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Unlock Your Podcasting Potential with bCast Features

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bCast Features

If you are thinking of starting your own podcast, then you have probably looked into signing up to bCast in order to really boost your visibility (also see, ‘Should I Start A Podcast‘).

bCast is an online podcast hosting provider which aims to make it even easier to distribute and grow your podcast’s success with just a few clicks all through one service.

It’s easily one of the most highly recommended online hosting providers for podcasters. 

So, what does bCast actually offer its users and how does each feature help you turn your podcast into a success? 

Here, we are going to be taking a look at bCast to check out its features and how each one can be a huge benefit to podcasters all around the world.

So, if you are thinking about signing up to the bCast podcast host, check out this guide below first to find out if it’s really the provider for you! 

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🏆 Best Overall
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Editing Help Through Audio Inserts 

Editing is probably one of the most difficult (and let’s be honest, most boring) parts of running your own podcast or even Youtube channel (also see, ‘What Specs Do I Need For Podcasting And Editing?‘).

Well, bCast aims to help with that by offering an audio inserts feature to all of their users. 

bCast’s audio inserts feature basically allows you to add advertisements at the beginning, middle, or end of your podcast without fuss.

You can insert any audio you like and save yourself a fortune on hiring an editor or spend countless hours inserting the audio yourself. 

It may only be a small feature, but it’s a big help! 

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Convert Listeners Into Leads Through Auto Optin

Engagement and forming deeper relationships with your listeners is important, and bCast offers a range of features to help you turn listeners into leads.

One such feature is their auto optin feature which allows you to simply read out your email address in your podcast so your listeners can email you in order to receive a bonus. 

You will be able to turn those listeners into paying customers for a range of different products depending on your model – and bCast makes this process super easy by running your auto optin email for free 24/7. 

This process is proven to convert listeners into leads with an increased conversion rate of 25%!

So, if you are struggling with turning listeners into paying customers, using bCast for its auto optin feature could be the key to success for you and your podcast! 

Boost SEO Through Transcription

bCast Features

One of the main ways listeners will use to find your podcast is with a good old-fashioned Google search. 

Google as a search engine is amazing but it hasn’t really nailed down how to search for audio content, which puts you as a podcaster at a disadvantage.

One way podcasters are getting around this is by transcribing their podcasts – which basically means creating a written version that reads like a script

This has many benefits including making your podcast accessible to those with hearing difficulties or disabilities, but it also serves an important purpose when it comes to search engines and optimization. 

By transcribing your podcast, you will be able to link a ton of keywords and search phrases to your podcast and make it much easier for Google to understand what your podcast is and what it is about.

So, Google can use those transcriptions to understand your podcast and offer it up in search engine results to those searching terms that link to your content. 

However, transcribing every single episode of your podcast can take forever- but bCast offers a feature that does it all with a click of a button!

Just simply press the button once you have uploaded your podcast episode and within a few minutes, bCast will have generated a transcription for you.

Add your bCast podcast transcription to your notes of your episode, or even upload it to your podcast’s website – either way, Google will be able to use it to your advantage and boost your online visibility. 

Distribute Your Podcast Through One Click

Another way bCast helps with your SEO is by boosting your search results on other engines beyond Google.

This is done by helping upload your podcast to a range of different podcast directories, where listeners searching for your podcasts’ niche can find you with ease. 

bCast Features (2)

All of this is done through just one click as bCast will upload your podcast to directories such as Google Podcasts and Amazon Music (also see, ‘How To Create A Google Podcast‘).

There are 12 big podcast directories in total but there is a downside: bCast won’t help you crack giants like Spotify or Apple Podcasts (also see, ‘Google Podcasts vs Apple Podcasts‘).

If you want to upload to those platforms, you will have to work on your own there. 

Despite this, bCast can definitely help others find your podcast on other platforms and you can always link them to your website. 

Build Your Own Custom Domain 

Speaking of websites, bCast also has your back covered there as it also allows you to publish your own bCast website through a custom domain of your own choice, which you could also connect to your custom email address. 

Having your own domain means that you can have full control over your brand and content, upload consistently to your own website and provide your listeners with a hub as a center for all information regarding you and your podcast.

As your podcasting venture grows and your growth analytics point up, you can then use this podcast website to generate organic traffic to direct to your own premium content on your personal website. 

Make Social Sharing Easier With Guest Notifications

Most podcasters try to use social engagement to boost their visibility and by inviting guest speakers to certain episodes or their next webinar.

The bCast dashboard offers a guest notifications feature that allows you to update your guest speakers whenever your episode featuring them is about to go live, alongside links to plenty of social media platforms where they can boost your podcasts’ visibility. 

This feature is a super handy one to have and it helps prevent any miscommunication or forgetfulness when it comes to sharing your podcast with others or any other podcast host.

Plus, there are tons of benefits to reap here – so try it out! 

Final Thoughts

As you can see, there are tons of useful features on offer through bCast which podcasters can take advantage of.

Check them out above to see if you can make the most of bCast and how its features can help make your podcast a success!

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