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Choosing the Best Rode Mic Stand

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Rode Mic Stand

The Rode microphone stand is a great product by Rode which is versatile and useful for those who are interested in broadcasting, podcasting, and much more.

About Rode

Rode is a very successful company that specializes in audio technology such as microphones and headphone accessories. They have been around for 50 years and they originated in Australia.

The company has a passion for creating innovative designs while still creating and maintaining high-quality products.

From the time that Rode set out, the company has been at the very forefront of technology for audio and filmmaking, and they have not stopped pulling out the stops since then.

Rode Desktop Microphone Stand

The Rode desktop microphone stand is a compact microphone stand that is designed to be used on desks.

It is great when you are recording things like interviews, podcasts, and vocals which require you to place the mic in certain positions.

The design of the mic stand is sleek and it allows you to find the perfect microphone placement for any situation.


The Rode mic stand looks great on the desktop, and it goes well with the rest of the products by Rode. It has a sleek design and is black which matches the color of the other mics, too.

Key Features Of The Rode Desktop Microphone Stand

The Rode desktop microphone stand is a great choice. It has many great features including:

  • Height adjustment mechanism that can change the height of the microphone from 10 – 16 inches (260-405mm).
  • Heavy base that makes the microphone stable.

Rode Microphone Stand Compatibility

The Rode microphone stand is compatible with a lot of different products. These include:

The Procaster

The Procaster is a microphone that is used by broadcasters professionally. It is designed to allow for great performance voice applications on things like podcasts and radio broadcasts.

It is commonly used by podcasters and live streamers because it creates a very natural tone no matter what type of voice is being used.

Key Features Of The Procaster

  • The Procaster has a broadcast-quality microphone which is great for podcasting and voice-overs.
  • The microphone has a shock mounting that can attach to the Rode microphone stand.
  • This microphone comes with a 10-year warranty.


The PodMic is a great quality broadcasting microphone that creates a richer, more full-bodied sound.

It contains a filter and a shock mount which helps to reduce the vibrations within the mic. This microphone will help you to take the sound to the next level.

Key Features Of The PodMic

  • This microphone will produce great-quality broadcast sounds.
  • It is rich and perfect for podcasting.
  • It contains a shock mount and swing mount.

The Broadcaster

The Broadcaster is a great mic that is designed to provide ultimate sound performance.

The microphone has a great frequency response that allows for rich proximity, radio production and voice-overs.

Key Features

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I Buy From Rode?

Rode is a great company that has excellent customer service. Their products have been a leader in the industry since they started out 50 years ago, and since then they have excelled.

Where Is Rode From?

Rode products originate from Australia and they are designed and made in Sydney.

The company has five warehouses where they stock inventory which have state-of-the-art facilities. They employ over 450 people across the whole company for their design, quality control, and sales as well as many other departments.

Why Will I Need A Mic Stand?

The microphones that you can buy from Rode often don’t come with a stand. This is why you may find yourself looking for exclusive deals for a mic stand that is compatible with Rode.

The Rode DS1 is perfect for this as it is easy to set up and it is not too large. It doesn’t take up too much space on a recording table, leaving lots of space for any other equipment that you might need.

For live performances, the Rode DS1 also comes with a mic boom arm which makes it easier to adjust and move your microphone around on stage.

This is great for singers as they can easily adjust their mic without needing too much assistance from someone else.

As well as being adjustable, the Rode DS1 is also sturdy and reliable. It’s made from strong materials that allow you to keep your microphone in place without any wobbles or shaking.

The stand also comes with a metal clip so that you can easily attach and detach it from the mic boom arm, depending on how you want to use it.

When Did Wireless Mics First Come About For Rode?

Rode Mic Stand

In the middle of the 2010s, Rode released a mic range that was wireless.

It was one of the best in the business and the microphones that Rode produced had become the standard microphone in the industry.

They were the leading brand in innovative yet affordable wireless technology for recording, specifically as podcasting became more popular.

Why Do You Need A Mic Stand?

If you are performing live or podcasting, it is essential to have a stable microphone stand so that you don’t have to worry about the sound not being as good as it could be.

You will want to make sure that the audio that your mic is capturing is as good as it can be.

Are Rode Microphones Best For Podcasting?

The Rode microphones are aimed at podcasters because of the clear sound that they provide.

They also target the voices in order to make sure that they are as clear and crisp as possible, making the mics great for this kind of thing as well as broadcasting.

Final Thoughts

Rode microphone stands are a great product that Rode manufactures, and they are very popular in the industry.

As they are compatible with a lot of products that Rode designs, the mic stands are very versatile.

You can use them with lots of different products and they are great for use in podcasting and broadcasting.

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