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Discover the Benefits of a Gooseneck Mic Stand for Professional Audio Recording

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Gooseneck Mic Stand

No good podcast worth its salt can truly be complete without a good microphone, and no good microphone can truly complete its job without an adequate stand to hold it in place!

There are so many different types of microphone stands available on the market, so much so that it can be nearly impossible to choose the perfect one for you! 

We’re willing to bet that you are reading this now because you have come across ‘Gooseneck’ mic stands. But what actually is a gooseneck mic stand?

What does it do? What makes it unique? And what kinds of microphones can you use it with? 

If any number of these questions are currently circling around your head, then you have come to the perfect place.

Today, we are going to take a look at gooseneck mic stands in detail, so you can know exactly what they are and what you can do with them! 

What Is A Gooseneck Mic Stand?

A gooseneck microphone stand is actually very true to its name and takes on a very unique form.

The neck of the microphone stand is designed so that you can twist it and reshape it in any way you wish so that you can have your microphone at absolutely any angle. 

The best thing about the gooseneck construction is that despite being so flexible, the neck will easily hold its position for incredibly long periods without budging, so you can be sure that your audio levels will be perfect throughout the entire recording process.

And while the neck will hold itself in position, it is still incredibly flexible, and easy to adjust at a moment’s notice whenever you want.

This sets a gooseneck mic stand apart from many other competing stands that may require complicated setup processes to adjust the angles.

However, because gooseneck microphone stands are so flexible, this does mean that they can easily be knocked by accident, causing you to lose a perfect position.

As a result, such microphone stands are generally best recommended for those that aren’t recording intensive podcast content.

If your guests are liable to be moving around a lot, or the microphones may be knocked frequently, then gooseneck mic stands may not be the best option.

If using gooseneck microphones, make sure to place the microphone on a sturdy surface that will not be easily knocked by accident.

What Kinds Of Microphones Can You Use Gooseneck Mic Stands With?

One of the best things about gooseneck microphone stands is that they can indeed attach to any microphone you use them with.

Gooseneck microphone stands generally come with threads attached at the very tip that allow you to attach any microphone clip of all kinds of sizes and shapes, which in turn allows you to then attack whatever microphone you wish to use.

However, what you may need to consider is the weight of your microphone, as well as other accessories like a pop filter (also see, ‘Microphone Pop Filter‘).

The gooseneck design also works well with an XLR connector, which is a type of connection that is commonly used in audio equipment. This means that you can plug it into your mixer or audio interface and then adjust the gooseneck to whatever height or angle you want.

Many of the best professional microphone accessories are built to support even the heaviest of microphones thanks to their unique structures. Some mic stands feature support from multiple angles, which helps them to hold up even the heaviest mics at different angles.

Gooseneck mic stands, however, can be angled in countless ways, but this can mean that their structure is a little less sturdy when holding up significant weight. 

If you use microphones that are particularly heavy, then you may want to opt for a different type of mic stand intended for heavier microphones.

However, there are plenty of options for gooseneck microphone stands that can easily hold up heavier microphones.

Make sure you choose a sturdy gooseneck, such as those made of cast iron or steel. This will help ensure that your microphone stand is sturdy and able to support the weight of your microphone without compromising its stability.

Generally speaking, as a rule, the more expensive the gooseneck microphone stand you opt for, the more weight it will be able to handle without losing its position.

Are Gooseneck Mic Stands Worth The Price?

gator frameworks gooseneck mic stand

If you want a simple mic stand solution for your microphone, if you are recording a podcast or any other kind of audio content, then a gooseneck mic stand may be the perfect solution for you! 

Add a touch of style with a black gooseneck microphone stand or a chrome gooseneck mic stand.

Gooseneck mic stands are incredibly easy to use and incredibly easy to adjust to any angle you may need, at a moment’s notice.

However, as a result, this means that they can quite easily be knocked about, so if you need to record slightly more intensive content, or you think that those joining the recording may move around a lot, then you may want to opt for a heavier microphone stand. 

How Much Does A Gooseneck Mic Stand Cost? 

Gooseneck microphone stands can vary massively in terms of price, depending on the sturdiness of the stand, the materials used to make it, and the manufacturer behind the stand. 

Some gooseneck mic stands can be very affordable, which is what makes them such a great option for those just getting started in the podcasting space. 

If you wish, there are plenty of gooseneck microphone stand options on the market at slightly higher price tags.

Many of these may be much sturdier and feature more solid materials in their construction, or may be manufactured by a better-known brand! 

To Wrap Up 

As you can now see, gooseneck microphone stands are unique for their interesting construction that allows the stands to easily bend and reshape to all kinds of different angles. 

Gooseneck microphone stands are best recommended for beginners in recording audio content, or those that need a simple and quick solution for recording.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Purpose Of A Mic Stand? 

A mic stand is a sturdy solution that allows you to keep a microphone suspended in the air in a suitable position, hands-free, while you record audio content.

Do Mic Stands Matter?

While a mic stand is not essential, and you may be able to use a mic by hand, it is often recommended to use one, for greater fidelity.

What Should I Look For In A Mic Stand?

If you are in the market for a mic stand, you will want to look for one that allows you to e

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