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How Much Does A Mic Stand Weigh?

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How Much Does A Microphone Stand Weigh

Microphone stands are used to position and hold a microphone without somebody having to hold it. These are ideal for anyone that cannot use their hands, like musicians playing instruments at the same time, or radio broadcasters that need to focus on other tasks. 

Microphone stands will all weigh differently, depending on the type of stand you have. These can range from larger overhead stands weighing over 40 lbs, or smaller, desk mic stands that are just 2 lbs. On average, mic stands weigh between 5-7lbs

We’ll cover more about microphone stands and their weight in this post, including the materials mic stands are made from, and why some stands are heavier than others. 

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Microphone Stands: The Basics

Microphone stands have developed and updated since their beginnings, the same way as any other product. 

Mic stands are now available in several styles and sizes, with some specifically made with materials that make them lightweight or heavier.

Microphone stands are needed for various reasons. The music industry relies heavily on microphones, as well as signers who often use a custom mic stand to fit a stage theme, radio, film industry, and Youtube. 

Their main job is to hold a microphone, but the design and weight of these stands may occasionally put you at a disadvantage, depending on the reason you need a microphone. 

Different Microphone Stand Types

There are a lot more types of microphone stands than you might think! When most people think of a mic stand, they usually visualize the type of stand that singers use on stage. 

This is one type of stand, but there are six types of stands that all hold microphones in various scenarios. 

These different stands are all necessary as there may be instances where you will need to use a microphone in a location where a typical tripod stand isn’t suitable. 

Here are the different types of microphone stands you may come across, along with their approximate weight. 

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Tripod Stand Weight

A tripod stand is the most common type of microphone stand that is suitable for everyday use. 

It has a base with three parts that can extend and fold, making the tripod base. The neck of the mic stand, known as the pole, can also extend upwards and reduce downwards. 

Tripod stands weigh around 5.35 lbs. 

Tripod Boom Stand Weight

A tripod boom stand is designed in the same way as a typical tripod stand, as they both have a retractable neck and foldable base components.

The difference is that tripod boom stands have a longer reach. They are used in scenarios where microphone stands cannot be used, so they have to reach the location where the mic is required while being positioned a larger distance from the area. 

Tripod boom stands weigh around 7lbs.

How Much Does A Mic Stand Weigh

Round Base Stand Weight

A round base stand has a rounder base which is heavier and more solid compared to tripod stands. 

Round base stands are used on stage as they don’t take up a lot of room and are hard to knock over. 

Round base stands weigh around 14lbs.

Low Profile Stand Weight

Low-profile stands are smaller versions of tripod stands, except they aren’t built with folding parts at the base. They are generally made out of one solid part. 

Low-profile stands are often used for kick drums and guitar amplifiers. They weigh around 6.2lbs. 

Desktop Stand Weight

Desktop table mic stands are the smaller version of round base stands, though they look a lot like low-profile stands. 

Desktop stands are used on top of desk tables as they are compact, don’t contribute to clutter, and don’t need as much room compared to other mic stands. 

These mic stands are generally used for streaming, broadcasting, and podcasting. Desktop stands weigh around 2 lbs. 

Overhead Stand Weight

An overhead stand is the biggest type of mic stand. 

These are used in unorthodox scenarios when excessive angles and heights are needed. They are also the most expensive type of stand to buy. 

Overhead stands are normally used on movie sets and for drum overhead microphones. They weigh around 39 lbs. 

What Microphone Stands Are Made From

Mic stands are composed of different types of metal, mostly steel. They also have powder-coated tubing with thick walls. 

Gooseneck stands are made with robust steel, along with iron wiring coils. 

Are Microphone Stands Universal?

The base of a tripod mic stand is often made with thick wall piping, while the base of overhead and round base stands are made from various composite substances. These include iron, plastic, weighty ceramic, and steel. 

How Does A Microphone Stand’s Material Affect Its Weight?

A mic stand’s materials will affect how much or how little it weighs. For instance, steel is a lot heavier compared to plastic, along with ceramic and iron. 

Despite this, modern microphone stands are often made with hollow metal piping, which helps to cut down on their weight.

This is to the extent that a microphone stand can weigh just as little as one made with plastic. 

Are Heavy Microphone Stands More Expensive?

Microphone stands that weigh more will have been made or built with heavy, or extra materials. 

It costs more to purchase more or heavier materials. This also affects the quality of the stand, as heavier tools tend to be stronger and more durable than lighter ones.

Plastic microphone stands usually cost less as they are lightweight, but aren’t as strong as ones made from steel or heavy ceramic. 

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The Bottom Line

Now you know more about the different types of microphone stands and their weights. 

Microphone stands are available in various designs that cater to various scenarios. Each one will weigh differently depending on the one you choose. 

The microphone stands that weigh a lot are called overhead stands, as they are used to position microphones at unusual angles and heights. 

Other than overhead stands, mic stands tend to be on the lighter side. These can weigh as much as 14lbs for a tripod boom stand, or as little as 2lbs for use on top of a desk. 

No matter what your circumstances are, there will be a type of microphone stand that suits your needs from all of the variations above.

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