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Best Music Podcasts

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Part of the beauty of music is how subjective it is. We all have our favorite artists and genres, or even an album that we are truly convinced is a work of art and that we must show to our friends and family.

Music may be composed to be listened to, but it also encourages discussion, with each genre and subgenre having huge dedicated fan bases discussing why their favorite music is so well crafted and popular, and this is the reason we listen to podcasts, to join a discussion. 

Music is very varied, so to make it clear what podcast will suit your music taste, here are the best music podcasts you can start listening to either to learn more about your favorite albums, or to keep up with the latest releases.

#1 ‘Let It Roll’ 

This podcast takes a contextual, interesting and deep look into multiple music genres and how they have grown from the 19th century up to today.

This genre focus of music on Let it Roll is ‘Popular music’ which means the two charismatic hosts cover everything from classical to rock, all the way to modern day EDM.

With easy and digestible 1 hour run times for each episode as well as some great guest interviews, there is so much music history content here if you like looking into the deeper details such as the emergence of country and pop music in history, or the many unknown stories of the rise of Elvis Presley.

#2 Song Exploder 

If you are curious about the music process itself and what your favorite artists go through to get the perfect sound, what are the main aspirations for their most popular songs and what software and tech they use in the studio, Song Exploder is the perfect choice.

Song Exploder hands the mic to a different music artist each episode where they will break down the process of making music in general and how they build up their songs from the ground up, giving you a casual and fun insight into the process of making some of your favorite tracks. 

With guests ranging from Rick Ashley to Selene Gomez all the way to Hans Zimmer, you can be sure to find lots of enjoyable episodes no matter what music genre you’re into the most.

#3 Dissect Podcast

The dissect podcast has been skyrocketing in popularity recently, however this is for good reason.

For each episode, host Cole Cuchna and a guest take a critical deep dive into some of the most well received albums ranging from episodes covering Kendrick Lamar to others going through albums by Mac Miller.

With a great 1 hour runtime for each episode and some of the most detailed discussions about the meanings and themes of your favorite albums, Dissect is certainly not one that should be ignored. 

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#4 All Songs Considered 

As the title of this podcast suggests, it aims to cover a wide range of genres so no one is excluded from receiving news and music updates on a continuous basis. 

Hosted by NPR correspondents Bob Boilen and Robin Hilton, this retro styled podcast has been delivering weekly doses of music news to dedicated fans since 2000. This podcast is great for when you want to stay ahead of the curve and keep up to date in the music world.

This podcast is not only for checking which of your favourite artists have released music recently or are preparing for an upcoming album however, it is also great for finding out other genres with each episode being packed with updates on a wide scope of different music. 

#5 Switched on Pop

This podcast centers on pop music and what makes it so catchy, how it is made to be so addictive to listen to and why we end up enjoying songs so much that pop up on the radio again and again.

Covering topics including the strange transformation of 90’s pop music or how ‘Cotton Eye Joe’ changed the industry forever, whether you have been a pop music fan for a few years or even if you are recently exploring the genre and want to learn more about its history, Switched on Pop is a very fun and educational listen.

#6 Questlove Supreme 

Hosted by Questlove, drummer of the acclaimed group The Roots, this podcast is bursting with music facts and knowledge because of how charismatic and well versed Questlove is in all genres of music.

The podcast provides a variety of in depth modern album breakdowns, reflective videos looking at past albums that changed the industry and interviews covering the entire music space ranging from Snoop Dogg to Will Smith.

Questlove Supreme is great for when you want a wide range of educational music episodes that are incredibly fun and easy to listen to thanks to its host.


No matter what music genres you are into, these podcasts don’t exclude anyone, so feel free to test them and see if any could maybe just become your new favorite podcast.

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