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RedCircle Review: Breaking Down the Features and Benefits

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RedCircle Review

The RedCircle ad platform allows podcast creators to quickly and easily develop their online presence.

If you’re a podcast host looking at RedCircle, you’re likely trying to find new avenues to allow your podcast to grow.

To help you, we’ve written this review to help you find out how RedCircle can benefit you and how it works. 

What Is RedCircle Podcasts?

Red Circle homepage

RedCircle is a platform that can help podcasts grow and can help creators monetize their content.

However, it can also be used by brands and agencies to advertise their products through podcast ad campaigns. 

Who Is RedCircle For?

As you can see above, RedCircle can be used by podcast hosts, brands, and agencies looking to promote their content.

In this section, we’ll delve into a few more details about how podcasters and brands can use RedCircle, and how this works for them.


RedCircle Review

RedCircle has various innovative tools to help you run your podcast in one place. While recording, RedCircle will help monetize your content.

We’ll go into more detail about what each of these tools do separately, but here’s a summary of what to expect.

Most importantly, RedCircle is a podcast hosting service and distribution platform. By using RedCircle, you can ensure that you can enjoy free unlimited hosting from one area, then distribution and cross promotions to major streaming sites.

You’ll find that the RedCircle ad platform RAP allows creators to monetize their content on their terms. However, RedCircle does not support video podcasts at this time.

Your show is your own artwork. RedCircle gives you powerful art distribution tools to help you get your show out there.

RedCircle allows you to quickly and easily upload and share audio files, while giving you a wide range of distribution options, like iTunes, Spotify, and Soundcloud. This makes it easier than ever for podcast creators to reach their audiences without having to worry about technical issues.

This on demand audio platform also has a cross-promotion marketplace that lets you find like-minded creators to partner up with.

If you want to build a subscriber base, you can do so here. You’ll be able to create a subscription revenue and offer your listeners exclusive content. 

Depending on your options, you might want to consider donations too. 

Brands And Agencies

Now, you may be wondering how brands and agencies can utilize RedCircle. While this may not be too interesting for podcast creators, it’s a helpful feature to know.

See, brands and agencies can buy podcast ad spaces.

See, RedCircle praises itself for being the only platform for podcasts that are built for scale.

Businesses and agencies can both find and vet independent podcasters and networks so they can choose the right balance for their ad formats to get further reach.

They can arrange their campaign within a few days. Businesses can increase their reach by distributing their ads across all episodes of the chosen podcast.

They need to test how the message sounds on the show and how audiences react.

Overall, you can create a smarter budget. RedCircle’s platform allows you to understand conversion and attribution work.

You can track your budget and performance across shows. It’s a simple process to optimize each campaign through A/B tests. 

RedCircle makes it easier for businesses to control their ad messages, and they can customize them by adjusting them to the podcast’s voice.

You can just set the budget and dates for the campaign and review and read them. Overall, it’s a great way to collaborate between businesses and creators.

Features Of RedCircle

As you can see from the above section, RedCircle offers numerous features you can consider. But here is where we go into more detail for podcasters considering switching to RedCircle. 

Ad Platform

Podcasters have access to RedCircle’s Ad Platform, otherwise known as RAD. With this ad platform, you can control the adverts on your site.

You can access it under your terms to choose the right one for your brands.

With the options available, you can read the ads and have better control over how they’re presented, so they don’t affect the tone of your show.

As you’re recording, RedCircle will work behind the scenes to fill the ads in your inventory. Using dynamic insertion technology, they can change older ads for new ones.

That way, even your older episodes will still earn for more recent ads, and everything will feel up-to-date.

They’ll even allow creators to earn by making payments with Stripe. You’ll be able to have a flexible payment schedule that works best for you.

You can directly transfer the money to your bank account when paid for the ad placement. 

Cross-Promotion Marketplace

Using the cross-promotion marketplace, podcast creators can find other podcasters to partner with.

RedCircle can help you find the right show for you by narrowing down your search results by finding similar podcasts to your own. 

You can launch a joint campaign that allows you to promote your show and vice-versa. You just need to send a short proposal to the creator you want to work with and wait for them to accept.

RedCircle Review

However, you need to include a cross-promotion clip that the other podcast will play until the campaign ends.

With the cross-promotion marketplace, RedCircle makes it easier for podcast creators to grow their audience together.

It’s a great way for independent podcasters to collaborate and generate new listeners and does so without infringing on other creators’ works. 


If you’ve been running your podcast for a while, you’ll be glad to know that you can offer subscriptions to your dedicated listeners.

To do this, you can create a subscription revenue by giving subscribers access to content that won’t be accessible to everyone.

You can create bonus episodes for subscribers or put certain episodes under a paywall a week earlier than regular listeners.

You can also ensure that your subscribers have accessible options for their payment. Decide the amount you want to charge based on your content and business goals.

Either way, you’ll be able to stay true to your listeners this way.

Once you add a subscription option, RedCircle’s advanced platform makes it easier to add a subscription link to your podcast.

They’ll be included in the episode notes to establish a simple way for your listeners to find a way to subscribe.

Then, you’ll be paid with Apple Pay or Google Pay, and they can access exclusive content from their chosen podcast app.

RedCircle makes it easy to track your revenue, so you know where it’s going too. You can manage your subscription revenue and transfer funds to your bank account at any point using Stripe. 



If subscribing isn’t your thing, you can also give an option for donations to anyone unable to subscribe.

That way, they can support you by producing a one-time payment or a recurring donation. Either way, they can decide how much they want to donate, so it’s in your listener’s control.

RedCircle will add the donation link to your show, so your listeners can use Apple Pay or Google Pay to donate to you.

Then you can track the funds and keep an eye on your revenue. Once that’s done, you’ll be able to transfer the funds to your bank account using Stripe. 

Hosting And Distribution

However, the most significant factor for RedCircle podcast is that it’s a place where you can manage multiple podcasts in one place.

If you have more than one podcast, you can manage them all from one account on RedCircle. All you need to do is create a new one or import an existing show.

As part of RedCircle’s hosting platform, you can gain access to unlimited podcasts, storage, and downloads.

Surprisingly, RedCircle has gone out of its way to provide a free option without any hidden limits and promise a comprehensive podcast hosting platform that’s easy to use. 

Once your podcast is hosted, you can access promotion tools distribute it to all the major streaming platforms. So you’re covered on YouTube, Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google, and so many more.

As your podcast grows, you’ll be able to gain an insight into where a podcast episode is being played and check where your podcast is doing well.

If you want seamless analytics to manage your podcast’s performance, then RedCircle is an excellent choice compared to other podcast hosting sites.

If you get stuck, then I have some great news. What sets RedCircle from a lot of podcast hosting platforms is its customer service and technical support team, who will get back to you within minutes.

You won’t have to wait hours for urgent issues, and it’s a way to ensure everything is running smoothly.


Three different payment plans are available for RedCircle, but they also allow you access to their free Core Plan.

Growth Plan$15/month[Unlimited Podcasts, Cross Promotions Marketplace, Unlimited Dynamic Insertion, Instant Payouts, Generate Video for Episodes, Ad Free Podcast Webpages, Advanced Analytics]
Pro Plan$30/month[Everything in Growth Plan, plus:, 5 Customizable Team Seats, Generate Video w/ one-click distribution to Youtube, Priority Support, Premium Analytics, Leverage Tracking URLs, Run Your Own Ads]
Enterprise PlanContact Us[Everything in Pro Plan, plus:, Unlimited Customizable Team Seats, Dedicated Account Manager, The most comprehensive analytics for growth, revenue, and dynamic insertion.]

Even on the Core Plan, you can access unlimited storage, bandwidth, number of episodes, downloads, and even distribution to all the major platforms.

Top Host
  • All in one Podcast platform
  • Excellent Monetization Features

"Was super easy for me to make the switch over, support was outstanding"

You can even import and redirect your podcast for free. 

In the Core Plan, you can still access standard stats and show related shows at the bottom of the page.

You’ll even get an embeddable player for your podcast.

You can’t access the cross-promotion marketplace with the Core Plan, but you can still monetize your podcast through donations, subscriptions, and ads.

Of course, you’re only allowed one podcast on the Core Plan, but it’s a great way to start. 

Once you’ve started, you can upgrade to another plan to improve your monetization prospects. 

Red Circle Alternatives For Podcasters

Here are some alternative options that are similar to Red Circle:

Anchor: Acquired by Spotify, Anchor provides free podcast hosting and distribution. They also have monetization options available, with tools for podcasters to include sponsored messages in their episodes.
RedCircle VS Anchor

Libsyn (Liberated Syndication): One of the oldest and most reputable podcast hosting platforms, Libsyn offers hosting, distribution, and monetization options. They have plans based on storage needs and offer dynamic ad insertion capabilities.

Podbean: Podbean is another popular podcast hosting platform that provides a range of services from hosting and distribution to advertising partnerships and monetization solutions.

Final Thoughts

Overall, the RedCircle podcast hosting service is a great place to start monetizing your podcast.

Even the free plan offers many available tools, so if you’re planning on making the next step for your podcast, consider checking out RedCircle’s website. 

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