Best Joe Rogan Podcasts

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Best Joe Rogan Podcast Episodes

From its humble beginnings in a cramped studio featuring the main host Joe Rogan and any friends who would join the half hour long podcast back in 2009, the Joe Rogan Podcast since then has exploded into a podcasting phenomena with everyone and anyone having listened to an episode, even if they are not a huge podcast fan.

With over 1000 episodes to choose from and such a wide variety of guests from very different walks of life, it can be easy to stumble upon an episode that may not spark our interest as much as we had hoped.

There are however a few episodes with very intriguing guests that many fans agree are some of the best in the catalog featuring free flowing conversations that you just need to listen through until the very end.

Here are some of the very best Joe Rogan Podcast episodes featuring a few very exciting guests who you need to check out.#

#1 Episode 1315: Bob Lazar & Jeremy Corbell 

Joe Rogan is no stranger about discussing the supernatural and the unknown with his guests, with aliens being a topic which is often brought up.

If you have an interest in extraterrestrials, if they have ever visited Earth and how many realistic UFO sightings have been uncovered, this is an extremely fascinating episode.

Bob Lazar was an engineer at site S-4 near the Area 51 base in the Nevada Desert. Since he ‘escaped’ from the position several years ago, he has been very open about his experience with what he claims is extraterrestrial technology and is an avid believer of UFO sightings.

Paired with the charismatic Jeremy Corbell who produced a documentary on Lazar’s experience, this episode is bursting with information on the questions on extraterrestrials that we have been asking ourselves for years. 

Best Joe Rogan Podcasts

#2 Episode 1609: Elon Musk 

It is very rare to see an interview with Elon Musk where the interviewer is not trying to take a particular angle or cornering the head of Tesla to say something that could make for a catchy headline.

This is ignoring the genius of Elon and his fascinating ideas which have allowed our world to progress immensely. 

As a guest on the Joe Rogan Podcast, he gets a long amount of time to clearly let out his thoughts about Tesla, AI, aliens, if we are really in a simulation and much more to make for a thrilling 3 and a half hour podcast. 

#3 Episode 1713: Mike Baker 

Mike Baker is a former CIA covert operations officer, and you can tell the moment he starts talking. In this episode, Mike Baker informs Joe and the audience on everything you could want to know in terms of foreign policy, geopolitics and the current state of the world.

Going in depth on topics such as the rapid expansion and development of China as well as inside information on the CIA and how they operate in terms of gaining and extracting information, this is a perfect episode to widen your knowledge on the current state of different areas of the world in this informative and intriguing conversation.

Best Joe Rogan Podcasts (1)

#4 Episode 1554: Kanye West

It’s rare we see Kanye speak as much as he does in this incredible Joe Rogan episode.

From talking about his personal spiritual journey with religion, to the influences for his albums and his unique fashion sense that just keeps getting wilder, this episode is perfect for the music fans who want to get a deeper, more personal look at one of the most popular music artists in the world.

#5 Episode 938: Lawrence Krauss

Theoretical physicist and cosmologist Lawrence Krauss is an incredibly smart intellectual who can often be found debating with religious advocates on the public stage.

In this episode, Krauss gets time to truly express his scientific knowledge by discussing some fascinating topics such as the inner workings of black holes, the real speed of light and discussions about if God can really fit into a world surrounded by scientific thought.

This episode is not only bursting with fascinating topics for science fans, but because of the natural back and forth between Joe and his guest the conversation is incredibly free flowing and can be easily listened to and understood by anyone who wants to expand their scientific knowledge.


While all episodes of the Joe Rogan Podcast are interesting in their own way, with the biggest variety of guests for listeners to choose from, for conversations that you can be sure remain consistent throughout and that are full of intriguing discussions on an array of topics from music to science, all the way to aliens and conspiracy theories, these are some of the best episodes that have been released so far. 

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