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Best Wireless Mic For DSLR

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Best Wireless Mic For Dslr

When it comes to using your DSLR for filming, you’ll probably be looking for a very professional setup that will allow you to record high-quality footage. However, if you are going to want a decent sound setup, then you’ll be looking for something of similar quality.

However, a lot of high-quality microphones often come with leads that you have to connect to the camera. This isn’t always practical, as you won’t want leads trailing and having people trip over.

You also might not want to be limited to a shotgun microphone fixed to the camera.

So where can you pick up the best wireless microphones for a DSLR? How much will you have to pay for one of these microphones? What other features will you need to have for these mics?

Well, if you want to know the answers to these questions and a lot more, then you should keep reading.

List Of Best Wireless Mics For DSLR

#1 Movo WMX-7 VHF 12-Channel Wireless Lavalier Microphone

This first pair of microphones deliver amazing sound quality for a decent price. This product is aimed at DIY filmmakers, coming with great features and a decent price tag.

These are very compact units, which is great if you want to clip these mics on a few of your actors and keep them very discreet.

The transmitter and the receiver work very well together and you can be sure of consistent sound quality.

This is also very low on self-noise, so you won’t have to perry about hearing your microphone running during the quieter moments of your film.

This can be used with many different devices, including your smartphone, tablet or laptop. This will suit intermediate filmmakers who have much more high-end gear to track audio.

This microphone comes with a belt clip, which is great if you want to attach the microphone to yourself and not have to worry about it dropping off.

This also comes with a headphone jack, which will be invaluable when you are tracking your audio. It will ensure that you can do another take if you have wind issues.


  • LCD screen – this will help you check the audio levels as well as how much battery you have left in your microphones.
  • Budget-friendly – if you are looking for something professional that comes at a decent price, then you can’t go wrong with these microphones.
  • Strong signal – you can extend this microphone between 200 and 600 feet, which is great if you are looking for a decent pickup and no audio dropouts.
  • Durable – when it comes to durability, then you won’t find many better wireless mics. These can survive a few bumps and bangs and you won’t notice any compromise of sound quality.


  • One channel – this only comes with one channel, which might limit you when it comes to shooting in an area with a lot of Wifi activity.

#2 Rode Wireless GO II Single Channel Wireless Microphone System

Next up, we have a microphone system that you can be sure will give you quality output, as it is made by one of the industry leaders when it comes to audio equipment.

This comes with a decent signal, although you might have to keep the transmitter largely in line with the receiver when you are using it.

This clip-on transmitter also comes with a built-in microphone, which will make casual recording a breeze.

You can use the transmitter with a wired lapel microphone, although you might have to trail your wire through the clothing. This also makes it a great set of microphones to use with to-camera interviews.

This pack is very small and should be able to be concealed under the trousers or around the back of your clothing.

This also comes with 7 hours of battery life, which is great if you are using them for longer shoots.


  • Very compact – this is a great unit if you are trying to film, as they are discreet and can be hidden around the back of your clothing.
  • Lightweight – these are very lightweight devices, which is great if you don’t want your actors or interviewees to feel distracted while they are working.
  • Strong connection – you can be sure that these wireless microphones will work up to 230 feet.
  • Great battery life – if you are looking for batteries that will last for the duration of your shoot, you can’t go wrong with these.


  • You’ll have to keep this microphone in line – if the transmitter and the receiver are not in line then you might experience some issues.

#3 Rode RodeLink FM Digital Wireless Filmmaker System

Next up, we have another decent microphone from the mighty Rode brand. This is great if you are looking for a solid connection up to 300 feet.

This comes with AA batteries, which might be a pain if you are trying to record for a long shoot and you can’t get to a store to buy more batteries. The battery life itself lasts around 30 hours, which is amazing for any shoot.

This microphone will pick up sound from multiple different directions, which makes it great for recording multiple groups of people.

This comes with a host of great accessories, including a lapel microphone, a clip, a windshield and a carrying pouch.

These are very chunky packs, so you can be sure that they will be able to withstand many knocks and bumps. This is a great pack if you are filming outdoors in adverse conditions.

This pack has been noted by DSLR filmmakers for its ease of use. All you have to do is plug it in, attach it to your subject and switch it on. These also come with headphones for audio monitoring.


  • Classic Rode sound quality – if you are looking for a decent Rode sound quality, then you can be sure that you’ll have everything that you need for a decent output.
  • Incredible battery life – with up to 30 hours of single-use battery life, you won’t have to worry about this draining on you halfway through a shoot.
  • Display system – this will tell you how much battery life you have left as well as the status of your receiver.
  • Omni-directional recording – if you are looking for something that will pick up a few people at once, then the omnidirectional system will really work for you.


  • A hefty unit – due to the bulk on this microphone, whoever the microphone is attached to might experience some discomfort.

#4 Deity Connect Wireless Lavalier Microphones

This next pair of microphones are ideal for anyone who likes to shoot high-quality footage. This company boasts that they make some of the best microphones on the market and it is hard not to agree with them.

The transmitter and receiver are made from durable metal, which will give you peace of mind if you are filming in the great outdoors.

This comes with an OLED display that will you a clear status of the levels of the battery, the audio output and the transmitter signal strength.

This comes with a decent battery life of 10 hours, which will be very useful for most long shooting days.

This one comes with lav mics and two channels. This is great for anyone who wants that versatility when they are recording with their film or interview show. This is also a great feature if you are recording a video podcast with your DSLR.

This comes with a decent range of around 300 feet. You won’t have to worry about that much audio dropout, as this microphone is pretty reliable.


  • Dual channel wireless system – this is great if you want to record two things from two separate channels.
  • 2.4 Ghz wireless system – this is ideal if you want that extra power and reliability when it comes to solid audio transfer.
  • Two microphones – this is great if you are looking for versatility with your audio recording pack.
  • Omni-directional microphones – this is great if you are looking for something that will record in every direction. Also great for group recording.


  • Come with a non-removal battery – this might become difficult if your battery fails for one reason or another.

Buyer’s Guide

When you are looking for the right wireless microphones for your DSLR camera (see also ‘Best Webcams For Podcasts‘), then there will be a few features that you will not be able to do without.

Overall, the sound pack needs to be durable and you need to have a strong connection between the transmitter and receiver.

Here are some things that you should be looking out for when you are buying your next wireless microphone:

How Much Battery Life Does It Have?

This might be one of the most important things that you’ll want from your microphone. The solidity of the connection will be crucial for getting a decent audio output.

You won’t want your microphone to cut out halfway through filming a scene. You’ll also want something that comes with a good LED system that will tell you when the battery life is low well before it runs out.

How Strong Is The Connection?

One of the worst things to have for your wireless microphone is for it to keep dropping out when it reaches a certain radius. You should always check the maximum limit of your transmitter before buying a set of microphones.

Some of the transmitters that we have listed above need a direct line of sight between the transmitter and the receiver, especially as it moves further out of the recording zone. This might be quite awkward if you have to work within a limited distance.

How Durable Is It?

This is also very important if you are working outdoors. Often filming can be very active and you’ll want to protect your equipment at all costs. This is where having a durable microphone system will really come in handy.

A few of the microphones that we have listed above are made from stainless steel, which will be great for withstanding hard impacts. However, this type of microphone will be a lot more expensive.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Should I Have To Pay For A Decent Wireless Microphone For My DSLR?

A lot of these microphone packages are very expensive, the average one being around $500. You can find some that are cheaper, although you will have to compromise when it comes to having the right number of features.

How Many Wireless Microphones Will I Need?

This will all depend on how many people you are wanting to record. Some of these microphones have omnidirectional functions, which will allow you to record more people with less equipment.


We hope that this article has helped you decide which is the best wireless microphone that you’ll need for your DSLR camera. You’ll need to make sure that you have something durable that won’t get damaged when subject to any high impact.

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