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How to Hide a Podcast on Spotify Homepage

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Hide a Podcast on Spotify Homepage

Are you sick of getting podcast notifications, emails, and alerts and seeing them all over the front page? We love podcasts, but we understand that having a medium forced on you is aggravating—it should be something you seek out, not something that’s forced on you.

Spotify has been investing in podcasts since 2018 and won’t stop pushing them, so what can you do about it?

There’s a workaround for those who prefer their Spotify experience to be more about music than talk. We’re diving into how to hide a podcast on Spotify effectively.

Fair warning: it might not be as straightforward as you’d hope, but the peace it brings to your music streaming could be well worth the effort.

Key Takeaways

  • 🎵🎙️ Spotify’s push for podcasts can overwhelm users who prefer a music-centric experience.
  • 🛠️🔍 There are ways to manage and minimize podcast visibility on Spotify, although they may not be straightforward.
  • 👤🎶 User control over content is essential for a personalized Spotify experience, especially for those focusing on music.

Why Hide a Podcast on Spotify?

why hide a podcast on spotify

Because we didn’t ask for podcasts to be on Spotify. It began as a music streaming service, and years later, it became a place also to host podcasts. We don’t have a problem with it being a hybrid audio service.

We have a problem with it being injected without the option of opting out. You would want to hide a podcast so that you could specifically listen to music, and see music suggestions to discover new artists and genres.

Podcasts interfered with the initial Spotify experience, which made Spotify one of the biggest streaming platforms for music.

Process of Hiding a Podcast on Spotify

process of hiding a podcast on spotify

Spotify is selling its podcasts by forcing users to see at least the recommendations, which normally have nothing to do with the user experience. We don’t like that.

Apparently, neither do the developers behind a tool that’s specifically made to remove podcast recommendations. As far as we can tell, it’s desktop use only, but it works a treat.

Spicetify is an extension that helps hide podcasts and suggestions from your Spotify experience.

Many users have no problem with Spotify, including podcasts. However, being unable to opt-out and not seeing those results (especially when you’re just looking for music) is particularly annoying.

podcasting from home Best Music Podcasts

It seems that Spotify has foregone the entire user experience when it invested in podcasts, especially since this issue has persisted for years with no communication from Spotify staff about a solution or even acknowledgment of it being a problem.

Now, let’s talk about Spicetify, what it does, and how to install it to hide those podcast suggestions. Spicetify does the following:

  • Hide Podcast Carousels: The carousel images/covers for podcasts on the homepage are completely hidden.
  • Library Alteration: The tab for podcasts on your library option is completely hidden.
  • No More Episodes: There’s a section called “Your Episodes” that Spicetify hides completely.
  • Alters Search: Podcasts will be hidden from search through the search page, and podcast suggestions will also be removed from the search bar.

The great thing is that Spicetify is available for macOS users, Windows users, and even Linux. We don’t know what does if that doesn’t show a vehement dislike of the podcast carousel system.

This is something you need to install for it to work properly. It runs off of Padster, so basically you have a Github page and download for Padster right here, and then Spicetify that allows you to interact with and change the Padster framework.

Hide Podcast CarouselsRemoves the podcast images/covers from the homepage, decluttering the view for music enthusiasts.
Library CustomizationHides the podcast tab in the library, focusing the content on music.
Episode Visibility“Your Episodes” section is completely hidden, minimizing podcast interruptions.
Search FunctionalityPodcasts and related suggestions are excluded from search results, enhancing music discovery.
Platform CompatibilityAvailable for macOS, Windows, and Linux, showing the broad appeal and utility of Spicetify.
Legal ConsiderationsUnlike other modifications, Spicetify is less likely to face legal issues due to its nature of customization rather than content alteration.

The installation guidelines provided on theRealPadster’s GitHub page detail the correct setup process for the “spicetify hide podcasts” extension.

It’s important to note that these instructions might vary with different versions. As of the latest update, version 3.0.0 was released on January 17th.

We would list instructions here, but since they’ll be able to update their installation instructions as time passes, we thought it better to link them here.

Is Padster going to become illegal, though? That’s the question everyone is asking. A similar, popular solution arose when YouTube removed the ability to see dislikes on a video.

➡️ Podcast Vs YouTube – Which is Best

➡️ How To Check My Podcast Stats On Spotify

This caused a company named YouTube Vanced to modify the site so that you can still see the dislike button. Unfortunately, although the details are shrouded in mystery, they had to shut down operations following a legal issue.

This tidbit of information is important because it could be how Spotify approaches the whole situation. They’ve invested a ton of money in podcasts, and it doesn’t look like they will turn down the intensity anytime soon.

For now, Spicetify is our best solution. Hopefully, it will not be shut down at any point soon. Since it’s not allowing access to paid content or anything from Spotify Premium, we don’t anticipate that they’ll run into any legal issues, though, so that we can rejoice in the meantime.

How to Undo a Hidden Podcast

how to undo a hidden podcast spotify

Now, if you can hide a podcast (which can happen sometimes, although you can’t hide the entire section on your home screen), you can undo it. It’s easy enough, but Spotify has been known to bury this option on certain devices and platforms.

Go into your library tab and find the podcast in question by scrolling down the page to find “Hidden Content.” If you’re able to hide them, this is where your hidden podcasts will be.

Again, it’s rare to be able to hide a podcast, and it’s usually a bug because Spotify is pushing podcasts on its site and apps. In the past, it’s mostly Android users who have been able to hide podcasts.

podcasting from home Must-Watch Video Podcasts on Spotify

Pros and Cons


  • 👍✅ Reduces podcast clutter
  • 👍✅ Enhances Spotify’s usability
  • 👍✅ Offers a personalized Spotify interface
  • 👍✅ Can lead to a more enjoyable Spotify experience
  • 👍✅ Helps users who feel overwhelmed by the abundance of podcast content


  • 👎❌ May limit exposure to potentially interesting new podcasts
  • 👎❌ Could involve navigating through multiple settings
  • 👎❌ Adjustments might not be entirely foolproof

Frequently Asked Questions

How to block a podcast on Spotify? Is it the same as hiding it?

Yes, blocking or hiding a podcast on Spotify essentially means removing it from your main feed, but it doesn’t delete the podcast from the platform.

What steps should I follow to hide podcasts on Spotify?

To hide podcasts on spotify, you can adjust your preferences in the app’s settings, which can help reduce their visibility in your feed.

Can I use the “Spotify hide podcasts” feature to clean up my home screen?

Yes, using Spotify’s hide feature can help declutter your home screen, focusing more on your music content.

How can I remove a podcast from Spotify’s home page without unsubscribing?

You can customize your home page preferences in the settings to minimize or remove podcast visibility without affecting your subscriptions.

After using “how to block a podcast on Spotify,” can I still find it if I change my mind?

Absolutely, even after blocking or hiding, you can still search for and access the podcast directly if you decide to revisit it.

Creating Your Own Corner of Spotify

Thanks to Spicetify, we can hide podcasts again. However, mobile applications are essentially stuck without the option, which is a bit of an annoyance.

Spotify used to be about music, and while we love podcasts on this site, it’s important to have access to the medium you want now. We support Spicetify and allow users to choose what’s displayed on their homepage.


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