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What Is The Number One Podcast In The World in 2024?

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What Is The Number One Podcast In The World

Topping the charts for 2023 is “The Joe Rogan Experience,” hosted on Spotify, reigning as the number-one podcast globally.

Discover the best podcast in the world today. Our article cuts straight to the chase, highlighting what is the number one podcasts that stand out in the current podcast landscape.

Whether you’re a first-time listener or a podcast veteran, this is the must-hear podcast everyone’s talking about.

Key Takeaways

  • Podcasts offer diverse content, catering to various interests from in-depth scientific discussions to light-hearted comedic banter.
  • Engaging storytelling and compelling narratives are central to the success of top podcasts.
  • The accessibility and depth of podcasts provide a unique platform for learning, entertainment, and personal growth.

10 Most Popular Podcasts in the U.S. (Apple)

RankTop Shows
#1New Heights with Jason and Travis Kelce
#2The Daily
#3Dateline NBC
#4Dr. Death
#5Crime Junkie
#7Huberman Lab
#9Up First
#10Dark Downeast

Top 10 Podcasts in the U.S. (Spotify)

RankTop Shows
#1The Joe Rogan Experience
#2New Heights with Jason and Travis Kelce
#3Huberman Lab
#4The Past Weekend
#5Dr. Death
#6The Tucker Carlson Podcast
#7Crime Junkie
#8Shawn Ryan Show
#9The LOL Podcast
#10Rotten Mango

Top 10 Podcasts Globally (Spotify)

RankTop Shows
#1The Joe Rogan Experience
#2The Daily
#3This American Life
#4Stuff You Should Know
#5Pod Save America
#6The Ben Shapiro Show
#7Office Ladies
#9My Favorite Murderer
#10Crime Junkie

Number One Podcast In The World

Here are the best podcasts of 2024:

1. The Joe Rogan Experience

the joe rogan experience podcast

Joe Rogan is the juggernaut of the podcasting world, the man basically popularized the genre and has well over 1,500 episodes available.

The Joe Rogan Experience began in 2009 and is currently the world’s most popular and biggest podcast

The podcast has a new guest every episode and has covered well anything you think of. Some of the topics that he touches on frequently are the UFC, which makes sense as he is a pundit for mixed martial arts.

He has also had many discussions about politics with people from all spectrums of the political wheel. There are many conspiracy episodes, one of the best being when he interviews a former Area 51 worker. 

He also had many comedian guests, and being into stand-up comedy, these episodes always tend to be a fun break from the political debates and world-ending conspiracy episodes.

Joe himself is a fairly controversial figure. He has been in the news a lot for some of the guests that he has platformed and his early take on the Corona Virus and the following vaccine. 

Rogan is accused by many of being too open-minded with the people he allows to speak on his huge platform perhaps the best example of this is the multiple episodes with Alex Jones as a guest a man famed for claiming the Sandy Hook Massacre was faked.

Despite all of the negatives he also gives much-needed spotlights to people who are combating global warming and he has incredible guests such as Dr. Niel DeGrasse Tyson, Steven Pinker, Professor Brian Cox, and Sir Roger Penrose.

These episodes stand out as we just get to listen to these incredible minds tell us about things we have never even believed possible. 

The massive range of guests shows how good of a present Joe is no matter what guest he has on he is able to captivate the listener.

So going from listening to Rogan leading the conversation surrounding the latest UFC fight card to sitting back and letting the guest speak about space and science.

Typically the podcast averages around 11 million listeners per month and is always in and around the top spot for most popular podcasts

ProsConsWhy You Should Listen
Wide range of topics and guestsEpisodes can be lengthyIt is the perfect blend of humor, intellect, and curiosity, appealing to a broad audience.
Engaging and unfiltered conversationsSome topics may not interest all listenersJoe’s candid approach brings out unique insights and stories from his guests.
High entertainment valueOccasional controversial opinionsPerfect blend of humor, intellect, and curiosity, appealing to a broad audience.

Top 3 Episodes

  • Elon Musk (#1169 & #1470) – Elon Musk’s appearances on the show are iconic, delving into everything from space travel and electric cars to artificial intelligence and the future of humanity.
  • Edward Snowden (#1368) – This episode offers a deep dive into government surveillance, privacy rights, and Snowden’s personal journey from NSA contractor to whistleblower.
  • Neil deGrasse Tyson (#1159 & #1347) – These episodes explore a wide range of topics, including astrophysics, the cosmos, and the importance of scientific literacy in society.

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2. The Daily 

the daily podcast

The Daily is a news podcast that will keep you updated with the latest and most relevant news stories; as of writing, this is the second most popular podcast behind the Joe Rogan Experience that we covered in detail earlier. 

So now that we have covered the most popular podcast available let’s also talk about some other popular podcasts just in case Joe Rogan is not for you.

You should consider The Daily to be your new New York Times just in a podcast format instead of a newspaper. Michael Barbaro hosts each episode, and it is around 25-30 minutes long.

The show, a consistent mainstay in the Apple Podcasts charts, has many different interviews with New York Times journalists who will come on the show to discuss the day’s news. 

The show is beyond any other ‘news’ podcasts due to the high quality and attention to detail, for example when discussing certain stories is they will play audio clips that are paired with the story and as well as the great music played throughout.

This podcast is for you if you want to be updated with the daily goings on. 

It’s a newer podcast, having only started in 2017, but it’s second to none when covering international and domestic politics and major news events. In 2020 they crossed an incredible threshold of two million downloads per episode.

ProsConsWhy You Should Listen
Timely and relevant contentFocused primarily on U.S. newsOffers a concise and insightful look into the day’s most important news stories, making it ideal for staying informed.
High journalistic standardsCan be heavy on political topicsBenefit from The New York Times’ in-depth reporting and analysis.
Diverse range of topicsLimited to one main story per dayPerfect for those looking to deepen their understanding of current events in a short time.

Top 3 Episodes:

  • The Sunday Read: ‘My Mustache, My Self‘” – A compelling exploration of personal identity and the unexpected significance of a mustache during the pandemic.
  • The Field: The Specter of Political Violence” – This episode examines the rising tensions and potential for violence in American politics, offering firsthand insights and analysis.
  • The President and the Publisher” – A fascinating behind-the-scenes look at an exclusive interview between President Trump and The New York Times publisher, providing insights into the dynamics between the press and the presidency.

3. New Heights with Jason and Travis Kelce

new heights with jasno and travis kelce

“New Heights with Jason and Travis Kelce” brings a refreshing twist to the sports podcast genre by offering an insider’s look into the world of professional football through the unique perspective of two brothers at the pinnacle of their careers.

Jason, a standout center for the Philadelphia Eagles, and Travis, a dynamic tight end for the Kansas City Chiefs, delve into the highs and lows of the NFL, sharing personal anecdotes, professional insights, and a behind-the-scenes look at what it’s like to play at the highest level.

Their natural chemistry and sibling rivalry add an engaging and relatable dynamic to the podcast, making it a hit with hardcore football fans and those who appreciate the bonds of family and competition.

What sets “New Heights” apart is the Kelce brothers‘ ability to blend humor, heart, and expertise in their discussions. The podcast often features guest appearances from fellow athletes, coaches, and notable figures in the sports world, enriching the conversation with diverse perspectives and stories.

The brothers tackle various topics, from game analysis and team dynamics to broader issues affecting the league and its players. Their candid conversations give listeners a deeper understanding of the sport and the people who play it, breaking down the barrier between fans and professional athletes.

ProsConsWhy You Should Listen
Insider NFL perspectivesNiche appeal for non-sports fansThe Kelce brothers offer a rare, personal look into the life of professional athletes, making it a must for sports enthusiasts.
Humorous and relatableFocuses mainly on football-related topicsTheir natural chemistry and banter make each episode entertaining and engaging.
Features notable guest appearancesOffers insights into sports, life, family, and overcoming challenges.

Top 3 Episodes

  • The Super Bowl Episode” – The Kelce brothers share their unique perspectives on playing in the Super Bowl, offering listeners an insider’s look at one of the biggest events in sports.
  • Family Matters” – This episode dives into the Kelce family dynamics, discussing how their upbringing and sibling rivalry shaped their careers and personal lives.
  • Offseason Moves” – An insightful conversation about the NFL offseason, including trades, training, and the mental and physical preparation that goes into a new season.

4. Huberman Lab

huberman lab podcast

The Huberman Lab podcast meticulously crafts each episode, covering topics such as mental health, brain function, and neuroplasticity, and offers actionable advice to apply neuroscience in improving everyday life.

The Huberman Lab podcast is a treasure trove for anyone fascinated by the science of the mind. Dr. Andrew Huberman, a neuroscientist and tenured professor at Stanford University School of Medicine, leverages his extensive research and expertise to make the complex world of neuroscience accessible to all.

Huberman’s ability to distill scientific concepts into practical tips sets this podcast apart, making it invaluable for those looking to enhance their cognitive capabilities, manage stress, and optimize their overall well-being.

Wired Clip is a reader-supported site. Purchases made through links may earn a commission, at no additional cost to you.

The podcast doesn’t shy away from diving deep into the mechanics of how our brains perceive and interact with the world. From the neuroscience behind sleep and dreams to the impact of light exposure on our circadian rhythms, Huberman Lab explores a wide array of subjects with clarity and depth.

Guests on the show include leading scientists and experts, adding diverse perspectives and enriching the discussion with cutting-edge research findings. The episodes often include Q&A sessions, where Dr. Huberman addresses listener queries, further personalizing the learning experience and fostering a community of curious minds.

ProsConsWhy You Should Listen
Science-backed informationCan be technical for some listenersDr. Huberman’s ability to translate complex science into actionable advice is invaluable for anyone looking to improve their health and performance.
Covers a wide range of health and science topicsRequires focus and attention to detailOffers deep dives into neuroscience and biology, perfect for those passionate about understanding the human body.
Provides practical tips and applicationsIf you’re interested in optimizing your mental and physical health through science, this podcast is for you.

Top 3 Episodes

5. Stuff You Should Know 

stuff you should know podcast

“Stuff You Should Know,” hosted by Josh Clark and Chuck Bryant, is a podcast that demystifies a vast array of topics, from science to history to pop culture, making it an invaluable resource for the perpetually curious.

Next up, we have a podcast informing you about stuff you should know. The podcast has well over 1400 episodes, and the titles are there to inform you about the content you will be learning about. 

With a laid-back, conversational tone, Josh and Chuck delve into the intricacies of seemingly mundane subjects, uncovering fascinating details and stories that captivate their listeners.

Their ability to break down complex concepts into digestible, entertaining segments is unmatched, making learning not just accessible but also enjoyable. Whether explaining the science behind tsunamis, the history of the Mona Lisa, or the intricacies of how vending machines work, they engage a wide audience with their wit and wisdom.

The charm of “Stuff You Should Know” lies in the diversity of topics covered and the dynamic between the hosts. Josh and Chuck’s rapport, filled with humor and mutual respect, makes listeners feel part of a casual conversation among friends.

This approachability is key to the podcast’s success, allowing it to resonate with experts and novices. Each episode feels like a journey of discovery, with the hosts often learning alongside their audience, which adds an authentic layer of exploration and wonder to the listener experience.

ProsConsWhy You Should Listen
Covers a vast array of interesting topicsSome topics might be too niche for broad interestIdeal for curious minds looking to expand their knowledge on a wide range of subjects in an accessible way.
Engaging and easy-to-follow formatEpisodes vary in depthJosh and Chuck’s chemistry and storytelling make learning fun and engaging.
Great balance of education and entertainmentPerfect for anyone who loves trivia and learning about the world in an entertaining format.

Top 3 Episodes

  • How the Electoral College Works” – A clear and engaging explanation of the Electoral College’s complex system, shedding light on its history and function in American elections.
  • The Dyatlov Pass Incident” – An intriguing exploration of one of history’s most baffling mysteries, where nine hikers mysteriously died in the Russian Ural Mountains.
  • How Black Boxes Work” – A deep dive into the technology behind aviation black boxes, explaining how they’re key to understanding the events leading up to an air disaster.

6. The Ben Shapiro Show

the ben shapiro show

The Ben Shapiro Show is a popular talk show hosted by Ben Shapiro. The show debuted in 2015 and has since become one of the most-watched programs on conservative radio.

It covers various topics, including politics, current events, American life, mental health, and culture (also see ‘Podcasts About Mental Health‘).

The Ben Shapiro Show has been has provided listeners with an array of unique perspectives on current issues such as immigration, gun control, and racism.

Fun fact – The first podcast ever released was by Christopher Lydon.

The show also provides insight into the latest news stories and covers politics and the economy from all sides of the aisle. Shapiro’s interviews with political pundits and celebrities have been especially popular among viewers, as they bring a new understanding to current events.

The Ben Shapiro Show is also renowned for its strong guest lineup. Guests have included politicians, journalists, and celebrities such as Boris Johnson, Ann Coulter, Jonathan Chait, and Bill O’Reilly.

These interviews offer unique insights into the perspectives of influential people on current events and politics.

ProsConsWhy You Should Listen
Sharp analysis of current events and politicsHas a strong conservative biasIf you’re looking for a conservative perspective on politics and culture, Ben offers a clear and articulate viewpoint.
Well-researched and informed opinionsCan be polarizing for some listenersProvides thorough insights and arguments that challenge mainstream narratives.
High production valueAppeals to listeners interested in political debate and conservative ideology.

Top 3 Episodes

  • Election 2020 Special” – Ben Shapiro analyzes the 2020 election results, providing insights into the political landscape and what it means for the future.
  • The Debate Recap” – A thorough breakdown of key moments and takeaways from presidential debates, offering a conservative perspective on the candidates’ performances.
  • Free Speech on College Campuses” – Shapiro discusses the state of free speech in academia, sharing his experiences and advocating for open discourse in educational institutions.

7. Dr. Death

dr. death podcast

“New Heights with Jason and Travis Kelce” brings a refreshing twist to the sports podcast genre by offering an insider’s look into the world of professional football through the unique perspective of two brothers at the pinnacle of their careers.

Dr. Death is a groundbreaking podcast that exposes the healthcare system’s terrifying vulnerabilities through medical malpractice and negligence.

Each season focuses on a new story, meticulously unpacking the complex layers of trust, authority, and ethical breaches that can occur in the medical profession.

The podcast is more than just a true crime narrative; it’s an investigative deep dive that sheds light on the systemic failures that allow dangerous practitioners to continue harming patients.

Through interviews, research, and compelling storytelling, Dr. Death provides a chilling yet necessary examination of the dark corners of the medical field.

The podcast’s impact is profound, catalyzing discussion and change regarding patient safety and medical accountability. By bringing these harrowing stories to the forefront, Dr. Death informs its listeners and advocates for reform and vigilance in healthcare practices.

The show’s detailed case studies are a sobering reminder of the importance of being informed and proactive about medical care, encouraging listeners to question and research their healthcare providers’ backgrounds and reputations.

ProsConsWhy You Should Listen
In-depth investigative journalismSubject matter can be disturbingOffers gripping true crime stories focused on medical malpractice, perfect for those interested in the darker side of medicine.
Raises awareness about healthcare system flawsLimited number of seasons and episodesIt is ideal for true crime enthusiasts looking for stories with significant real-world impact and lessons.
Engaging storytelling and narrativeIdeal for true crime enthusiasts looking for stories with significant real-world impact and lessons.

Top 3 Episodes

  • Dr. Duntsch” – The chilling story of Dr. Christopher Duntsch, a neurosurgeon whose gross malpractice led to the injury and death of multiple patients, highlighting the failures of the medical oversight system.
  • Dr. Fata” – An expose on Dr. Farid Fata, who exploited cancer patients for profit, revealing the devastating impact of medical fraud on vulnerable patients.
  • Miracle Man” – This episode delves into the story of a surgeon whose groundbreaking procedures promise miraculous outcomes, only to lead to tragic consequences, sparking a debate on medical ethics and patient safety.

8. This Past Weekend w/ Theo Von

this past weekend podcast

This Past Weekend with Theo Von is more than just a comedy podcast; it’s a journey into the heart and mind of one of today’s most distinctive comedic voices.

With his unique blend of humor, sincerity, and a touch of Southern charm, Theo Von invites listeners into his world, sharing stories and reflections ranging from hilariously absurd to deeply poignant.

The podcast serves as a weekly check-in, where Theo discusses personal experiences, societal trends, and everything in between. He often draws on his own life to explore universal themes of growth, struggle, and the human condition.

Theo’s ability to connect with his audience is unparalleled. His storytelling is raw and genuine, often peppered with his trademark wit and unexpected wisdom.

The podcast frequently features guest appearances from fellow comedians, friends, and occasionally, experts, which adds layers of depth and diversity to the conversations.

This Past Weekend stands out for its community engagement. Theo often involves his listeners by answering their questions, sharing their stories, and even offering advice, creating a sense of camaraderie and connection.

ProsConsWhy You Should Listen
Unique comedic perspectiveHumor may not appeal to everyoneTheo’s blend of humor and heartfelt storytelling offers a unique take on everyday life and beyond.
Insightful conversations with a variety of guestsEpisodes can be hit or miss depending on the guestGreat for those looking for a mix of comedy, life insights, and unexpected wisdom.
Engages deeply with listener stories and questionsPerfect for fans of comedy podcasts who appreciate a more personal and introspective approach.

Top 3 Episodes

  • Chris D’Elia” – An engaging conversation with comedian Chris D’Elia, where they discuss the intricacies of comedy, life challenges, and personal growth.
  • Jordan Peterson” – Theo Von sits down with psychologist Jordan Peterson to explore deep topics such as psychology, philosophy, and the journey to finding meaning in life.
  • Joe Rogan” – In this engaging episode, Theo sits down with Joe Rogan, diving into deep conversations about comedy, life philosophies, and the intricacies of podcasting.

9. Crime Junkie

crime junkie podcast

Crime Junkie has become a staple in the true-crime podcast genre, captivating listeners with its meticulous storytelling and respectful approach to sensitive subjects.

Host Ashley Flowers and her co-host Brit Prawat delve into various cases, from high-profile mysteries to lesser-known incidents that deserve the spotlight. Each episode is thoroughly researched, presenting the facts of the case in an engaging and informative narrative style.

The podcast’s dedication to honoring the victims and their families is evident, making it a respectful tribute as much as an investigative piece.

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What sets Crime Junkie apart is its commitment to advocacy and awareness. Beyond just recounting tales of crime, the podcast often highlights issues within the criminal justice system, discusses the importance of community vigilance, and encourages responsible consumption of true crime content.

Ashley and Brit’s passion for the subject matter and their empathy for the victims shine through in each episode, creating a compelling narrative that entertains, educates, and inspires action.

ProsConsWhy You Should Listen
Compelling storytellingFocuses solely on true crimeIf you’re a true crime aficionado, Crime Junkie offers meticulously researched and respectfully told stories that grab your attention.
Raises awareness for unsolved cases and victims’ rightsSome episodes can be emotionally heavyThe podcast’s dedication to advocacy and victim respect makes it stand out in the true crime genre.
Engaging hosts with great chemistryIdeal for listeners who want a well-produced, engaging narrative that delves into the complexities of each case.

Top 3 Episodes

  • MURDERED: Laci Peterson” – A detailed account of the infamous Laci Peterson case, exploring the evidence, the media frenzy, and the subsequent trial of Scott Peterson.
  • MISSING: Maura Murray” – An in-depth look into the mysterious disappearance of Maura Murray, delving into the theories and investigations that have kept this case alive in the public eye.
  • SERIAL KILLER: Israel Keyes” – A chilling exploration of the crimes of Israel Keyes, showcasing the unpredictable nature of serial killers and the challenges in bringing them to justice.

10. This American Life

this american life podcast

“This American Life” is a pioneering force in the narrative journalism podcast genre, captivating listeners with its compelling storytelling and deep exploration of the American experience.

Hosted by the renowned Ira Glass, the podcast weaves together a diverse tapestry of stories, ranging from the profoundly personal to the broadly societal, all told with a keen eye for the human condition.

Each episode is a meticulously crafted mosaic, often centered around a specific theme, that brings to light the extraordinary tales of ordinary people. The show’s ability to uncover the universal in the specific has earned it critical acclaim and fostered a deep connection with its audience, making it a staple of the podcasting world.

“This American Life” ‘s strength is its storytelling approach, combining investigative journalism with narrative storytelling to engage, inform, and often move its listeners.

The show has a unique format that defies easy categorization, blending real-life narratives, essays, memoirs, field recordings, and occasionally short fiction, all underscored by a keen editorial eye that ties each story to the episode’s central theme.

The diversity of the stories and the voices presented on the show reflect a genuine cross-section of American life, capturing its complexities, challenges, and joys.

ProsConsWhy You Should Listen
Masterful storytelling and high production valueSome stories may not resonate with all listenersRenowned for its captivating narratives, This American Life offers a profound look into American society and the human experience.
Wide variety of themes and topicsEpisodes can vary greatly in tone and subject matterIf you enjoy exploring the depth of human stories and societal issues through a journalistic lens, this is for you.
Often features award-winning stories and investigationsPerfect for those seeking a mix of entertainment, information, and emotional engagement in their listening experience.

Top 3 Episodes

  • The Giant Pool of Money” (#355) – A groundbreaking episode that explains the housing crisis and financial collapse of 2008 in a clear, relatable manner.
  • 129 Cars” (#513) – This episode takes listeners on a journey through several stories all centered around cars, revealing their impact on people’s lives and the memories they hold.
  • Harper High School, Parts One & Two” (#487 & #488) – A two-part series that spends five months in a Chicago high school plagued by violence, providing a poignant look at the lives of students and staff navigating this challenging environment.

My Personal Experience

Embarking on the journey through the biggest podcast in the world has been nothing short of a revelation. Diving deep into The Joe Rogan Experience, often cited as the number 1 podcast in the world, I was amazed at the breadth and depth of conversations that unfolded.

Exploring the best podcasts, I was drawn into various narratives and knowledge spheres, from the cutting-edge science discussions in Huberman Lab to the poignant storytelling of This American Life.

These podcasts have served as a source of entertainment and profoundly impacted my understanding of complex topics, making the abstract accessible and the mundane fascinating.

Wired Clip is a reader-supported site. Purchases made through links may earn a commission, at no additional cost to you.

My personal voyage into the realm of the #1 podcast in the world and its peers has significantly enriched my daily life.

The gripping narratives of Dr. Death, the camaraderie and insights of New Heights with Jason and Travis Kelce, and the diverse explorations in Stuff You Should Know have broadened my perspective, making me a more informed and curious individual.

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes The Joe Rogan Experience the number 1 podcast in the world?

The Joe Rogan Experience garners its top spot due to its diverse range of high-profile guests, depth of conversation, and Joe Rogan’s unique interviewing style, appealing to a broad audience with varied interests.

How are the best podcasts of 2024 selected?

The top podcasts are chosen based on their popularity, content quality, listener engagement, critical acclaim, and ability to deliver compelling and thought-provoking content consistently.

Can you recommend a podcast for someone interested in science and health?

For those interested in science and health, Huberman Lab is highly recommended. Hosted by neuroscientist Dr. Andrew Huberman, it offers insightful discussions on neuroscience, health, and biology, making complex topics accessible and practical.

How does This American Life stand out among other narrative podcasts?

This American Life stands out for its exceptional storytelling, high production values, and Ira Glass’s compelling narrative style. It explores American life through various themes and stories, offering a unique blend of journalism, storytelling, and theatricality.

Final Thoughts

So there we have it, the most popular shows that dominated the podcast charts in the world. The Joe Rogan Experience is unquestionably the biggest and best around purely for the diversity of topics and consistent new guests every episode.

That is not to take away from other popular podcasts as they are all incredible podcasts but just do not have the impact that Joe Rogan provides every episode.

This should not take away from them, though, and if you are searching for a podcast that will keep you up to date with the news, then The Daily is a fantastic choice, as is ‘SYSK’ if you just want podcasting to relax to and learn while doing it.

The expiration of Joe Rogan’s $200 million Spotify deal in early to mid-2024, as reported by the New York Times, could significantly impact podcast rankings and industry trends in 2024, potentially reshaping the podcast landscape.

So, who will be the top podcast in 2024? Will Joe Rogan do it again? Will he retire?


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