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Why Is The Apple Podcast App So Slow?

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Apple Podcast App Why Is Is So Slow

You like many others are probably having issues with your Apple podcasts app being slow which can be extremely frustrating!

The apple podcast app is slow and sometimes it doesn’t even play the episodes. You probably can’t even read the titles at times. Most people will  have restarted their phone and it still doesn’t work.

Then, they may have uninstalled and reinstalled the app, but it’s still slow, so what can you do? 

This guide will be listing all of the reasons why the app might be acting up and being quite slow and finding ways you can work around this.

How To Listen To A Podcast On iPhone

It will also give some alternative options for podcast sites. 

Why Are They Slow?

One reason why they might be slower than other services is because you aren’t able to listen to them on the go. You must download them first to your library and wait for them to sync to your device.

This can be quite frustrating because you can’t be as spontaneous with them as you might have been with other services. 

Any Ways To Make The App Work Faster?

Why Is The Apple Podcast App So Slow

Many people have complained about the speed the Apple podcast app works at because they are used to all Apple products and services working very quickly and easily.

However, the app is definitely a different story, but there are ways you can make it work a bit quicker. 

One way you are able to do this is quite simple and not something people tend to think will work. You need to close the app after using it. You will need to swipe up on your screen, then remove it from your screen.

After that, you will need to go into your settings where you will find the general area and click on ‘’background app refresh’’. To finish off, you need to turn off the background refresh button. 

Podcast Speed

The podcast speed can also be an issue for many people on the app where the episode itself is struggling to play smoothly.

The people who have created the podcasts have gone through a lot of effort to make sure their podcasts run smoothly which is why it can be frustrating when it keeps stopping and won’t play for periods of time.

It makes a lot of people just turn it off! What are the reasons for this? 

  • You might find that the podcast itself was recorded at a lower sample rate than your default. 
  • It can also be because of your playback settings on your phone. 
  • The last reason is because the podcast has been recorded in mono not stereo. 

How To Fix The Playback Speed

This part is much easier than you might think. All you need to do is open up your podcast app and start playing an episode you’ve been listening to. Best podcast listening apps.

You will see the podcast playing screen and you will need to make it 1X. You can adjust this by changing that option. There are different speeds you can use such as: 2X which will double the speed or 5X as well.

For most podcast listeners, they find that 1.5X works best because it is fast enough to skip parts but you can still listen to the whole pod. 

Why Are They Draining Your Battery?

The main reason why it will be draining your battery so fast is because even when you go off the screen, if you leave the podcast on it will continue playing in the background. This means it will still be taking your battery when you aren’t listening to it. 

There is another reason where it will start to pre-load newer episodes after you have finished the one you are listening to.

This can also drain the battery massively because it is using energy you don’t even know about. 

Why Does The Podcast App Keep Shutting Down?

You will find that the app might keep crashing over and over because it is overloaded. If you have too many podcasts downloading at once and all of it will become too much for the app and it will shut down.

This can be frustrating if you’re a podcast lover and you like to have a variety. 

How To Fix It?

  1. You always need to make sure your phone is up to date with the newest software because if you don’t, it can lag quite a bit. 
  2. You might also need to restart your phone if it is a bit overloaded and give it a break as it could overheat. 
  3. You can also re-install the app again if you need to. You can delete it and reinstall to make sure that it is completely refreshed. 
  4. You can also reset everything on the app to start with a fresh slate if you don’t mind refilling all of your information again. 

Google Podcast Vs Apple Podcast App


Overall, when it comes to your podcast app, there can be many issues involving the speed of the app and being able to listen to the podcasts easily and without problems.

When anyone listens to a podcast, they expect to be able to have a good and easy experience where they are able to just listen in their spare time or while they are doing something else.

However, if the app is messing with the episodes, it doesn’t allow you to have the best experience. 

There are a few ways you can fix some of these problems, but they might only be short term fixes. If this keeps happening over and over again, people are more likely to just turn it off.

Therefore, you are able to use another streaming service like Spotify which is known for their variety of podcasts and good listening experiences.

Hopefully this guide will help you sort some of your problems with the Apple app.

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