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Best Podcasts Of All Time

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Best Podcasts Of All Time

Picking your next podcast to listen to might be one of the most difficult decisions you make this week.

The good news is that it doesn’t need to be complicated, and even though there are now over 1 million podcasts to listen to, we’re going to help you pick one of the best of all time.

Our list will include somebody absolute best created. If you can’t think of anything better than listening to a new episode of a fantastic podcast, we understand how you feel.

If you’re looking for that next addiction, trying one of these podcasts (or perhaps all of them) is going to be the best place to start.

The Top Must Listen to Podcasts or All Time


For those that love true Crime, they will adore this podcast, which explains the true story of a murder that happened in 1999, as well as a number of other murders with plenty of stories, you’ll be hooked from the first episode.

With 3 seasons of content, there is plenty of listing material for those that love to dive into the Minds of a Killer.

WTF With Marc Maron

This podcast is pure gold, and the host Marc Maron will interview some of the most popular celebrities or public figures in the world today.

You may not have heard of every celebrity featured, as they come from all walks of life, but one thing we do know is that the discussions that they have are fascinating and shouldn’t be missed.

This is one of those relaxing podcasts that can easily be listened to on a slow Sunday afternoon, and the divide we get is cemented as these conversations are all recorded straight from the host’s house.

Dirty John

Heading back to the world of true crime, I’m in this fascinating podcast where you will hear an incredible story throughout an episode.

This podcast series was so popular that it even inspired A Bravo series that did a retelling of the story. We also recommend you go away and watch this as if that’s good!

We love the way the stories are told and how the suspense builds as you listen to the episode.

Joe Rogan Experience

We’ve written about Joe Rogan aplenty here, and it’s no surprise that his podcast makes it onto our list of the best podcasts of all time. The sheer popularity and information that is shared are too good to not list here.

From being one of the most controversial figures in the space of podcasting, and for his opinion on certain topics and bringing on controversial guests, there’s no denying that you will get one of the best podcast experiences listening to this.

Skimm This

If you’re looking for a podcast that will be able to break down the most important information from the news, this podcast is super effective at breaking down complicated details into digestible chunks they will tell you what you need to know, no but more importantly, why you even need to know it.

As the public continues to distrust legacy media, you need a reliable source that is objective and straight to the point. This is why you should check out this podcast.

Happy Sad Confused

We know that celebrity interest is one of the most sought-after topics, and if you want to learn about the latest TV shows and movies, we can find out about Hollywood’s biggest names and what they are currently working on.

You’ll also be entertained by some of the funny stories from said celebrities that you wouldn’t hear in a stuffy movie press interview. If you love the big screen, and what it has to offer, you’ll get a lot out of Happy Sad Confused.

Mayim Bialik’s Breakdown

This popular actress has featured in many highly rated shows, such as The Big Bang Theory, and Blossom.

But the fun fact is that she’s also a nearer scientist that can help us to better understand how and why we say and do things.

This is a fun and entertaining mental health podcast that offers amazing advice that you can incorporate into your life.

The host also welcomes famous names that can help you to become the person that you want to be.

On Purpose With Jay Shetty

Jay Shetty is a force to be reckoned with, and if you’re looking to be inspired to live a better life then you should check out his podcast that will dive deep into some of the most important questions you have.

Expect to have to learn how to treat yourself better, how to perform at a high level, and how you can upgrade your living situation to earn more money and feel better about yourself. Well worth the listen.

Final Thoughts

There’s plenty here to wet your appetite, and this list of the best podcasts of all time will keep you busy for a long time to come.

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