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Can You Make A Playlist On Apple Podcasts?

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Making A Playlist On Apple Podcasts App Iphone

It can be super frustrating if you listen to quite a few different podcasts on Apple, but you have no idea how to organize them all and you are all too techy.

You are in luck because it is a lot easier than you might think. Becoming organized with Apple can happen in just a few simple steps and it will help you know where all of your podcasts are easily. 

This guide will be outlining these simple steps to help you make playlists on Apple to help organize them into different genres of categories that make sense to you. Find out more about this here below! 

Creating A Playlist On An iPhone 

You can either make playlists on an iPhone or a desktop but they will both have slightly different ways to do it. For this section we will be making playlists on your iPhone.

To start this process you need to download your favorite podcasts to your phone so they are ready to start organizing. 

  1. You can now open your podcasts app and click on the library and they will all be there for you to listen to. However, they will probably all be in a random order and will be difficult to find each one if you download quite a few. 
  2. When making a playlist you need to select the first episode you would like to add to this playlist. To do this, there will be a ‘’details’’ button that you click on first. 
  3. You will then see the ‘’…’’ button which you need to click on which will show you a small menu. 
  4. When this menu shows, you will need to click on the ‘’play next’’ button to continue. 
  5. You can either click to play next or later which will start to form how your playlist is going to look depending on what you want to listen to first and what you would like to listen to later. 
  6. After this step you can click on something that isn’t in your playlist and it will give you a prompt if you want to continue with your playlist you have made. 

This is one easy way to make a playlist on an iPhone to make sure you are listening to what you want, when you want and have chosen the sequence they play in. 

What Are Podcast Stations?

Can You Make A Playlist On Apple Podcasts

If you are looking to organize your podcasts into a playlist you might have tried the up next feature, but you can also use podcast stations which are all about following the podcasts you like. It will show a collection of the podcasts you listen to and follow regularly.

The best thing about podcast stations is that you can add and remove as many podcasts as you want which will keep you nice and organized.

You can also make multiple stations where you are able to put together different topics and genres to separate them from everything else. 

You have a lot more control over your podcast stations in terms of instructing it to only play the most recently released podcast episodes or dictating the order of which they play in.

Another great feature is that you are able to use this on a variety of different devices including your iPhone, Mac or iPad. You are even able to use your Apple TV to use this tech. 

How Do You Create It?

They are pretty similar processes for setting this up on either a phone or a mac. Therefore, if you get the hang of it on one, you’ll understand it on all of them which is ideal! 

Step-By Step Guide

  1. First, you need to go onto your podcast app and open up your library. 
  2. You will find the edit button in the top right hand corner and then click ‘’new station’’.
  3. You can then click edit and change the name of the station to be specific to watch what you want inside of it and then click save. You can go back and change this at any point if you need to. 
  4. You now need to press ‘’choose podcasts’’ where you can start selecting the relevant podcasts for this station. 
  5. You can even edit the specific podcast setting to change anything you need to in the setting section. 
  6. Then you can exit and you have a wonderful new station you can add to. 

Steps For A Mac

  1. You need to open the podcast app to start again. 
  2. Then you need to click on the file up in the corner, then new station. 
  3. You can then click on the name and change it to what is relevant to your podcast list. 
  4. You can then start to choose your podcasts by clicking ‘’choose podcasts’’.
  5. Then you can click ok and save and it is all finished. 


Overall, making a playlist for your podcast is pretty simple when you have either an iPhone and Mac and you follow these simple steps.

Organizing your podcasts can become very helpful to you in terms of being able to listen to what you want easier and faster. 

Hopefully this guide will help you make some playlists for your podcasts and help you become more organized with how you categorize your pods.

It will also save you time looking for which one you would like to play and if you are in the car on the way to work, you can just pick a specific playlist you want instead of having to keep shuffling throughout all pods. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Organize My Apple Podcasts?

You are able to make a playlist for your podcasts, but it is not the same as making a playlist for your music because there are different episodes within each podcast.

Therefore, there are different ways you are able to create playlists either using your phone or Mac.

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