If you are looking for a cool new podcast to listen to, read on as we break down the top 15 Sirius XM podcasts on SiriusXM that you should check out:

RankPodcast Name
#1🥇 Marvel’s Squirrel Girl: The Unbeatable Radio Show!
#2🥈 Comedy Gold Minds with Kevin Hart
#3🥉 Huuuge Fan
#4I Want My 80s Podcast
#5It’s Me, Tinx
#6The History of Marvel Comics: Black Panther
#7Marvel’s Wastelanders: Black Widow
#9The Megyn Kelly Show
#10Eckhart Tolle: Essential Teachings
#11Rolling Stone Music Now
#12Chasing Life
#13Exit 209 with Storme Warren
#14All Music is Black Music
#15My Favorite Murder with Karen Kilgariff and Georgia Hardstark

#1 Marvel’s Squirrel Girl: The Unbeatable Radio Show!

Marvel’s Squirrel Girl podcast

Marvel Entertainment and Sirius XM have partnered to create Marvel’s Squirrel Girl: The Unbeatable Radio Show! This six-episode podcast series follows the life of Doreen Green, a student recently outed as The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl.

Doreen hopes to unite her dual identities in the public eye by creating a student radio show on her school’s station.

With her best friend Nancy Whitehead producing and her squirrel Tippy-Top hanging out, she is ready to help people with advice, superhero-related or not.

Engaging storytelling that brings comic book characters to life.Limited episodes might leave fans wanting more.
High production value with excellent voice acting and sound effects.Specific to Marvel fans; might not appeal to all listeners.

Top 3 Episodes

  • Episode #1: “The Unbeatable Debut” – Squirrel Girl makes her audio debut, juggling college life and superhero duties with wit and humor.
  • Episode #3: “Nuts About Crime” – Doreen tackles a local crime spree with her unique blend of squirrel powers and social smarts.
  • Episode #6: “The Final Showdown” – An epic conclusion where Squirrel Girl faces her biggest challenge yet, with surprises and guest appearances.

#2 Comedy Gold Minds with Kevin Hart

comedy gold minds kevin hart

In Kevin Hart’s first ever solo podcast, listeners can enjoy him pairing up with some of the world’s funniest people, rising stars and comedy legends alike.

This new podcast features top comedic tastemakers, and they will take you on a wild and funny ride with hours of punchlines, anecdotes, and inside jokes.

The show chronicles their comedy journeys and offers a sneak peek of their latest material. You can be sure to enjoy endless laughs in each episode.

Kevin Hart’s charismatic hosting and interaction with guests.May lean heavily on comedy insider talk, which not all may enjoy.
Insightful conversations that blend humor with deep personal stories.Episodes can be lengthy, which might not suit listeners looking for quick listens.

Top 3 Episodes

  • Episode #5: “Laughing with Legends” – Kevin Hart sits down with comedy legend Eddie Murphy to discuss the art of comedy and Eddie’s illustrious career.
  • Episode #21: “Comedy’s New Wave” – A conversation with Tiffany Haddish about her journey in comedy and her approach to humor.
  • Episode #42: “Behind the Jokes” – Dave Chappelle shares insights into his creative process and the evolution of his comedy.

#3 Huuuge Fan

huuuge fan podcast

Sports lovers, take heed! In this weekly series, pro sports commentator and podcast show host LaChina Robinson welcomes some of the world’s most famous personalities on her show. Her guests are actors, musicians, and other stars, all of whom are die-hard sports fans.

She digs deep into their fan journeys through fun, reflective interviews that give you insight into their fandom.

Celeb guests open up about their favorite sports teams and discuss what got them hooked: their first live game, championship celebrations, devastating losses, superstitions, beloved hometown traditions, and many more.

The in-depth conversations with these celebrity guests offer listeners a peek into an aspect of their lives that is not as known, where they are huge fans more than anything else.

Guests include Tracy Morgan, Anthony Ramos, Monica, Drew Carey, Michelle Williams, Michael Bublé, Tim McGraw, Darius Rucker, Ashley Judd, and Dierks Bentley.

Unique blend of sports and celebrity interviews, offering fresh perspectives.Niche appeal; primarily targets sports enthusiasts and fans of the featured celebrities.
In-depth discussions that go beyond the surface level of fandom.Some listeners might prefer more focus on sports analysis rather than celebrity stories.

Top 3 Episodes

  • Episode #8: “Sports Meets Cinema” – A riveting discussion with actor Mark Wahlberg on his love for Boston sports teams and how it influences his work.
  • Episode #15: “Music & Games” – Musician John Legend shares his passion for basketball and how sports intertwine with his musical career.
  • Episode #22: “The Actor’s Athlete Mindset” – Actress Halle Berry talks about her preparation for action roles and her admiration for professional athletes.

#4 I Want My 80s Podcast

i want my 80s podcast

This fun weekly series features original MTV VJs Mark Goodman, Alan Hunter, and Nina Blackwood. In each episode, they share their insights into the 1980s—a defining era in pop culture history.

The engaging podcast delves into MTV-generation nostalgia and explores the most memorable movies, music, and pop culture moments of the 1980s.

It dives deep into some of the defining moments of the decade and will make you want to go back to those good old days!

Nostalgic journey through the 1980s with original MTV VJs.Specific to the 80s era, might not resonate with younger audiences.
Covers a wide range of 80s pop culture, from music to movies.Might feel dated or less relevant to those not interested in retro content.

Top 3 Episodes

  • Episode #12: “MTV Revolution” – A nostalgic look back at how MTV transformed music and television in the 1980s.
  • Episode #27: “Iconic 80s Soundtracks” – Exploring the unforgettable movie soundtracks that defined a decade.
  • Episode #33: “80s Fashion & Pop Culture” – A dive into the trends, styles, and cultural shifts that made the 80s unforgettable.

#5 It’s Me, Tinx

its me tinx live siriusxm

Advice expert and lifestyle personality Tinx is well-known for her candor and wit. In this show, she talks about her life, gives her satirical take on pop culture, and offers expert advice and recommendations to listeners in her podcast, It’s Me, Tinx.

The show is an extension of what fans know and love about Tinx. The social media star shares her views on relationships and dives into hot-button topics that listeners are interested in.

New episodes are released every Monday and Friday. You can also join the live call-in radio show on Wednesdays at 11 AM EST/8 AM PT on SiriusXM Stars, channel 109.

Tinx’s candid and humorous take on life and pop culture.The personal and opinionated style might not appeal to all listeners.
Offers advice and insights, making it relatable and engaging.Content can be very specific to Tinx’s experiences and viewpoints.

Top 3 Episodes

  • Episode #4: “Influencer Real Talk” – Tinx opens up about the realities of being a social media influencer and the pressures that come with it.
  • Episode #10: “Love and Dating in the Digital Age” – An honest discussion on modern relationships, dating apps, and finding love online.
  • Episode #18: “Self-Care and Mental Health” – Tips and personal stories on maintaining mental health and the importance of self-care routines.

#6 The History of Marvel Comics: Black Panther

the history of marvel comics black panther

SiriusXM has a healthy slate of podcasts for Marvel fans. The History of Marvel Comics: Black Panther is a six-episode original docuseries podcast that dives deep into the long comic book history of Marvel’s first Black superhero: T’Challa, the Black Panther.

Podcast show host and New York Times best-selling author Nic Stone converses with the comic book creators, including writers, artists, and historians that influenced T’Challa’s journey.

They break down the character’s global social impact and celebrate Wakanda’s Afro-futuristic world.

New and old fans can enjoy behind-the-scenes details outlining T’Challa’s incredible journey and how he became Black Panther.

The show also delves into some of Black Panther’s biggest moments and how he and Wakanda have since evolved. This makes it an out-and-out treat for fans of Marvel and Black Panther.

The podcast showcases exclusive interviews with Brian Stelfreeze, Christopher Priest, Don McGregor, Joe Quesada, John Romita Jr., Reginald Hudlin, John Ridley, Ta-Nehisi Coates, and others.

Deep dive into the history and cultural impact of Black Panther.Focuses solely on Black Panther, which might be too narrow for some Marvel fans.
Features interviews with influential creators and artists.Requires some background knowledge of Marvel Comics to fully appreciate.

Top 3 Episodes

  • Episode #1: “The Legacy Begins” – Exploring the origins and significance of Black Panther as Marvel’s first black superhero.
  • Episode #3: “Wakanda Forever” – Delving into the creation of Wakanda and its impact on Afrofuturism in comics and beyond.
  • Episode #6: “The Panther’s Influence” – A look at Black Panther’s cultural impact and its role in shaping superhero narratives.

#7 Marvel’s Wastelanders: Black Widow

marvel's wastelanders black widow

Helen Black (voiced by Susan Sarandon) stars in Marvel’s Wastelanders: Black Widow. The third installment of the Marvel’s Wastelanders audio epic kicks off 30 years after The Day the Villains Won, a.k.a. V-Day.

This exciting series follows Helen Black, who moves into The Onar, an apartment complex owned and run by S.H.I.E.L.D.

The address has become a shining symbol of the sheer inequality that has plagued New York City since V-Day. A few wealthy families live in posh penthouses at the top of the building, while Helen occupies an apartment in the humble “100 Block.”

The series also follows Lisa Cartwright, who is starting her first day as an analyst assigned to track the movements of The Onar’s residents. Lisa soon realizes that Helen is hiding big—and potentially very dangerous—secrets.

Explores a new storyline within the Marvel Universe.The specific storyline might not appeal to all Marvel fans.
High-quality production and voice acting from top talents.Being a fictional story, it may not engage listeners looking for real-life content.

Top 3 Episodes

  • Episode #2: “Shadows of the Past” – Black Widow confronts old allies and enemies in a post-apocalyptic world.
  • Episode #5: “The Onar Conspiracy” – Unraveling the mysteries and secrets hidden within The Onar’s walls.
  • Episode #10: “A New Dawn” – The finale that ties up loose ends and sets a new course for the survivors.

#8 Marvel/Method

marvel method siriusxm

Marvel/Method is another fantastic show for all the Marvel fans out there. In this brand-new exclusive podcast on Sirius XM, you can listen to actor and rapper Method Man interviewing celebrity guests about life in general, fandom, Marvel comics, music, and more, week after week.

Some of the guests on the show include DMC, Killer Mike, and Jemele Hill. Stay tuned for your dose of celebrity info and Marvel fandom.

Unique blend of Marvel comics discussion and celebrity interviews.Might be too niche for listeners not interested in comics or the guests featured.
Hosted by Method Man, adding a unique flair to the Marvel fandom.Specific focus on Marvel might exclude fans of other comic universes.

Top 3 Episodes

  • Episode #7: “Comics and Hip-Hop” – Method Man discusses the intersections between comic book storytelling and hip-hop culture.
  • Episode #14: “Superhero Inspirations” – A deep dive into how Marvel characters inspire and influence real-life heroes and fans.
  • Episode #20: “The Art of Storytelling” – Exploring the narrative techniques and character development in Marvel comics.

#9 The Megyn Kelly Show

the megyn kelly show siriusxm

If you enjoy political podcasts, you should check out The Megyn Kelly Show. It features upfront, honest, and potentially controversial conversations with the most influential and interesting political, legal, and cultural icons today.

Megyn Kelly is a journalist and political commentator who worked at Fox News and NBC News.

Offers hard-hitting interviews and discussions on current events.Megyn Kelly’s style and perspectives might not align with all listeners.
Features a wide range of influential guests.Political and controversial topics might deter some listeners seeking lighter content.

Top 3 Episodes

  • Episode #18: “Courage Under Fire” – A compelling interview with a whistleblower who exposed corruption at high levels.
  • Episode #34: “The Political Divide” – A discussion on the current state of American politics and the path to unity.
  • Episode #47: “Media and Truth” – Megyn Kelly tackles the issue of trust in media with renowned journalists and commentators.

#10 Eckhart Tolle: Essential Teachings

eckhart tolle essential teachings

This weekly podcast series is from one of the most inspiring and influential spiritual thinkers in the world. Eckhart Tolle is a world-renowned spiritual teacher and the author of the best-selling book “The Power of Now: A Guide to Spiritual Enlightenment.”

Introduced by none other than Oprah Winfrey, this podcast showcases nuggets of Eckhart’s wisdom to help listeners find calm and quiet in the midst of a busy life. The goal is to live in the present and learn to separate your ego from your true self.

Tune in every Thursday to listen to the latest episodes.

Provides spiritual and mindfulness insights from a renowned author.The philosophical content might be too dense or abstract for some.
Offers practical advice for living in the present.Lacks variety if listeners are interested in diverse topics.

Top 3 Episodes

  • Episode #9: “Living in the Now” – Eckhart Tolle shares insights on how to embrace the present moment for a more fulfilling life.
  • Episode #15: “Ego and Identity” – Exploring the concepts of ego, self-identity, and consciousness.
  • Episode #22: “Peace and Acceptance” – Techniques and teachings to cultivate inner peace and acceptance in everyday life.

#11 Rolling Stone Music Now

rollingstone music now podcast

Rolling Stone’s team of writers, reporters, editors, and critics dig deep into the biggest stories in the music industry.

Hosted by Brian Hiatt, Rolling Stone’s senior writer, the weekly podcast showcases in-depth interviews with leading artists all over the world, including current stars and music legends.

Listeners can enjoy expert insights on the latest releases, breaking news from the publication staff, and current recommendations. The podcast also spotlights music discussions, explainers, and debates that cover all eras and genres.

Some celebrity guests that have appeared in the podcast include Bruce Springsteen, Neil Young, Halsey, Dua Lipa, Alicia Keys, Sheryl Crow, Liam Gallagher, Alice Cooper, Johnny Marr, Phil Collins, Kelly Clarkson, Pete Townshend, Eddie Van Halen, the Zombies, and many more.

Listen to the Rolling Stone Music Now broadcast every Friday at 1 PM ET on SiriusXM’s Volume, channel 106.

In-depth music industry insights and artist interviews.Focuses on mainstream music, which might not cater to all tastes.
Hosted by Rolling Stone’s senior writer, adding credibility.Can be too focused on American music industry perspectives.

Top 3 Episodes

  • Episode #56: “The Evolution of Rock” – A journey through the history of rock music with legendary musicians sharing their stories.
  • Episode #78: “Women in Music” – Celebrating the achievements and challenges of women in the music industry.
  • Episode #89: “The Future of Music” – Predictions and insights into the next big trends and changes in music.

#12 Chasing Life

chasing life siriusxm podcast

Chasing Life is a weekly podcast by Dr. Sanjay Gupta, a renowned neurosurgeon and medical writer. The show explores the science of human beings by delving deep into the relationship between the world around us and our bodies.

In this show, you will learn many things, such as how the gut supports homeostasis, why we feel reenergized after being by the ocean, the evolutionary root of nightmares, and many, many more.

Dr. Gupta aims to help people mindfully approach life, strike a balance between productivity and self-care, and uncover the surprising science behind how human beings thrive.

This podcast will surely help you incorporate these tips into your own life and discover what healthy, mindful living truly means.

Dr. Sanjay Gupta offers expert health and wellness advice.Health-focused content might not be of interest to all listeners.
Covers a wide range of topics promoting a balanced lifestyle.Some discussions may be too technical for casual listeners.

Top 3 Episodes

  • Episode #12: “The Science of Happiness” – Dr. Sanjay Gupta explores what truly makes us happy, backed by scientific research.
  • Episode #24: “Healing Through Nature” – The benefits of connecting with nature for mental and physical well-being.
  • Episode #36: “The Mind-Body Connection” – Understanding how our thoughts and emotions affect our physical health.

#13 Exit 209 with Storme Warren

exit 209 with storme warren

The Highway’s Storme Warren, a.k.a. the “Dick Clark of Country Music,” is the ultimate country music radio host and champion of Nashville’s musicians and their stories. Join him in the Exit 209 podcast as he uncovers the rise of the biggest stars of country music.

Country stars share their personal stories about their journeys to success in Music City, from their humble first jobs to their first real hits. You will also learn about the milestone decisions during their lives and careers to reach where they are today.

This podcast is an inspiring listen for music lovers and hopeful musicians who also want to make a mark in the industry.

Provides a behind-the-scenes look at country music and its stars.Niche focus on country music may not appeal to all listeners.
Hosted by a well-known figure in the country music scene.Stories and interviews may cater more to fans of the genre.

Top 3 Episodes

  • Episode #5: “From Bars to Stars” – The inspiring stories of country artists who went from playing in dive bars to selling out arenas.
  • Episode #16: “Nashville Behind the Scenes” – A look at the unsung heroes of the Nashville music scene.
  • Episode #29: “The Evolution of Country Music” – Tracing the roots and evolution of country music through the decades.

#14 All Music is Black Music

all music is black music podcast

All Music Is Black Music is a new original podcast that delves into how African American music and culture have impacted modern music.

Produced by SiriusXM, Stitcher, and Pandora, it features host, actor, and singer Selema Masekela and narrator Dr. Dwandalyn Reece of the Smithsonian’s National Museum of African American History and Culture (NMAAHC).

Together, they take listeners on a journey of music and history that begins with an artifact from the NMAAHC’s collection.

The episodes feature interviews with artists, authors, and scholars, including Ne-Yo, Regina Spektor, St. Vincent, and others.

New episodes drop on a bi-weekly basis. Tune in and learn about the stories of Black artists and cultural creators who have influenced the contemporary genres, trends, and styles we all know and love.

Explores the influence of African American music on modern genres.Focus on African American music might not cater to all musical interests.
Features a variety of voices from artists, authors, and scholars.Bi-weekly release schedule may be too infrequent for some listeners.

Top 3 Episodes

  • Episode #3: “The Roots of Rhythm” Tracing modern music genres’ African origins and global influence.
  • Episode #7: “Jazz and Civil Rights” – How jazz music played a role in the civil rights movement and cultural expression.
  • Episode #12: “Hip-Hop’s Global Impact” – Examining how hip-hop has influenced cultures and societies around the world.

#15 My Favorite Murder with Karen Kilgariff and Georgia Hardstark

my favorite murder podcast

Author, comedian, actress, singer, television producer, and podcast host Karen Kilgariff and her co-host Georgia Hardstark share their favorite murder stories on My Favorite Murder.

They are lifelong fans of true crime, and they outline one case each during every episode. They also invite their famous friends and fans to narrate crime stories that originated in their hometowns.

This true-crime comedy podcast is one of the biggest and earliest hits in the podcast world, dating back to 2016. Today, Karen and Georgia have a dedicated fanbase and loyal listeners called Murderinos who contribute to their advocacies for victims and their families.

Engaging mix of true crime storytelling and humor.The blend of comedy and true crime might not be suitable for all audiences.
Strong community of listeners and interactive elements.Some may find the casual approach to serious topics off-putting.

Top 3 Episodes

  • Episode #67: “Hometown Horrors” – Karen and Georgia share chilling murder stories submitted by fans from their own hometowns.
  • Episode #134: “Unsolved Mysteries” – A discussion on some of the most perplexing unsolved cases in true crime history.
  • Episode #202: “Live from [City]” – A live episode featuring unique and gripping murder tales from a city visited during their tour.

My Experience with SiriusXM Podcasts

Diving into the world of SiriusXM podcasts has been an eye-opening experience, reshaping how I consume audio content.

The variety of shows available, from in-depth discussions on pop culture phenomena to light-hearted comedy and sports dialogues, has broadened my horizons and introduced me to topics I wouldn’t have explored otherwise.

The convenience of SiriusXM’s platform, allowing for easy navigation between channels and podcasts, has seamlessly integrated into my daily routine, enriching moments that would otherwise be mundane.

🎤 Everything You Need to Know About Podcast Networks

The ad-free environment means I can lose myself in the content without interruptions, making each listening session more immersive.

The quality of content has stood out most in my SiriusXM journey. Each podcast feels like a carefully crafted piece, whether it’s the insightful banter of comedians, the thrilling narratives of storytelling podcasts, or the profound explorations of historical and cultural topics.

Wired Clip is a reader-supported site. Purchases made through links may earn a commission, at no additional cost to you.

The platform’s commitment to delivering diverse high-quality audio experiences has made it a staple in my media consumption, offering both entertainment and education in equal measure.

In sum, my experience with SiriusXM podcasts has been nothing short of transformative, offering a blend of entertainment, information, and companionship through the airwaves, making every listen a journey worth taking.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you listen to podcasts on SiriusXM in the car?

To listen to Sirius podcasts in your car, tune into the SiriusXM app, select ‘Podcasts,’ and choose from various categories or search for your favorite podcast.

How do I access podcasts on SiriusXM?

You can listen to SiriusXM podcasts through the SiriusXM app available on both iOS and Android devices and through the SiriusXM web player on your computer. Simply log in with your SiriusXM account, navigate to the “Podcasts” section, and browse or search for your favorite shows.

Are all podcasts on SiriusXM available to every subscriber?

While many podcasts on SiriusXM are available to all subscribers, some content may be exclusive to certain packages or subscription levels. It’s best to check your subscription details or the SiriusXM website for information on specific podcast availability.

Can I download podcasts from SiriusXM for offline listening?

Yes, the SiriusXM app allows you to download episodes of your favorite podcasts for offline listening. This feature is particularly useful for enjoying podcasts when you’re on the go without a stable internet connection.

How often are new podcast episodes released on SiriusXM?

Release schedules vary depending on the podcast. Some podcasts release episodes weekly, while others might follow a bi-weekly or monthly schedule. Special series may have a set number of episodes released at specific intervals. It’s recommended to check the podcast’s page on SiriusXM for the most accurate and up-to-date release schedule.

Can I suggest a podcast to be added to SiriusXM’s lineup?

SiriusXM values listener feedback and suggestions. While they may not be able to accommodate all requests, you can usually submit suggestions through their customer service channels or social media platforms.

However, inclusion depends on various factors including licensing agreements and content alignment with SiriusXM’s offerings.


SiriusXM is a fantastic platform for finding new podcasts across all genres. You can quickly expand your knowledge and learn more about whatever topic interests you. You can also tune into your favorite podcasts on SiriusXM to unwind and chill.

We hope our handy guide helped you discover new podcasts on SiriusXM that you will love listening to. If you enjoyed reading this article and would like to check out more such blog posts, visit our website and browse our articles and guides.


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