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5 Best Blue Yeti Mic Stand

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Best Blue Yeti Mic Stand

The Blue Yeti is one, if not the most popular microphone on the market when it comes to audio broadcasts such as podcasts, and this is for a very good reason.

This USB microphone (also see ‘Best USB Podcasting Mics‘) makes a voice sound warm and incredibly high quality while being completely free of distortion due to its high-tech design.

With its sleek black color palette and incredibly efficient and compact design, the Blue Yeti is also extremely nice to look at while in use. However, it must be said that the microphone is quite small which can make actually reaching it to your mouth without bending over a struggle sometimes.

Luckily, there is a wide range of different stands on the market that can easily fit into the Blue Yeti and make it far easier to use without even needing to get out of your chair.

Here are some of the products in the market right now. Choose the best Blue Yeti mic stand that best fits your needs.

#1 Amazon Basics Tripod Boom Microphone Stand

Regardless of your chosen setup for a podcast, whether it’s a few seats away from your guest or huddled around a small table, the beauty of this microphone is the mic clip extending out of the stand which can be adjusted from 3.1 to 5.3 feet.

With its secure locking clutch to keep it in place, the design of this mic stand allows a Blue Yeti to sit firmly right in front of you, giving you the choice of how high or low you want the microphone to be.

The die-cast metal tripod base is designed to be incredibly scratch resistant with a sleek and professional powder-coated black finish that looks great standing in the middle of a studio or to have behind some chairs with the Blue Yeti reaching out from behind.

Additionally, it’s very important that the Blue Yeti actually stands upon the mic clip firmly, and this stand does just that with customers reporting that even after prolonged usage they have not experienced an after-droop problem of the clip falling unexpectedly because of the weight.

A stand with a great amount of flexibility so you can adjust it just the way you like while still looking professional, this product is the best Blue Yeti mic stand for you if you don’t mind spending a bit more.


  • Professional die-cast black metal tripod base
  • Adjustable mic clip from 3 to 5.3 feet
  • Mic clip great at handling Blue Yeti weight
  • Great reach for adjustable placement


  • Slightly more expensive

#2 Vocalbeat Blue Yeti Shock Mount

Specifically designed as a stand for the Blue Yeti, this slightly smaller stand still has a professional design reaching up and over where you want your face to be directed and hanging the mic from above.

This gives it an incredibly lightweight design that is easy to set up and carry around. However, this does not mean that the weight of the Blue Yeti is in any danger of falling off. Thanks to the quality aluminum alloy material with a mounting hole designed to click around the Blue Yeti and keep it locked in place.

This product is definitely a great candidate for the best Blue Yeti mic stand as it is incredibly easy to use. Simply direct the Blue Yeti downwards and click it into the mounting hole above. The aluminum is also designed to absorb vibrations, ensuring you won’t get any unwanted audio interference.

This resistance to vibration is incredibly important since any physical vibrations such as typing or moving your mouth can often be channeled straight into the microphone which will damage the overall quality of the sound and can often lead to more editing afterward (also see ‘Best Podcast Editing Software‘).

As a smaller stand specifically designed for handling the Blue Yeti and resisting any outside audio interference, the Vocalbeat Shock Mount is the best Blue Yeti mic stand that you know you will still be using in the long run.


  • Quality aluminum alloy is very resistant to vibrations
  • Mounting hole and elastic cords for secure fit
  • Great design avoids getting in the way
  • Small and compact design


  • Awkward shape of stand base

#3 InnoGear Mic Stand

This stand specializes in being heavy duty, being able to hold up to 1.5kg on its boom arm which guarantees the Blue Yetis won’t vibrate, shake or suddenly start swooping while you use it or after you’ve had it placed in the same position until next time.

This product is also great as an all-in-one deal that could very well qualify for the best Blue Yeti mic stand, having all the tools and equipment you need for recording in a studio. Its package includes a stand, a pop filter (also see ‘Homemade Pop Filter‘) that can filter out any whistling background noises such as the wind, and even a pack of microphone windscreens.

It is extremely easy to set up and can be connected to essentially any surface whether it’s a desk or even clipped onto a wall.

This is thanks to the stand’s table mounting clamp that has a protective layer of sponge and an adjustable position screw allowing it to easily clip to a desk or surface of medium thickness.

With a handy instruction manual included to guide you through using all of its various additions and features, this stand is extremely reliable being able to hold the Blue Yeti up for several hours and still look sleek and professional doing it.

This is the best Blue Yeti mic stand for you if you’re looking for an easy-to-setup and durable equipment that can help you in your recording sessions (also see ‘Best Podcast Recording Software‘).


  • Heavy duty arm can hold up to 1.5kg
  • Pop filter (see also our review of the Blue Yeti Pop Filter) resists background wind
  • Table mounting clamp makes for easy attachment
  • Great instructional manual
  • Highly resistant to swooping


  • Wire for the windscreen is very loose

#4 Upgraded Adjustable Microphone Suspension Microphone Stand

If you’re all about customization and having the stand wrapped around the mic as you see fit, then this could be the best Blue Yeti mic stand for you as it allows you to style the stand just how you would like, making it suitable for any studio and environment.

They feature a unique heavy design that can not only easily hold up a Blue Yeti and remain resistant to any damaging vibrations, but also has screws that can be easily adjusted if you find they are a little too wobbly or so that they can bear even more weight.

The stand and its adjustable scissor arm are made entirely of zinc alloy making it suitable for even the heaviest microphones with its high-quality steel frame, making the stand incredibly sturdy and durable with no need to worry about parts of it rusting over time.

The arms are even equipped with built-in dual suspension springs on each boom arm making the microphone incredibly resistant to shaking, vibrating, or dropping at any point so you can ensure it remains durable and useful in the long term.

This stand is great if you’re looking for a product that is extremely heavy-duty and durable. Thanks to its materials, alongside having a nearly endless amount of adjustability, you can exactly determine its weight capacity on the go and where you want it to be placed.


  • Great variety of adjustments
  • Zinc alloy scissor arm can easily hold Blue Yeti
  • Suspension springs prevent the mic from shaking or vibrating
  • Very resistant to rusting


  • Scissor arm is a bit heavy to swivel around

#5 CODN Studio Recording Microphone Stand

The Blue Yeti already has excellent audio quality built into the device. This all-in-one product is considered as the best Blue Yeti mic stand by some because it allows the audio to be at its very best thanks to the high-density sponge layer surrounding it.

These sponge covers are usually seen plastered around every wall of a music studio. However, this product manages to combine a weighty and durable click-in stand with a surrounding isolation shield made up of 5 foldable metal panels to completely negate any outside audio interference from reaching the microphone.

While the stand itself is around 17 inches at its highest, this can be easily adjusted with its screws allowing you to use it while standing or while sitting down.

Either way, you choose, this is considered by some as the best Blue Yeti mic stand because it provides some of the best audio protection you can find while still being durable enough to maintain the mic.


  • Incredible surrounding sponge metal layer featured
  • Perfect for blocking out any audio interference
  • The 17-inch stand can be adjusted for preference
  • Heavy duty tripod can hold Blue Yeti with ease


  • Reflective layer tray can be obstructing

Buyer’s Guide On The Best Blue Yeti Mic Stand

Because of the weight and design of a Blue Yeti, you will want to find a mic stand that can hold it firmly without the threat of it dropping over time or being ineffective at holding the mic near your mouth.

Here is everything you should look out for when picking up the best Blue Yeti mic stand to make sure it is as reliable as possible.

Arm Or No Arm

Whether you choose to have a boom arm extending from the stand or not is entirely up to you. However always keep in mind that they are excellent for reaching the mic to you rather than you having to stretch to be near the Blue Yeti, so they are often more optimal for spacious rooms.

If you are simply operating from a desk however or are aiming to stay in one general area while recording, the best Blue Yeti mic stand for you is one without an arm to save room.

Strength Of The Base

The durability and strength of the arm itself are incredibly important in choosing the best Blue Yeti mic stand for you. This is because it needs to actually sustain the weight of the Blue Yeti and ensure it does not lower on its own which can be extremely frustrating when in the middle of recording audio.

Heavy-duty materials such as steel can quite easily hold a Blue Yeti in place without the worry of it crumbling under its own weight.

This is not to say that a smaller stand is not the best Blue Yeti mic stand or it is entirely ineffective. In fact, most smaller framed stands will feature a lock-in shock platform that is designed for the Blue Yeti to fit into, keeping it secure and steady while you speak.


The height of the stand really depends on how you want to use the microphone, and specifically from where in the room you want to record whether it’s standing up, being far apart from your guest, or sitting around a table with them.

Larger stands that usually have more spacious tripod bases take up more room but can much more easily reach each person in the room, allowing you to sit back while recording.

It also means you have the option to stand which may seem unwanted, but is actually a great way to record solo episodes while remaining focused and feeling ‘active’ and involved in what we are saying rather than lying back and getting maybe a little too comfortable.


The Blue Yeti is certainly designed in a way to be compact and durable, but also heavy. Choosing the best Blue Yeti mic stand that fits your needs is important to ensure it remains protected and will not begin drooping at any point while recording which can severely damage the look and sound of a broadcast or podcast.

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