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Samson MD5 Desktop Microphone Stand

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Samson MD5

Are you a podcaster looking for an easy and effective way to upgrade your sound quality? You’re in luck! The Samson MD5 studio microphone is here just for you.

This mic provides fantastic audio performance at an incredible value, giving audio professionals the high-quality sound they need without compromising quality or budget.

For those who want something basic, minimalist, and sturdy this is the microphone stand for you. 

We’ll take a look at its features, what it’s made of, and how much you can expect to pay when you cart add this product. 

Wired Clip is a reader-supported site. Purchases made through links may earn a commission, at no additional cost to you.

What Is The Samson MD5?

The Samson MD5 is a desktop microphone stand designed to hold a microphone securely and can be used instead of a boom arm

This desktop microphone stand is an easy to install piece of equipment and works well with any standard microphone which has appropriate adapters.

It has a solid die-cast weighted metal base for maximum stability and a fixed height of 5 inches. The stand is sprayed with a durable black finish. 

The microphone stand is robust, strong and the base is 6.25 inches wide and 1 ¼ inches deep. It weighs 2.18 pounds. 

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Samson MD5 Features

The Samson MD5 is a very simple desktop studio microphone stand and is in no way complicated. It comes in two separate pieces, the round base, and the upright support. Both are stylish black matt colors with a slight texture. 

This microphone stand is very sturdy and actually quite heavy as it is made from die-cast metal. The build quality is high, so you should have no issues even with heavy desktop usage, and its ability to hold any weight of the microphone. 

Despite being made of metal, the MD5 desktop mic stand does have foam on the bottom which serves several purposes. It protects your desk surface, holds the stand in place so it does not slip, and it also reduces vibrations. 

The stand has a fixed height with a low profile design and is not adjustable in any way, so make sure it is the right size for what you need before you buy it. Being fixed means that the stand will not allow the microphone to slip down to a lower level. 

Putting The Stand Together

Samson MD5 (1)

To assemble, just keep the stand upright and screw it into the base of the desktop application. This takes no more than a minute, no need for detailed demonstrations. However, take note of the illustration on the box as both ends of the stand are threaded. 

One end has a flange which you use to adjust the shock mount on your microphone to make it fit more securely. Then you are ready to fit your chosen microphone to the stand. 

The stand will take most standard microphones and even works well with the Samson SP01 shock mount

Which Microphone Fits On The Samson MD5?

You may already have a microphone ready to go straight onto your Samson MD5 or you might be in the market for a new one. Either way, you will need to check before buying your stand that the microphone you have or the one you want is going to fit in the stand. 

The stand will accommodate a lot of desktop microphones and this includes some really heavy models. As the base is quite wide and made of a heavy die-cast metal it will support a good quality heavy dynamic or condenser microphone

Who Is It For?

two male hosts on a podcast

So who will use a Samson MD5? Well, for many years people all over the world have been using their computers with desktop microphones to produce video content, podcasts, and even music. 

Some content creators prefer using desktop microphones that enable hands free operations. Desktop mics also offer a minimalist design and are not as obstructive for those who also produce video podcasts.

It is a good size and should comfortably fit under any monitors or screens which have height-adjustable stands if you are short of desk space. If you are using a monitor with a regular fixed stand then the microphone may obscure some of the screen. 

Some people prefer similar items such as boom arms, but these can often get in the way if you have video as well as audio on your podcast.

If your recording space is not soundproofed, you may get an echo with a mic on a boom arm. A desktop microphone is less likely to produce an echo. 

The Samson MD5 desktop microphone stand makes sure that the microphone does not topple over if it is particularly heavy. This is because it has a wide base that is made from die-cast metal. 

It is the perfect mic stand for voice-overs, podcasts, and recording music.

Wired Clip is a reader-supported site. Purchases made through links may earn a commission, at no additional cost to you.

How Much Does The Samson MD5 Cost?

The Samson MD5 is a low-cost microphone stand, so it is essential for customers who are on a budget. Having said that, it is not a cheap piece of equipment and has a high build quality.

Rather the fact that it is quite basic and not at all adjustable is the more likely reason for the low price. 

If you were to buy the Samson MD5 microphone stand on Amazon it will cost you under $20 which is the same price you will pay for it at Walmart. It is also available at Best Buy for slightly more money at $25.99

The Micro Center is selling the Samson MD5 for $21.99 and Sam Ash has it for under $20 as well at $19.99. However, the cheapest we have found is at Adorama for an incredible $15.85. 

Wherever you decide to purchase the Samson MD5 you will not be paying a small fortune for it. You will also be getting a strong and sturdy microphone stand that is stable and well-built. The low price doesn’t necessarily mean low quality as this stand demonstrates. 

Final Thoughts

samson MD5 desktop stand

For those who want a slim profile microphone stand or a more minimalist look for their video podcasts the Samson MD5 is ideal. It is very affordable without skimping on material and being cheap. 

We hope you have enjoyed our review of the Samson MD5 microphone stand, and we wish you many happy hours with your podcasting or music recording. 

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