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How To Start A Podcast Introduction

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How To Start A Podcast Introduction

In the same way that the first page in a book will either grab or lose your attention, you need to ensure that your podcast has an interesting intro. This can either gain you more listeners – or make them pass you by and subscribe to one of the other millions of podcasts that are out there.

Why is a podcast intro so important? Research has found that podcasts generally lose around 20 to 35 percent of their listeners within the first five minutes of an episode. 

That’s harrowing stuff that you want to avoid. Read on to find out how to start a podcast introduction that attracts your listeners and keeps them coming back for more. 

How To Start A Podcast Introduction In The Right Way

How To Start A Podcast Introduction In The Right Way

A good podcast intro should have some important information for listeners. It should tell them what you’re about and what they can expect from your podcast. In this way, it’s like meeting someone for the first time. You want to make a good impression!

With this in mind, here’s a rundown of information you should always include in your podcast intro

  • The name of your podcast. This is essential so your listeners know what they’re tuning into, and it will make them more likely to remember it. 
  • The title of your podcast episode. You should have an interesting, catchy title and mention it. 
  • Your name. Remember to tell listeners who you are! You could also mention credentials if they pertain to the podcast material. For example, it’s a good idea to mention that you’re an award-winning entrepreneur if you’re talking about how to set up a successful business. 

The above information will keep your listeners informed about your podcast and what it’s all about. Otherwise, they’ll just feel lost and unsure about what you have to offer.

People are busy, so they don’t want to waste precious minutes waiting around to figure out what your podcast is about. 

Tips For Hooking Listeners With Your Podcast Introduction 

Tips For Hooking Listeners With Your Podcast Introduction 

Now that we’ve got the basics out of the way, let’s include some tips on how to make your podcast intro gripping.

  • Include a teaser. A way to make your podcast introduction a bit more engaging is to include a teaser of your content from later on in the show. This could be a clip of audio that shows your listeners you’re going to be entertaining them so they should stay tuned in. An example of this can be heard on the Busy Philipps podcast entitled “Busy Philipps Is Doing Her Best”. The funny snippet that’s provided in the intro works effectively to make you want to hear the episode in its entirety. 
  • Introduce your guests. If you have a guest on the podcast, you should share that information with your listeners. Mention who the guest is for people who might not know and their experience of the topic you’re going to be talking about. This will add authority to your podcast. 
  • Choose appropriate music. If you have catchy music in your podcast in the form of a theme song, this can help to make your podcast more memorable and it also boosts the mood of your listeners. But, make sure that you tailor the type of music to your podcast style and theme. Some podcasts with excellent music include the following:
  1. Spooked. This is a podcast that features true-life supernatural stories told by people who experienced the events. Its intro includes music that sounds professional and atmospheric. This, combined with the narrator’s deep, soulful voice, works well to make you want to settle in and listen to scary ghost stories. 
  2. The Nikki Glaser Podcast. This is comedian Nikki Glasers’s entertaining podcast in which she and team members talk about a variety of topics. Since the podcast is usually funny, the music in the intro suits it well. The tune is also very catchy, which is important because you want to make your listeners remember your intro. 
  • Be careful not to block your words with music. If you’re using music in the intro that plays in the background while you talk to your listeners, make sure that it doesn’t get in the way of what you’re saying. 
  • Let your listeners know how they can subscribe. It’s useful to mention how your listeners can subscribe to your show right away as this can help you to increase your audience. 
  • Match the intro to your podcast. Your intro should set the tone for your entire podcast. This means that the words you say, your tone of voice, and the music in your intro should match the overall feel of your podcast. If you’re going to be speaking about serious topics, your intro should match that tone. By comparison, if you’re going to be talking about light, fun topics then you shouldn’t sound serious or somber in your intro. This will be strange for your listeners and might give them the wrong idea of what your podcast episodes are going to be about. 
  • Consider starting with a question. If you’re feeling stuck about how to start, a smart way to hook your listeners is to open your intro with a question. 
  • Think about mixing it up every episode. You don’t have to use the same exact intro for every podcast episode. In fact, doing things a bit differently with different episodes can be a great way to keep your podcast interesting and continue hooking listeners.

Examples Of Good Podcast Introductions 

Examples Of Good Podcast Introductions 

It can be helpful to read examples of some good podcast introductions that are concise, clear, interesting, and hook listeners. Here are some to read through that will give you a better idea of how to write your own podcast introduction. 

  • Example 1 (approx. 10-20 seconds): What’s up, everyone? Welcome to another edition of [insert podcast name]. Here we talk about topics related to [insert topic names] and we have a cool surprise for listeners so stay tuned ‘til the very end of our episode.
  • Example 2: (approx. 10-30 seconds): Hi everyone, my name is [insert your name]. Today, on the show [insert podcast name], I’ll be chatting to [insert guest name] who owns a company that educates people on how to build their websites and make money from them. Stay tuned because we’re going to have a great chat to help you achieve greater wealth!
  • Example 3: (approx. 5-10 seconds): You’re listening to the [title of your podcast], the show that always brings you [insert a tagline] with me, your host [insert your name]. 

Can You Use A “Cold Open” Intro? 

Can You Use A “Cold Open” Intro? 

A cold open introduction is when the podcast episode doesn’t introduce you as the host or what the episode is going to be about. Instead, you jump straight into the story or interview.

For example, you start telling an interesting story or your guest describes something fascinating. This approach can be a clever hook to encourage listeners to tune in so that they stick around for the full episode.

Although it can work well, however, you need to avoid using a cold open introduction just because it’s a popular trend in podcast creation. Think about the type of format you want for your podcast and what content you’re going to be talking about. 

A smart move is to experiment with a cold open intro and see if it works. Let your loved ones listen to the intro and give you their honest opinion about if it hooks them or puts them off. 

Related Questions 

How long should your podcast intro be?

How long should your podcast intro be?

The length of your podcast intro will vary. If your podcast has a solid base of listeners, you can do longer intros.

But if you’re still establishing your audience, you might do better with a snappier intro. Generally, though, don’t let your podcast intro be longer than a few minutes.

Where can you get free music for your podcast?

There are many free sources that you can search through to find music that’s suitable for your podcast. These include The Free Music Archive, YouTube Audio Library, and Pixabay. 


While you’re busy producing great material for your podcast, don’t neglect the intro! This can attract or repel your listeners, so make sure that you’re doing the former and increasing your fan base.

In this article, we’ve given you important information you should know about how to write your podcast introduction and what effects you should add to it to boost its quality.  


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