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What To Say At The Beginning Of A Podcast?

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What To Say At The Beginning Of A Podcast?

There are millions of different podcasts out there, so you need to make sure that each podcast episode hooks the listener instantly.

This doesn’t just mean you need great content but you also need podcast intros that convince your audience to listen for longer.

We take a look at all the things you need in your podcast intro to get your listeners hooked on your content.

Why Do You Need A Good Podcast Introduction?

‍Research on podcasts has shown that many podcast episodes lose their listeners in the first five minutes. The dropoff rate can be up to 35%.

That’s a third of your listeners just abandoning your podcast in the first minutes, and you can expect more to leave during the rest of the episode (also see, ‘How Do I Get More Listeners On My Podcast‘).

That’s why, it is important to hook listeners with a good introduction, such as with intro music, that makes them curious about hearing more.

A good intro, even pre recorded podcast intros, doesn’t just mean that your audience will listen to the introduction, but they will also tune in for longer for the rest of the episode.

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What To Say In A Podcast Intro?

man on podcast show

When you are brainstorming for ideas to include in your podcast, make sure to include a good episode teaser that will appeal to your target audience.

After you’ve come up with your own podcast idea, make sure to include the podcast name. Also, remember to introduce the host and any guests that might be joining the podcast.

You should also mention any disclaimers, sponsors, or call to actions in your podcast.

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It’s important to keep it as simple as possible. Check out the following podcast intro script as an example.

“Hey everyone, this is [host name] from [your company/podcast producer name]. You are listening to the [podcast name]. This show is all about [explain the purpose of this episode]. 

This is just a basic transcript and you can add your guest introduction, a CTA, or any disclaimers.

‍Key Elements Of A Great Podcast Intro

What To Say At The Beginning Of A Podcast?

The good news with so much competition in the podcast market is that you can find out what works and what doesn’t. 

Here are some of the essential elements that make a good podcast intro great.

Prepare Your Intro

Unless you are an experienced podcast host, it’s a good idea to write your podcast intro script before recording.

You can then ensure that you include all the important information in your episode’s content in a short and concise way.

You can practice reading it aloud before the podcast recording starts, so you know exactly what to say (also see, ‘How To Practice Podcasting‘). This is especially useful for podcaster beginners.

Include Essential Information

You should always include the most important information in your podcast intro, such as your name, the podcast title, the episode title, and the topic (also see, ‘Best Podcast Names‘).

You should always mention any guests that might be joining your podcast.

This allows your loyal audience and new listeners to know exactly what you are going to talk about.

It also means listeners won’t need to look at their screens to read the podcast information which could be potentially distracting from your podcast.

What To Say At The Beginning Of A Podcast?

Create A Unique Intro For Each Episode

Nobody wants to listen to the same thing over and over again, especially not your subscribed listeners.

Add a little bit of variety and mix up your intro. You can use the same information but just use slightly different ways and a different intonation.

Be Concise

When it comes to podcasts, every second counts as you need to make sure that your listeners are interested in what you are going to talk about.

This means you need to bring across information in a concise way. If your intro is too long and rambling, you might risk your listeners getting bored and turning off your podcast.

It’s a good idea to keep your podcast intro between 30 seconds and 1 minute.

Start With A Question

The best way to catch your audience’s attention is by posing a question (also see, ‘Top Podcast Questions‘). 

This can be an interesting way to start your podcast as you can then lead on to answering the question throughout the episode.

The question could be related to a problem, an interview quote, or statistics you are going to discuss in this episode.

Include A Disclaimer

If your podcast uses explicit language or it discusses a disturbing, triggering, or sensitive topic, then you need to include a disclaimer at the beginning.

You don’t want your listeners to feel uncomfortable while listening to your podcast, so with a disclaimer, you allow your listeners to prepare for any potential trigger points.

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Mention A Call To Action Or Website

Your podcast intro should include all the vital information a listener needs to know about you and why your episode is worth listening to.

The introduction is also a great opportunity to get your audience to check out your website. You can also direct them to subscribe to your newsletter or any other call to action.

Choose The Right Music

person recording music

Music is always a great way to grab your listeners’ attention. Ideally, you want to have a short bit of music at the beginning.

The music piece shouldn’t be too long as listeners want to get straight to the podcast. 

If you choose your music wisely, then a listener will be able to identify your podcast with the opening jingle.

Any free music archive is a great starting point as it allows you to search for royalty-free music and sound effects (also see, ‘How To Use Copyrighted Music In Podcast‘).

Once you have selected the perfect jingle, make sure that it is saved in your preferred audio format so that it can be used easily in your podcast software.

Finally, ensure that the length of the jingle fits within the allotted time slot of your podcast. This is essential, as an overly long jingle can be distracting and take away from the content of your podcast.

With these tips in mind, you should now have all the knowledge necessary to create a memorable opening jingle for your podcast.

Create A Tagline

A tagline is essentially the summary of your podcast. It should match your brand and brand identity.

A tagline helps listeners instantly see what your podcast is all about.

Set The Tone Of Your Podcast

It’s not important what you say in your podcast intro but also how you say it. Your podcast should have a certain tone of voice that reflects your podcast topic.

If your podcast is more fun and light-hearted, then you should integrate this into the intro and the podcast intro music. However, if your podcast is moody and dark, then make sure that your intro reflects this.

Final Thoughts

Your podcast or even podcast outro intro doesn’t have to be long. Just briefly introduce yourself, your guests, the podcast, and the episode. 

It’s also a good idea to add a little bit of music with your podcast intro to make it more interesting.

You don’t have to be a professional sound engineer to have the best podcast intros. Just follow the tips here, ask friends and family for help, and practice.

With some dedication and patience, music and sound effects, you can create something that will leave your old and new listeners wanting more! Good luck!

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