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Best Shotgun Mic For Podcasting

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Best Shotgun Mic For Podcasting

When it comes to podcasting, sometimes you’ll want to go for something different from the standard microphone. This is where a shotgun comes in. These directional microphones are ideal for picking up sound from far away.

These microphones are ideal for a low-frequency response that you can be sure will give you everything you need for isolating sound and a tremendously rounded sound.

So where can you find one of these microphones? What is the difference between a shotgun mics and a regular microphones? How much will you have to pay for a shotgun mic?

Well, if you want the answer to your burning microphone questions, then we would suggest that you keep reading.

#1 Rode NTG-1 Shotgun Condenser Microphone

This first mic is one that gives you a very crisp and dynamic sound, giving you everything that you need to make sure you have a decent vocal sound.

You can crank this up very loudly to keep the volume very high. This is great if you are recording at a lower volume and you want to raise it in the edit.

You can record at a multi-directional angle, which will certainly help you to pick up all the sounds in the environment.

This will produce a very crisp and clean sound, which is great if you are working with limited sound options.

This comes with a 10-year warranty, which will certainly help when it comes to getting clear audio from the other side of the room.


  • Decent price – if you are looking for a starter mic for your podcast, then you won’t go far wrong with this one.
  • Wired and wireless – you can have this connected to your PC for a solid sound setup or you can have it wireless for when you are roaming around.
  • Condenser – This is ideal if you are looking for something with which you can pick up the surrounding noises.


  • Batteries required – this might be quite frustrating if you are trying to record over the long term and are worried about your batteries giving out.

#2 Rode NTG-3 Shotgun Microphone

This next microphone is made by the mighty Rode, which is some of the best manufacturers of audio equipment that you might find on the market.

This is made from extremely durable and weatherproof material, which is perfect if you are looking for something that you can use to record in rain, snow and even near the water.

This comes in two different materials: nickel plate and matte black. This is ideal if you are looking for something that will blend really well with your podcast setup.

This comes with a frequency response between 40Hz to 20kHz, both of which will give you a very round and full sound.

If you are looking for a microphone that will be able to pick up sound from far away with crystal clarity, then you can’t go wrong with this one.


  • Weatherproof – you can be sure that you’ll have all the options that you’ll need when it comes to recording in every environment.
  • Great frequency – this is ideal if you are looking for something to record some of those low-frequency sounds that are sometimes lost in the mix.
  • Aluminum design – this comes with a durable design that you can be sure will remain durable, even when you have dropped it on the floor multiple times.


  • Too sensitive – some users have reported that this microphone is very sensitive, so you might have to be careful when using it in windy conditions.

#3 Sennheiser Professional MKH 416-P48U3 Short Shotgun Interference Tube Microphone

Next up, we have a high-end shotgun microphone that can be used on many different subjects that are both near and far away. A lot of podcasters have recommended this one as the industry standard.

This comes with a very clear and consistent tone that you can be sure will be great when you are editing your sound clips.

This comes with a conical foam design that is great for getting the sound directly from your target. This is perfect if you are looking for something that will block out all extraneous sounds.

This microphone will give you that warm and rounded radio sound, which is very important when you are trying to get that crystal clarity for your podcast.

This is really suited to picking up lower frequencies, so if you have a deeper voice and are having trouble getting the right levels, then we would recommend this one.

This has both feedback rejections and high articulation, which will allow you those full vocal sounds as well as omit all the sounds from the surrounding environment.


  • Great for broadcasting – if you are looking for that high level of quality, then we would certainly suggest that you have this microphone, as it will give you clear sound.
  • Foam head – this comes with a certain degree of protection from wind and other elements that might cause your microphone to fuzz.
  • Study – this is one of the most durable microphones that you can find on the market, coming with a firm and resonant metallic body.


  • Can be sensitive – this is another microphone that can pick up extreme wind harshness, which could ruin your podcast.

#4 Takstar SGC-600 Camera Microphone

This next microphone delivers some of the highest quality performance that you can get on the market, coming with a rounded foam design that will collect all the surrounding sound.

This can be used with a camera, so if you are making a filmed podcast, then you can simply clip this one onto the side if you need backup sound.

This comes with a shock mount that will enable you to absorb all of the vibrations, which is perfect if you are going to be moving your microphone freehand.

This is a super-cardioid microphone, which means that it will deliver clear and precise sound and eliminate all of the background noises.

This is a sleek microphone that won’t take much effort to carry around the place. You can be sure that you’ll have everything that you need for your portable podcast studio.

This comes with a low-cut mode that will enable you to get rid of some of the more extraneous noises that might infiltrate your recording.


  • Shock mounting – if you want something that will take up all the vibrations you get from handling the microphone freehand, then you should have this shock mount.
  • Decent build quality – if you are looking for something that will not break or deliver crackling audio, then this is the microphone for you.
  • Coiled connector – if you want to separate the microphone from the camera, then this is a great lead.


  • Requires batteries – this is another one that will require batteries, which is not great if you want reliable audio output.

#5 Movo VXR10 Universal Video Microphone

Next up, we have a microphone that will really deliver the complete package, coming with plenty of accessories that pretty much provide you with everything you need to start broadcasting and filming.

This comes at a pretty decent price point, considering all the pop shield and wind filters that you get with this mic.

This comes with a solid aluminum design that will be perfectly durable and will help you to pick up all the audio that you need in the surrounding area.

This is great for use with TikTok, gaming streams and Youtube live podcasting. It comes with a mount that will stop any shocks and vibrations affecting the audio.

This can also be attached to a camera, so if you are looking for a shotgun mic that can capture sound from a distance, then this is the one for you.

This comes with so many accessories, that it is hard to believe that you will even have to buy another shotgun mic again. This comes with a dead cat wind filter, a soft carry case and a 3.5mm output for smartphones.


  • Thicker construction – this one differs from a lot of shotgun microphones in that it comes with a rounder mic face that will pick up more sound.
  • Fuller sound – because of the microphone’s design, you can be sure to pick up a fuller level of sound.
  • Shock mount – this is one of the sturdiest shock mounts around. You can mount it on your table or your camera.
  • Price – this is so cheap that you’d be foolish not to buy it for your first podcast setup.


  • Requires batteries – if you want to use this freehand, then you’ll have to get batteries, although this does have a decent cable.

Buyer’s Guide

When you are looking for a new shotgun podcast mic, you’ll need to think of several different things, including the build quality, the sound dynamics and how much it will cost.

Here are a few things to mull over when you are shopping for one:

Is It Multidirectional?

When it comes to shotgun mics, you can get ones that both target the specific source of the sound as well as the surrounding environment. This should be available in two options that you can toggle between.

How Durable Is It?

If you have a shotgun microphone, then you can be sure that you’ll be able to aim it in every different direction. So you’ll be certain that it will get knocked and dropped in the course of its lifetime.

Most of these microphones are made from stainless steel or thick aluminum. This is very important for sound quality as well as shock absorption.

What Accessories Does It Come With?

There are plenty of accessories that come with these shotgun mics, whether it be dead cats for wind resistance or optional cables that will allow you to plug them into audio interfaces or straight into your computer’s USB port.

What Connections Does It Have?

There are many different types of connections and it will all depend on what kind of output you are looking for.

If you want to plug your shotgun mic into a separate audio interface, then you’ll probably want a microphone that comes with an XLR cable.

However, for use on your computer, then you’ll probably want a microphone that is going to have a USB port.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I Use A Shotgun Mic As My Primary Podcast Recorder?

Most podcasters do not use a shotgun mic as their primary recording device, more as a backup or to capture any room ambiance for when people go off mic.

How Much Do Shotgun Microphones Cost?

You can be sure that you’ll be able to have plenty of shotgun mics available that are less than $100. In fact, you can find some perfectly decent ones for around $50.


We hope that our list of some of the best shotgun mics has helped you to decide which are the best ones for your podcast.

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