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Joe Rogan Podcast Statistics and Numbers

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Joe Rogan Podcast Statistics

Podcasting has become a part of everyone’s day to day lives in recent years, whether you find yourself listening to one on your daily commute, whilst studying, or even whilst you’re doing chores around the house, there’s a podcast for everyone out there, so it’s no surprise that most people listen to at least one podcast. 

One of the most popular podcasters is hosted by Joe Rogan, an actor, comedian, and UFC color commentator.

In fact, it’s common knowledge that Joe Rogan’s podcast, known as “The Joe Rogan Experience”, is arguably the most popular podcast out there, so much so that Spotify offered him an eye-watering deal back in 2020 that saw his podcast become exclusive to the music streaming giant, at the cost of a whopping $100 million. 

So with a fee like this, surely the podcast’s stats must make this all worthwhile, right?

Well if you want to know more about the stats of The Joe Rogan Experience, then keep reading onwards, as we’ll provide you with all of the information and statistics you need to know!

Joe Rogan Podcast Stats 2023

Total Episodes

Since Joe Rogan initially formed The Joe Rogan Experience in December, 2009, there have been a total of 2,211 episodes to date (As of June, 2023), so it’s obvious that this has been a project that Rogan has been developing and working on for a long time, and obviously it existed way before podcasting rose to popularity during 2020, which is arguably what made his podcast so successful in the first place. 

The Number Of Joe Rogan Episodes A Year

YearNumber of Episodes
Number of Joe Rogan Podcasts Per Year

Despite this duration of time, Joe Rogan’s early years of podcasting weren’t as intensive as they have been as of late, in fact, during his first year, he only released 67 episodes.

However, every year after 2010, the number of episodes he recorded slowly increased year upon year, and the episode count per year peaked in 2019 when he recorded and released a total of 221 episodes.

Which averages out to a podcast episode nearly every 2 days! 

Since then, the episodes have decreased in number each year slightly, as 2020 saw the release of 200 episodes, whilst 2021 had 10 fewer episodes, with a total of 190 episodes. 

In 2022, there have been 178 episodes of The Joe Rogan Experience!

So far in 2023 there are 90 episodes.

Joe Rogan Podcast Stats

YouTube Statistics

The podcast’s YouTube channel has 14.9 million subscribers and has garnered 3.0 billion total views as of June 6, 2023.

Total Length Of The Podcast

When you lump together all of the episodes of The Joe Rogan Experience, that’s right, all 2081 of them, and total up the length of time it would take to listen to them all, you’re looking at 5,424 hours!

This works out to be 226 entire days’ worth of episodes, and this is excluding any ad reads as well! 

So, if you were planning on listening to The Joe Rogan Experience non-stop from start to finish, it would take you a total of 226 days, which equates to about 7 months of the year!

Longest Podcast

Longest Podcast

It’s not just the length of the podcast itself that is quite long, as some of the podcast episodes have been known to go on for hours!

And if you’re wondering about what the longest-ever episode of The Joe Rogan Experience is, then it’s episode #1530, which featured American actor Duncan Trussell, which was 5 hours and 19 minutes long, which means you might want to set aside a full day if you want to make it way through the entirety of this episode then!

Total Number Of Guests on Joe Rogan Podcast

Since he started The Joe Rogan Experience, Joe has invited numerous guests onto his show to discuss various topics, and as of June, 2023, the number of guests that have been featured on the podcast totals up to 1,031!

This number represents the number of individual guests that have been featured in a podcast episode, but it isn’t uncommon for guests on the program to have been featured multiple times, especially if Joe happens to be friends with them.

Gender Ratio Of Guests

What’s also interesting about the guests that appear on The Joe Rogan Experience, is that a lot of them happen to be male, in fact.

89% of the guests that have appeared on Joe Rogan’s podcast are male.

In comparison, female guests only make up 11% of the gender ratio of those who have been featured on the podcast.

And there have only ever been 4 transgender guests to feature on the podcast. 

Most Guest Appearances

As previously mentioned, a lot of the people who are featured on the podcast end up doing multiple episodes later on, with the number of guests who make multiple appearances on the podcast coming close to one third of all guests! 

Joe Rogan Podcast Setup

The person who has appeared most on the podcast throughout its history is Brendan Schaub, who has made a whopping 86 appearances on the podcast, Eddie Bravo isn’t too far behind, and has been on the podcast 84 times, and there’s also Bryan Callen, who has found his way onto the podcast 82 times. 

However, if you were to exclude people who make up the main group of guests featured on the Fight Companions Podcast, then the highest number of appearances goes to Ari Shaffir, who has been on the Joe Rogan Experience 62 times!

Most Watched Podcast Episodes

The views that Joe Rogan’s podcast receives are mind-blowing, and Elon Musk’s initial appearance on the podcast back in 2018 is still the most viewed episode on YouTube, with 67 million views.

The episode that featured both Jeremy Corbell and Bob Lazar comes in at 2nd place with 44 million views, and in 3rd place is Edward Snowden’s first appearance on the podcast, which has 36 million views. 

Best Joe Rogan Podcasts Episodes

Where Is The Joe Rogan Podcast Filmed – Location?

The podcast was originally recorded at Rogan’s home in California, then moved to a private studio in Woodland Hills, Los Angeles, and finally relocated to Austin, Texas after the podcast was exclusively licensed on Spotify in 2020.

Joe Rogan Website Stats

The website gets 113,349 visits per month as of June 2023. The traffic is valued at $46,500. With the homepage generating the majority of traffic.


As you can see, Joe Rogan’s podcast is the most popular out there, which is why he inspires so many people to start their own, thanks for reading!

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