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Podcasts About Podcasts

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Podcasts About Podcasts

Many of us are avid listeners of multiple podcasts covering a wide range of topics and subjects for when we want to listen to an in depth conversation about some of our favorite parts of life.

Podcasting itself however actually has an incredibly interesting history, beginning and gaining popularity in 2004 on the iPod, and going onto grow into the phenomena we know it as today with 212 million Americans listening to a podcast every day.

The whole idea of an inclusive audio conversation is one that is very fascinating which has inspired some fun podcasts to emerge that actually talk about podcasts themselves.

Here are some of the most interesting and fun podcasts that are about, you guessed it, podcasts.

#1 Cashflow Podcasting

Cashflow Podcasting

For a podcast that actually takes the entrepreneur angle of podcasting, going deep into the business details of how to set up a successful podcast and gain enough traffic to lift it off the ground, Cashflow Podcasting is an extremely interesting listen.

Chief Podcast Strategist Ben Krueger introduces some amazing leaders and individuals from brands that involve podcasts to go through step by step what makes a podcast successful, along with mentioning mistakes a lot of starting podcasts make and utilizing case studies to make for some great podcasting advice.

For an insight into the business side of podcasting, or if you are thinking of starting up a podcast yourself and need some expert input, Cashflow Podcasting is a great podcast.

#2 5 Minute Mondays

5 Minute Mondays

If you don’t have much time for the lengthier podcast episodes, 5 Minute Mondays features very short 5 minute episodes packed full of information about not just key parts of a podcast such as the room layout and how many people is too much, but also offers expert practical tips and advice on how to start a podcast off right.

The scheduled weekly release combined with how snappy and straight to the point the episodes are makes it a perfect listen when you get a quick break from your day or just want a short burst of podcast information and advice all in one.

#3 The Audacity To Podcast

The Audacity To Podcast

Awarded in 2012 as the Number 1 technology podcast by people’s choice, Daniel J. Lewis presents a podcast with a huge selection of episodes covering everything from podcast business advice to other queries such as how podcasts affect our minds on a day to day basis and can there ever really be too many podcasts?

Covering everything there is to know about the topic of podcasting and all the questions surrounding it you could want answered, The Audacity To Podcast is a podcast you should definitely try out.

#4 Podcast Junkies

Podcast Junkies

This podcast is for those who are fans of a few podcasts at once. In each episode, charismatic host Harry Duran invites a podcast host on to talk about not only how they approach podcasting and what made them fall in love with it, but also just who they are as people.

This podcast is a great opportunity to learn about those people who are usually the ones doing the interviewing who don’t get much of an opportunity to give their own fascinating story which so many are eager to know about.

An extremely unique podcast that can also inspire you to give a listen to some other shows you may have never even heard of, Podcast Junkies is a great space for everyone who wants to learn more about podcasters themselves.

#5 Podcraft


The aim of this podcast is to hone everything you know about podcasting, giving you all you need to master each aspect of your own podcast.

The podcast is intended for people who are beginners or may have heard a few podcasts, but are not too knowledgeable on everything that goes on behind the scenes and how much care has to be taken to make a podcast effective in presenting its topics.

Each episode covers a specific topic including audio settings and best microphones to use, how you should handle guest appearances on your show and what run time often works the best for each episode.

If you’re a beginner trying to get their foot through the podcasting door, Podcraft provides a step-by-step guide with each and every episode so you can become an experienced podcaster in no time.


While podcasts may seem like a casual and quickly put together group of friends just having a conversation, there’s actually a lot more that goes on behind the scenes that make them seem so effortless.

Try out some of these podcasts to learn more about how our favorite podcasters organize their shows, as well as picking up some input and advice on setting up your own podcast.

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