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How To Pitch A Podcast To A Podcasting Network

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How To Pitch A Podcast To A Podcasting Network

With the continually growing popularity of the podcasting industry, it seems that every day we are seeing new podcasts pop up on sites like Youtube.

Many of them offer similar things in a market that is gradually becoming saturated, helped in part by professional podcasting companies (also see, ‘Why Are Podcasts So Popular‘).

They offer contracted work akin to television and radio, where successful podcasters can earn big bucks operating under a paid subscription business model (also see, ‘How Much Do Podcasters Make?‘).

While this is not necessary, neither for podcasters themselves, nor for the podcast audience, there are many drawn to the sense of exclusivity that these podcast networks can deliver – particularly if the Youtube business model has not worked out.

But this begs the question: how exactly can you pitch to a podcast network, and what kinds of things do they look for?

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How To Pitch A Podcast

How To Pitch A Podcast To A Podcasting Network

Pitching a podcast is a lot like pitching a television show to a network – it demands precision, clear knowledge of figures, and a sense of the commercial legs for podcast sponsorship that your own work truly has (also see, ‘Should I Sponsor A Podcast‘).

In many ways, this requires a great sense of self-awareness, and honesty that a lot of creative people might choose to stay away from.

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Choose The Right Network

First things first, it is important to know what network you want to podcast pitch to, and why they stand out from the crowd.

This will hopefully impress the executives of the network, especially if you have done your homework, and in this business, that kind of subtle flattery really does win you some brownie points.

Choosing a network that feels like the right fit for your style is also important, both in terms of confirming your standing and longevity with the company, and to give the network confidence that your content will work amongst their roster.

Define Your Audience

How To Pitch A Podcast To A Podcasting Network

You need to have a good idea of the types of podcast listeners/viewers you appeal to. This will at least make it look like you have thought about your own appeal, and might help them see something they haven’t seen themselves.

This very much comes down to knowing your own worth, and the kinds of things you can offer to like-minded people.

You need to make the network aware that your own podcast has a market, and point out other podcasts that offer something similar to show them that your idea has legs.

Make Them Familiar

Making them familiar with your work can also be a good way of securing a network contract.

For example, if you are an academic who has published work in a particular area of your podcast space, then lead with that. Similarly, if you are a creative – like a stand up comedian, or an influencer – then let them know what you have to offer.

Be Detail Oriented

People in the business world are interested in facts and high quality content – the bottom line. If you have an established following or niche audience, then let them know. If you are already drawing an income, then make them known, (also see, ‘Monetizing A Podcast‘)

Let them know what you can do for them in your talking points, and how they can help.

Podcast Guest

As a podcast host, you should know that any potential podcast guest is a great way to promote yourself as an entrepreneur and get your name out there.

Your podcast guest pitch should highlight the opportunity to discuss your business, share advice or market insights, or just have fun talking about something related to your industry (also see, ‘Top Podcast Questions‘).

Focus on any podcast interview with any potential guest who can relate directly to you or your products, and be sure to include links to any blog post or social media posts (also see, ‘Best Podcast Promotion Services‘).

What Are The Benefits When You Pitch Your Podcast?

How To Pitch A Podcast To A Podcasting Network

As mentioned above, the accessibility of Youtube means that this isn’t a necessary step – both in terms of viewers having to pay, or podcasters signing with a company – however, there are many attractive qualities that draw podcasters to the ranks of these networks.


While this is not necessarily a given, working for a network can give you a little job security, at least in the sense that you will be pulling a wage while you work there.

Some people might not want the grind and hustle of podcasting under the free business model, and so this might be the perfect choice for those people.

After all, podcasting can be tough, especially when your financial wellbeing depends on it.


Some people can be creative, but not especially business minded – in fact the two tend to represent completely different personality types.

People who do not want to handle the business side of running a podcast might opt to let a network do the heavy lifting for them.

Things To Remember

There are several things to remember, both when pitching to a network, and when generally interacting with people within ANY industry.

Mind Your Manners

people in business meeting

The important thing to remember is that, in any industry, no one wants to work with someone who is rude, entitled, hard to talk to, or just generally abrasive.

This is why displaying courtesy and manners is very important, even if you are not receiving the same treatment in return.

People will think fondly of a good business meeting, and you may get contacted in the future, especially if you have a hosting style they think they could use for something.

If you are rude and aggressive, then they will also certainly remember you, but for all the wrong reasons.

It wouldn’t be the first time that supposedly talented people have been blacklisted by networks and agencies for having an attitude problem.

Be Confident

Of course, it is also important to be confident – or failing that, at least have a presence that people will find endearing.

You are going to be either on camera or speaking in your podcast episodes after all, which requires a certain level of self esteem to work effectively, and to make people want to watch any new podcast from you.

This obviously depends on the industry, but if entertainment is your goal, then a certain amount of presence needs to be presented – even during the pitch.

Final Thoughts On Podcast Pitches

And there we have it, everything you need to know to pitch podcasts to a podcasting network.

As mentioned, there are many paths to becoming a podcaster, but if you want the security and management guidance that working with a network can bring, then you need to hone your craft, perfect your pitch, and make your worth known!

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