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Pat Flynn Podcast Course: Power-Up Podcasting

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Pat Flynn Podcast Course

In 2008, Pat Flyn got laid off from his job as a marketing manager at a large software firm.

He had just bought a house and he knew he needed to start thinking about ways to make extra money. So he did what most people do: he looked up how to generate passive income online.

He found a few books and read them cover to cover. Then he went to work writing his own book and the Patt Flynn Podcast Player now named fusebox. After four months of hard work, he published his first book called Smart Passive Income.

Since then, he’s written over 20 books and launched several successful products.

His latest venture is, where he teaches readers how to build six different types of passive income streams into their lives. So, what will you learn from a Pat Flyn course?

The course can help you grow your audience and make money doing it.

You’ll learn how to start your own blog, attract visitors, convert them to customers, and sell products.

It will teach you everything you need to know about building a successful online presence.

The goal of the course is to help you become the best version of yourself. It does this by providing actionable tips and strategies to help you succeed.

The courses are taught by all sorts of people such as digital marketers, coaches, writers, podcasters, and entrepreneurs – who’ve been making a living online since long before it was popular.

They’ve tested, analyzed, and optimized every possible channel to reach an audience, earn revenue, and grow a profitable side hustle. And they want to teach others how to do the same thing.

You don’t need to spend thousands of dollars and months learning everything there is to know about marketing. Let us show you how Pat Flyn uses his course to help individuals succeed. 

Power Up Podcasting Course Summary

Power-Up Podcasting is a step-by-step course by podcasting expert Pat Flynn that teaches aspiring podcasters how to create and launch a successful podcast that grows their online brand. The course covers a wide range of topics, including planning, recording, branding, marketing, audience building, and monetization strategies. With high-quality videos, examples, and lifetime access to course content, students can work at their own pace and get ongoing help from Pat and the SPI community.

Power Up Podcasting Course Pricing

Power-Up Podcasting is a one-time purchase course for $499 that includes lifetime access to the course curriculum, weekly office hours with Pat Flynn, peer-to-peer messaging, and a dedicated course space in the SPI Academy. It is best for those who want long-term access to course content and prefer a DIY approach.

The All-Access Pass costs $179/quarter or $599/year and includes access to the curriculum of SPI’s entire catalog while holding the pass, weekly office hours with Pat Flynn, peer-to-peer messaging, monthly workshops on highly requested content, 4-8 week-long cohort-based accelerators, pathways featuring recommended curriculum paths, accountability partner matching, supplemental documentation, tutorials, checklists, and guidance, member-only channels and community forums, access to SPI Academy member directory, programming focused on the early days of online brand and business, and a monthly AMA with SPI experts. It is best for those who want to level up their skillset through multiple learning options.

Pat Flyns Podcasting Course

Success Stories 

Pat Flyn’s podcast course features success stories for motivation. Benjamin Yeh is a successful entrepreneur, speaker, author, coach and consultant.

He helps people tap into their intuition to achieve success in life and work.

In his book, “The Wisdom of Intuition,” he shares how we are born with a natural ability to intuitively connect with others, understand complex situations, and solve problems.

As someone who has been able to use his skills to help many different kinds of businesses grow and succeed, he’s now sharing what he knows with you.

Motivational Videos

The world of online video is changing every day, and it’s hard to keep up with what’s hot and what’s not. Pat Flyn’s  podcast episodes show how you can use YouTube to grow your brand, increase traffic to your site, and build a loyal audience.

From interviewing successful YouTubers like Casey Neistat and Felix Kjellberg, to learning tips from industry experts like Neil Patel, the episodes are likely to inspire you to take action today.

1. How To Create A Brand On YouTube

In this episode, host Mark Robertello talks with Jason Silva, founder of the popular blog “Razor Sharp Business.”

They discuss why you should start a YouTube channel, and how to make sure your videos are optimized for success.

2. How To Grow Your Audience With Video Content

In this episode, hosts Anthony Agnello and Dave Asprey interview Dan Zarrella, author of “Get More Views,” about his book and its advice on growing your audience.

They talk about how to use video to connect with people, and how to avoid common mistakes.

Pat Flyn Podcast Course (1)

3. How To Use Social Media For Better Customer Service

Hosts Matt Mullenweg and Chris Brogan sit down with customer support expert and social media manager Danielle Morrill to talk about her approach to helping customers solve problems via Twitter.

She shares her best practices for creating a positive experience, and gives pointers on how to handle negative comments.

It’s easy to be slightly skeptical about Pat Flynn’s approach to marketing. His tactics seemed like he was giving away something for nothing.

But it turns out there is actually a direct correlation between the amount of visitors to your site and how much money you make.

So what does it mean? Well, let’s start with the basics. If you want to grow traffic to your site, you need to attract visitors.

And one way to do that is to offer great value. You don’t just give away information without expecting anything in return.

So why are we talking about this now? Because Pat Flynn recently shared some insights into how he uses ‘free’ to generate leads and increase conversions.

In his post titled “Results”, Pat shares three different examples where he used his free resources to generate more leads and ultimately increased revenue.

The first example involves an article he wrote called “How To Make Money With Your Blog”. In this case, Pat gave away an ebook for free.

The ebook contained everything he knew about blogging including step by step instructions on how to set up a blog, write posts, promote your blog, etc.

He even included a link to his main squeeze page where readers could sign up to receive the rest of the content.

As a result of sharing this free resource, Pat received over 10,000 emails within 24 hours. Among those emails were tons of people asking him questions about how to build a successful blog.

They wanted to know things like “how long did it take you to get thousands of followers?”, “what type of hosting do you recommend?” and “do you really earn $100 per day from adsense?”

Pat didn’t answer every question. Instead, he sent each person a personalized email explaining exactly how he built his blog.

He told them about the steps he took to make sure it worked and how he grew his audience.

By answering specific questions and providing actionable advice, he was able to turn these prospects into paying customers.

This is another example of how Pat  generates leads. He offers ebooks, webinars, videos and other free resources.

One thing he doesn’t do is sell products. He knows that people won’t buy unless they feel like they are getting something of value.

In Summary 

Taking a Pat Flyn podcast course can be very useful and they are full of tips to make your business a success. 

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