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Best Mic Shock Mount: Which Is Right For You?

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Best Mic Shock Mount

Have you ever been recording a podcast or voice-over only to be interrupted by a strange crumpling sound? A microphone shock mount can solve this problem, ensuring clear and professional audio by reducing unwanted vibrations and noises.

Investing in a high-quality universal shock mount enhances your recordings and offers longevity—often outlasting your microphone.

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With a universal shock mount, you can use various microphone types without compatibility issues. While some microphones come with built-in shock mounts, most do not, and given the plethora of options, finding the right one can be daunting.

This article simplifies your search by highlighting the best microphone shock mounts available today. These selected mounts promise durability and superior performance, allowing you to focus on your recordings without the hassle of extensive research.

Sit back and explore these top-quality microphone shock mounts that can elevate your recording experience.

Top Choices Upfront

Best Microphone Shock Mounts – Product Reviews

#1 Rode PSM1 Shock Mount

First up, we have this Rode PSM1 Shock Mount.

While it is specifically designed to fit microphones made by Rodes, this durable, large shock mount is compatible with a range of microphones.

Therefore, it can be considered a universal mic shock mount.

However, we recommend measuring your mic and its weight and comparing it with the Rode Procaster, DS1, or PSA1 to ensure yours will fit correctly before purchasing.

Compared to some other popular mounts, this PSM1 shock mount is more affordable.

If the price is still a bit high, some cheaper models are available based on this mount’s specific design.

Just bear in mind that the PSM1 will have the best quality, by far. If you do not own a Rode microphone, we recommend doing research before buying this shock mount.

You can read forums and customer reviews of those who have used your microphone with it.

Although there is no definite list of compatible mics with this mount, aside from Rode’s mics themselves, you should be able to fit most and record with ease.


  • Durable – made for long-lasting and reliable use
  • Compatible with all Rodes microphones – perfect choice for Rode podcasting mics
  • Affordable – cheaper than many of its competitors


  • May not fit all mics – you will need to double-check that other mics fit this shock mount before use

#2 Rycote 044901 InVision Universal Microphone Shock Mount

Next, we have one of the best shock mounts for any microphones on the market.

Made by Rycote, which specializes in shock mounts and mic accessories, this 044901 InVision Universal Microphone Shock Mount is a perfect example of the quality Rycote is renowned for.

This Rycote InVision mic shock mount is made with a thermoplastic material known as Lyre.

This silicone mount is almost indestructible. It helps hold the microphone securely and suspend it to reduce vibration.

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Therefore, you are almost guaranteed many years of reliable use, and its sound isolation is better than most of its competitors.

You can easily attach mics of all shapes and sizes to this mount via 4 screws.

Also included is a microphone cable clip to reduce any sound emanating from the cable when it comes into contact with the boom.

You can also opt for a kit that includes Rycote’s top-quality universal pop filter to reduce sound further.

If you want to improve your podcasts, this Rycote 044901 mic shock mount is a great place to start.


  • Universal – this is compatible with microphones of all shapes and sizes
  • Durable – made from silicone, this shock mount is designed to last for a very long time
  • Reduces vibrations – different features and accessories reduce noise and vibrations for the clearest recording possible


  • US adaptor can get stuck on the mic stand – when using the adaptor to fit American stands, the screws can be problematic resulting in a stuck adaptor

#3 Sabra Som SSM-1 Universal Shock Mount

Our third choice on today’s list is this highly impressive mic shock mount from Sabra Som.

With a traditional design, this SSM-1 shock mount is universal, meaning it is compatible with most, if not all, microphones on the market.

This is thanks to the mic slides located between two overlapping bands. These are highly flexible, allowing for mics of many shapes and sizes to fit seamlessly.

Although it fits most mic shapes, the Sabra on SSM-1 shock mount is best suited for smaller condenser microphones.

Compared to similar-style mounts, though, this SSM-1 model stands out thanks to its adjustable features, which help it stabilize different types of microphones.

Another affordable mic shock mount, this has been around for quite a while and is popular amongst podcasters and musicians.

Moreover, the quality of Sabra Som’s products tends to be higher than that of some competitors of the same price.

You should always look for a mount with tight, strong supports to keep your microphone stable and in the right center of balance.

Thankfully, Saber Som is renowned for such features and is always a safe option for podcasting microphone accessories.


  • Universal – most mic shapes and sizes can fit on this shock mount
  • Strong supports – the microphone will be held securely at all times to prevent any accidents
  • Ideal for small condenser mics – Compatible with most smaller condenser mics


  • May not be compatible with all mics – need to make sure your mic fits this mount before purchasing

#4 LyxPro MKS1-B Condenser Spider Microphone Shockmount

If you’re on a tight budget, this microphone shock mount from LyxPro may be the answer to your podcasting prayers!

This wide mount is compatible with a range of condenser microphones, such as those made by AKG, Samson, and Behringer.

With a design similar to the Rycote InVision shock mount, you get a great quality product at a more affordable price.

Although similar to Rycote’s shock mount, it does not come with the same screw in mechanism.

Nevertheless, its spider-like design is more than enough for microphones of a larger shape and size.

However, it may not be the best option for condenser microphones with smaller diaphragms.

According to the manufacturer, the LyxPro MKS1-B mic shock mount has been tested with several microphones.

Therefore, you can purchase it with the confidence that it is definitely compatible with the mics they have listed.

Please note that mics such as the Blue Yeti or similar do not fit this mount’s design because of their specific design.


  • Affordable – one of the cheapest mic shock mounts on the market, making it perfect for a tight budget
  • Compatible with many larger microphones – its spider-lie design is ideal for many large microphones
  • Compatible with AKG P120 Condenser mic – as these budget mics come with no shock mounts, it is hard to find any that fit, until you try this LyxPro MKS1-B


  • Not suitable for mics with smaller diaphragms – you would need to look elsewhere if your mic has a smaller diaphragm

#5 Microphone Shock Mount

We top off today’s list with a shock mount that offers fantastic value for money.

The cheapest on the list today, this shock mount from BTOOP includes a pop filter to take your recordings to the next level and reduce unwanted noises creeping in.

The shock mount itself is made from high-quality metal, offering supreme durability for long-lasting use.

It is also laced with an elastic rope to keep your mic protected through heavy recording sessions.

The high elasticity of the rope also allows you to use a wide range of microphones with the shock mount.

Thanks to ⅜-inch and ⅝-inch screw adaptors, this shock mount can be attached to a wide range of mic stands, as well as boom arms.

Moreover, it comes with a built-in clutch, so your microphone is always connected securely to your mount. The pop filter is also included with the shock mount.

This features dual layers, made from foam, net, and metal, which combine to block out any popping or plosive sounds.

Thanks to its U-shaped design, the mic’s front is covered, helping eliminate any noise that may come from the side of the mic. As we said, true value for money!


  • Made from high-quality material – very durable mic shock mount that will last a long time and protect your microphone
  • Integrated clutch – this locks in place to keep your mic safe and secure at all times when recording
  • Comes with a pop filter – this eliminates plosive and popping sounds across a 180 degrees arc


  • Not compatible with the Blue Yeti microphone – will need to purchase another mic shock mount for a Blue Yeti mic

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Best Mic Shock Mount Buyer’s Guide

Now that we have reviewed our top picks for the best mic shock mounts, you’re probably eager to buy one.

But, before you’re so hasty, there are some factors we want you to consider first.

Below is a list of features and aspects that are very important when looking for a top-quality mic shock mount.

These are what we looked for when deciding on our list above. Keep these in mind when considering what mic shock mount is best for you and your needs.

The Microphone Size

mic shock mount buyers guide

Not all microphones fit all mic shock mounts.

That is why you must consider the microphone size- you are using to ensure that it fits securely onto your chosen shock mount.

As you can see from some of our options above, shock mounts come in universal sizes, meaning they can fit all microphones, no matter their shape and size.

However, some are advertised as universal but are not always compatible with all mics.

That is why you should always double-check the measurements and weight of your mic before purchasing a mic shock mount.

Take a look at the mic shock mount’s diameter before buying it. In general, most that measure around 48 mm to 54 mm will fit the majority of mics.

If you want to use a shotgun mic, though, your shock mount’s diameter will need to be smaller – around 2 cm to 4 cm.

The Adjustability

You need to check the adjustability of a shock mount to ensure it can support your microphone, and any others you may have.

You will undoubtedly want to position your microphone in certain ways and angles, so having more adjustable features will be beneficial to you and your recording.

For adjusting the angle of a microphone, a shock stand with a locking knob or adjustable clutch is very useful.

These features will allow you to fix your mic securely at any chosen angle. The last thing you want is your mic sliding away as you record!

A shock mount is also designed to be attached to a microphone stand and boom arm. However, like mics, shock mounts vary in design.

Therefore, you need to be able to pair your shock mount with different mic stands. To do this, check the screw thread.

The majority of boom arms and stands have ⅜-inch and ⅝-inch threads, which are the best options.

Moreover, lots of shock mounts are also equipped with special thread adaptors, allowing you to use a wide range of mic stands.

Therefore, you can switch between the ⅜-inch and ⅝-inch threads when you need to.

The Material

The construction of any product you buy is something that is highly important. The same applies to mic shock mounts. You’ll want your mount to last for as long as possible. Therefore, durability is of top concern.

Moreover, the material a mount is made of can also affect the sound quality of your recording.

We recommend that you search for a mount that is made from high-quality metal, as these tend to be the most durable.

This material also offers more support and stability to your mic during use.

If your mic starts to shake during recording, it may not pick up the recording properly and it may generate unwanted sounds.

The elastic roping holding the mic is also important. This suspends the mic in the microphone frame and stops vibrations from traveling to it.

If the mic ends up being too loose, the mic may fall out and become damaged.

Any Accessories?

Many mic shock mounts come with additional accessories to enhance the recording.

Some come with rubber rings of different sizes, which can provide a more secure grip on the mic on the stand.

The number one accessory that you should look for is a pop mount. Positioned in front of the mic, this removes any popping or plosive sounds as you speak or sing. It also prevents any breathy sounds

With many shock mounts, you will need to purchase a pop filter separately, but if it comes in a package, you may end up saving some cash.


It goes without saying, but you need to consider your budget. The good news is that most shock mounts are pretty inexpensive, so you won’t have to spend a fortune.

But, if you have a budget, we highly recommend sticking to it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I Really Need A Mic Shock Mount?

Using a microphone shock mount is always recommended to help you produce the most professional recording possible.

It stops your mic from moving all over the place so you get a clean, clear recording. This also means your mic is secure, so it won’t fall and become damaged.

Do Mic Shock Mounts Work Well?

Mic shock mounts are very effective at keeping microphones in place and isolating them from mic stands or booms that they are attached to.

Shock mounts can also provide protection from electric shocks and, as we mentioned above, are the best tool for keeping your mic safe from damage.

Are All Mic Shock Mics Compatible With All Microphones?

Shock mounts are designed to work with particular microphones or a series of microphones.

Therefore, the best microphone shock mount for you is one that is designed for your specific microphone.

However, some shock mounts are universal and can work with most microphones, no matter their shape and size.

Final Thoughts

Choosing the right microphone shock mount is essential for achieving clear and professional audio recordings. A good shock mount reduces unwanted vibrations and noises, protecting your microphone and enhancing your overall recording quality.

Whether you’re a podcaster, musician, or voice-over artist, investing in a durable and reliable shock mount will significantly improve your recording experience.

Consider your specific needs, such as compatibility, durability, and budget, to find the perfect shock mount that meets your requirements. With the right equipment, you can focus on creating high-quality content without the hassle of unwanted audio interruptions.

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