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Do you love learning new things? If yes, then podcasts are perfect for you. Podcasts are audio or video recordings that are usually broadcasted over the Internet. They are often hosted by individuals who share their knowledge and expertise through interviews, lectures, or other types of media.

Podcasts are a great way to listen to interesting topics, especially if you don’t have much time to spare. There are thousands of podcasts out there, covering a wide range of subjects from politics to sports – and of course, history.

If you are a true history buff, read on to discover the must-try podcasts to boost your historical knowledge in no time.

#1 HISTORY This Week

This is one of the most popular podcasts about history. It covers all sorts of interesting topics such as ancient civilizations, famous people, wars, inventions, science, and more, and allows listeners to turn back the clock to discover something brand new.

The host’s interview experts from various fields, including historians, archaeologists, scientists, authors, etc., so you will learn something new every week.

#2 Making Lincoln

This podcast tells the story of Abraham Lincoln, America’s 16th president. It focuses on his life before he became president, during his presidency, and after he left office.

Each episode features an expert historian talking about different aspects of Lincoln’s life, such as his childhood, education, political career, and presidency.

#3 History Daily

Wondering what happened on this day in history? Then this is the podcast for you! Every day, it presents fascinating facts about events that occurred on a certain date in history. You can also subscribe to its newsletter to receive daily updates via email.

#4 Stuff You Missed In History Class

Want to brush up on some forgotten history? Check this podcast out. In each episode, host Michael Ian Black talks with experts about important moments in history that you may not know anything about.

From the American Revolution to World War II, they talk about the things that changed our world forever – and it is likely to be the stuff you don’t even know you don’t even know!

#5 Revisionist History

How do we know that the history we are told is the truth and the whole truth? A lot of times, we just take it at face value. But sometimes, we need to question our sources and ask ourselves whether these stories are really accurate.

That’s where Revisionist History comes in. Host Malcolm Gladwell looks into controversial issues and tries to figure out which side has the better argument – or if there is no way we can know.

#6 The Great Courses

#6 The Great Courses

One of the biggest names in educational content, The Great Courses offers courses on everything from art to zoology. These courses cover a variety of topics, ranging from basic history to advanced science.

Some of them are available free, while others cost money. However, you get access to them all without having to pay a dime.

#7 The History Hour

Who is better to describe history than the people who were there? The History Hour brings together key, prominent figures to tell their own stories about history. They discuss the past, present, and future of humanity through interviews, lectures, and documentaries.

#8 Witness History

Take a closer look at the major historical events through the eyes of the people who were present, and enjoy a more personal look into some of the most significant events in history.

#9 The History Of Byzantium

Byzantium was once known as Constantinople, but today, it is called Istanbul. It is located in Turkey and is considered to be the oldest continuously inhabited city in Europe.

Each episode of this podcast explores a different aspect of Byzantine history, including religion, politics, culture, and society, and this is a great way to really immerse yourself in this incredible period of history.

#10 Tides Of History

Ever wondered how we ended up here, as we are, at this moment? Tides of History is a podcast that takes listeners on a journey of discovery and exploration, considering the key moments that make up our history, and the choices, decisions, and transformation that helped us to reach this moment.

#11 Working Class History

Take a look at history through the eyes of the working classes, and enjoy a fascinating insight into the major events that helped to shape our past and create our world.

#12 The Ottoman History Podcast

A must-have for any Ottoman history buff, this podcast features an expert panel discussing all aspects of Ottoman history. This includes everything from the early years to the decline, and each episode covers a specific topic, such as the Ottoman Empire, the empire before the empire, and the Ottoman army.

Final Thoughts

History is a fascinating topic, and the rise of podcasts means that it has never been easier to dive into a brand-new topic – there is plenty of history to keep you busy!

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