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On Stage DS7200B Review – Adjustable Desktop Microphone Stand

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On Stage DS7200B Mic Stand

More and more of us are making video and audio content at home now.

Whether it’s recording videos to upload, hosting video sessions and calls, doing online tutoring, streaming, or anything else – they all require having a good setup. 

Half of that set up the video side of things, with a good webcam that can record high quality footage. The other half, though, is the audio.

If you don’t have good audio, then people aren’t going to be able to engage with your content properly. For this reason, it’s essential that you invest in a good quality microphone. 

With that being said, a microphone will need a high quality stand to hold it.

With loads of different makes and models available on the market, you might think that finding the right one is going to be easy.

However, not every microphone stand is going to suit you and your microphone, so it’s important to find one that does.

The On Stage DS7200B is a popular and affordable podcast mic stand, but is it going to be the right fit for your needs?

We’ve got the answers for you! In our detailed review below, we’re going to break down the key features and specifications of the On Stage DS7200B, as well as look at the benefits and potential disadvantages of having one. Read on!

On Stage DS7200B – Overview

The DS7200B comes from On Stage, a company that has excelled at bringing you the finest microphone stands for over thirty years – as well as musical instrument stands, too.

They’re a company that focuses entirely around professional audio equipment, with all kinds of products relating to the audio industry. 

Wired Clip is a reader-supported site. Purchases made through links may earn a commission, at no additional cost to you.

As a result, you can expect the On Stage DS7200B to be a product that’s both high quality and very reliable. 

In short, it’s a desktop mic stand, but it also works for short height miking too. It has a solid base, which is sand-cast and has non-slip rubber feet attached to it.

This is very handy, because they provide the mic stand with extra levels of stability, which is essential when you’re recording.

After all, you don’t want the stand to fall over, ruining your recording and potentially damaging your expensive microphone. 

As for the shaft, it has a die-cast steel clutch, and its height can be adjusted between 9 inches and 13 inches.

This is a decent range, allowing some flexibility for the users to get their microphone positioned at exactly the height they want it.

What Does The On Stage DS7200B Offer?

The On Stage DS7200B has a variety of features that help to make it a strong and successful microphone stand, 


The On Stage DS7200B weighs 1 kilogram, which is a solid weight for a desktop stand. Though it may seem a little heavy, especially if you’re trying to move it around a lot for different recording scenarios, the relative heaviness is actually a benefit. 

This is because it helps to keep it more stable, since the stand is unlikely to fall over with such a weighted base.

On top of that, it reduces the chance of you accidentally knocking the stand over yourself, because it should be quite resistant to pushes. 

Compared to tripod desktop mic stands of a similar size, this singular 1kg base is a lot better at keeping the stand strong and stable.

With the tripod ones, it’s easier to knock their legs over, whereas this has a single solid block of base keeping it held down. 

On Stage DS7200B

Non-Slip Base

Speaking of a stable base, there are extra features to make sure that the base of your On Stage DS7200B is unlikely to fall over.

The base has non-slip rubber feet added to it, which look like little balls evenly placed around the underside of the base.

These help to keep the base from moving, because they stick a little to your desk, making it difficult for it to shift.

There are five of the non-slip rubber feet, which is a good amount to provide just enough stability. Too few, and the base would still be able to slip. 

Adjustable Shaft

Handily, the On Stage DS7200B also has a shaft which lets you adjust its height. This is an incredibly useful feature, because it allows you to adjust the stand to whatever your scenario is. 

For example, if you’re recording on a lower desk than normal, you’ll need the mic to reach up higher towards you. This can be done with the adjustable shaft.

Similarly, if you’re quite a tall person, then you’ll need your mic to be higher than most, but if a short person needs to hop on your mic, then the adjustable shaft will have them covered too.

The height adjustment goes from a minimum of 9 inches to a maximum of 13 inches, which should give most people enough room to adjust the mic to their perfect level.

Keep in mind that this is a desktop mic stand, so obviously that height range is not going to reach somebody’s mouth when being placed on the floor. 

Affordable Price

The On Stage DS7200B often sells at a very reasonable and affordable price, which also sets it far above other desktop mic stands.

While other makes and models might cost more, they won’t always give the sturdiness and build quality that this does, which makes its affordable price even more impressive. 

Some customers have found it a lot better than having a desktop boom mic stand, because those can take up a lot more space, yet will cost more than the DS7200B.

On Stage DS7200B – Any Disadvantages?

Arguably, there are few disadvantages. The heaviness of the 1kg stand can be a little annoying and tiring if you’re having to move it around often, but it’s so beneficial when it comes to keeping the stand nicely sturdy that it’s okay with us.

Final Thoughts

The On Stage DS7200B is a strong, sturdy, and affordable desktop mic stand from the reliable On Stage brand.

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