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Top 10 Must-Watch Video Podcasts on Spotify

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which podcasts have video on spotify

Dive straight into the heart of Spotify’s video podcasts, a vibrant fusion of sight and sound that’s reshaping the podcasting landscape.

This guide is your key to unlocking the finest selections Spotify offers, tailored for casual listeners and dedicated fans. We’ve curated a list that transcends the ordinary, ensuring you engage with entertaining and enlightening content.

Whether you’re here to explore new horizons or find your next obsession, this guide promises to elevate your podcast experience beyond the audio realm, making every moment count.

Key Takeaways

PodcastShort Descriptive Title
The Joe Rogan Experience🎙️ Controversial Conversations
The H3 Podcast😂 Comedy Meets Commentary
The Misfits Podcast🎮 Gaming and Gags
The Fantasy Footballers🏈 Fantasy Sports Insights
Rooster Teeth🕹️ Pop Culture and Gaming
Higher Learning📚 Culture & Politics Deep Dive
Bill Simmons Book of Basketball 2.0🏀 In-Depth Basketball Analysis
The Morning Toast☕ Celebrity Gossip and News
Nas Talks🌍 Global Adventures & Insights
True Crime Obsessed🔍 True Crime with a Twist of Humor

Here Are The Best Video Podcasts on Spotify 2024

top video podcasts on spotify

Discover the top ten Spotify podcasts with video, showcasing their popular video content and unique show themes

#1 The Joe Rogan Experience

joe rogan experience video podcast

Dive into the heart of controversy and comedy with Joe Rogan’s unmatched conversational prowess.

Arguably one of the most controversial podcasts in recent years and one of Spotify’s highest rated, Joe Rogan has managed to attract millions of listeners to his show.

He’s one of the first show content creators to embrace the “Vodcasting” concept, utilizing Spotify’s video feature to enhance the audience experience.

The Joe Rogan Experience is a comedy podcast that covers all kinds of current news, entertainment, and political issues, usually featuring a special guest, and it often gets controversial.

After launching in 2009, the podcast has amassed a huge fan base; each episode ranges from one to three hours, sometimes more.

Adding the video element to these podcasts lets viewers see the conversations taking place in real-time, and it’s even spawned some popular memes in its short tenure, including one from his popular Elon Musk interview.

If you want to watch these long-form conversations and get an even more exciting view of what’s happening, we recommend checking out Rogan’s Spotify podcast video content.

#2 The H3 Podcast

the h3 podcast

Experience the perfect blend of humor and insight with Ethan and Hila Klein’s engaging banter.

Ethan and Hila Klein are the brains and funny bones behind h3h3productions and their Spotify podcast. The H3 Podcast allows them to showcase their talents.

The talented husband and wife team are Israeli American comedians, and although they have years of experience creating sketch comedy and reaction videos online, their podcast channel has been running for just five years.

Thanks to Spotify, we now have the bonus of having a video stream as well, you get to make this already hilarious show even funnier when you tune in.

➡️ Best Podcasts on Spotify

On an average episode of the H3 Podcast, they’ll cover a good blend of serious and silly topics but always make it entertaining, informative, and funny.

If you’re into longer podcasts and want to get more bang for your buck, The H3 Podcast can deliver, with many episodes ranging between two and three hours and sometimes more.

Ethan and Hila are very deserving of the Spotify podcast video honor and it’s a joy to watch their natural conversation flow, along with other special guests that they have on from time to time.

#3 The Misfits Podcast

the misfits podcast

Join the Misfits for a rollercoaster of laughs and unexpected adventures in every episode.

As far as online collaborations go, there have been few as successful or hilarious as The Misfits. The group, containing members from Australia, New Zealand, and the United States, started out in the world of gaming and then took their natural talent for conversation and humor one step further, creating a Spotify podcast.

Today, their podcast is among Spotify’s most listed, and they’re one of the lucky content creators who were allowed to utilize video as well.

Their weekly topics cover everything from Dungeons and Dragons to drug use, and they also have a good time creating their show.

The Misfits are no strangers to creating content, with each group member having their own gaming channels on YouTube and a group channel, so there’s no shortage of ways to enjoy them.

Their podcast is available on Spotify and iTunes, and watching them in a video compared to just audio is a whole new and hilarious experience.

#4 The Fantasy Footballers

the fantasty footballers podcast

Get ahead in your fantasy league with the expert, yet entertaining, guidance of The Fantasy Footballers.

The Fantasy Footballers is a podcast all about football and advice on fantasy football delivered in a way that many other sports podcasts find hard to do.

Thanks to Spotify allowing them to stream in video, you can watch Jason Moore, Andy Holloway, and Mike Wright on your device while tuning into the podcast, making it that much better.

If you’re into football and podcasts, there’s none better than The Fantasy Footballers, and it’s especially helpful if you’re on a fantasy football team.

They deliver a load of content as well, with an episode each week running all year long and then at least two a week during football season, so you won’t get a chance to miss them.

The guys behind this podcast are noted as some of the most accurate fantasy football advisors, so it’s worth tuning into if you’re in a serious competition, or just because they’re so entertaining to watch.

The trio started the podcast in 2014 as a joke after entering into a fantasy football competition at work, and it quickly grew to be a national success, now listed as one of Spotify’s most consumed podcasts.

#5 Rooster Teeth

rooster teeth podcast

Laugh along with the Rooster Teeth crew as they navigate the quirky intersections of gaming, pop culture, and more.

Although not the most appealing name, Rooster Teeth is one of Spotify’s hottest podcasts. The comedy team has also been granted the esteemed honor of being able to create video podcasts as well as audio ones, which is a bonus for their devoted fans.

According to their bio, Rooster Teeth covers all kinds of topics like gaming, pop culture, and films, with one episode coming out each Monday for your enjoyment.

The first Rooster Teeth podcast aired in 2008, and it’s one of the longest-running podcasts that’s still widely popular today. They have over 750 episodes you can listen to, plus some of their more recent ones available for viewing on Spotify as well.

You can watch Rooster Teeth live on Spotify each week with the full video experience, and it’s easy to see why it’s so popular, thanks to the natural dynamic that the team has.

Consisting of four members Gus Sorola, Barbara Dunkelman, Burnie Burns, and Gavin Free, there’s no shortage of laughter to be had.

➡️ Why You Need A Video Podcast

#6 Higher Learning

higher learning podcast

Engage in deep, thought-provoking discussions on black culture, sports, and politics with Van Lathan and Rachel Lindsay.

Higher Learning With Van Lathan and Rachel Lindsay is one of the leading podcasts on Spotify, devoted to dissecting all of the most important topics in black culture, sports, and politics.

Their weekly podcast has always been enjoyable but is now even better, thanks to the addition of video where you can watch the episodes live as they air.

Although there are some great guests on Higher Learning, Van Lathan and Rachel Lindsay hold it down on their own, and hearing or watching them debate each other is an art form in itself.

Higher Learning is part of the hugely popular The Ringer podcast network, home to other favorites on our list like Fantasy Football Show and Book of Basketball 2.0.

The topics are relevant, engaging, funny, informative, and sometimes controversial, which makes for fantastic listening or viewing if you can check out their Spotify video streams.

#7 Bill Simmons Book of Basketball 2.0

bill simmons book of basketball 2.0

Deep dive into basketball’s greatest stories and what-ifs with Bill Simmons’ insightful analysis.

Bill Simmons Book of Basketball 2.0 is another one for sports fans who want to do a little more than listen to their favorite podcasts.

Although not all of Bill’s episodes have a video element, a lot of them do, and it’s a good chance to see your favorite players and media members discuss the ins and outs of the game.

As well as the regular 2.0 version podcast episodes, you’ll also hear episodes of the other format called ‘What If,’ where Bill follows the early career of some lesser-known basketball stars.

This podcast is a must for people who love basketball and goes deeper than most sports programs, so you can get industry insight and a lot of discussion and speculation from those who know it best.

After major success with his New York Times bestseller The Book of Basketball, Simmons created a podcast that looks at historically great games the NBA has played and what’s happening in the sport right now.

If you’re even into basketball just a little bit, you’ll find this podcast to be a real treat, and it’s one of Spotify’s most listened to for a reason.

#8 The Morning Toast

the morning toast vodcasting

Start your day with a dose of celebrity gossip and entertainment news, served with a side of snark by The Morning Toast.

Jackie O and Girl host the Morning Toast podcast on Spotify With No Job.

If you like regular updates on celebrities and news, all things related to entertainment gossip, their podcast delivers the perfect balance of humor and snark every weekday morning, and they cover all kinds of topics like celebrity arrests, reality TV, and what the Kardashians have been up to.

As a shorter podcast, you’ll be able to enjoy just under an hour of The Morning Toast each day, and also tune in to their video stream on selected episodes.

The lively presenters start each episode with a cheery ‘Good morning millennials!’, obviously targeted at their most popular age demographic, and they keep up with that high energy for the whole episode.

The Morning Toast is part of the larger Toast News network, owned by Steve Fredette Aman Narang Jon Grimm. You’ll find many other great Spotify podcasts on this network, like The Redheads Bookclub and Maternity Live With Olivia Oshry.

However, The Morning Toast is the only one lucky enough to have their podcasts shared in video as well.

#9 Nas Talks

nas talks podcast spotify

Embark on a global journey with Nas Talks, uncovering the stories behind the adventures and the people who make them unforgettable.

Nas Daily earned a place in the Internet Hall of Fame with his popular one-minute videos on YouTube. The YouTube channel owned by the famous vlogger featured 1,000 videos taken over 1,000 days, spanning his adventures in 64 countries, with each one only being 60 seconds long.

The global phenomenon gave people just a glimpse of what really happened for vloggers Nas, Project Nightfall, and Dear Alyne during their travels, and Nas Talks is all about giving you the whole picture.

The Nas Daily podcast is relatively new when you compare it to others like Rogan’s, launching in 2020, but as he already had a huge online following it didn’t take long to get fans.

Today, Nas, formally known as Nuseir Yassin, has one of the only Spotify podcasts that allow for video, and watching all of the behind-the-scenes of his famous one-minute videos plus the other guests and topics he covers each week is totally worth your time.

The Nas Talks podcast on Spotify covers new topics each time, including interesting guests like the world’s youngest billionaire or the most powerful journalist.

He’s joined by his girlfriend and fellow travel vlogger Alyne, also known as her online moniker Dear Alyne, and it’s always a treat to watch their chemistry as they deliver the show via video on Spotify.

#10 True Crime Obsessed

true crime obsessed podcast

True Crime Obsessed’s approach to true crime content is refreshingly original, making it a must-watch for fans of the genre looking for something that breaks the mold.

True Crime Obsessed, hosted by the dynamic duo of Patrick Hinds and Gillian Pensavalle, stands out among Spotify video podcasts, offering a unique twist on the true crime genre.

Rather than simply recounting the facts of a case, Patrick and Gillian provide a comedic yet respectful take on true crime documentaries and stories, making it one of the most engaging listens (and now watches) on the platform.

Launched in 2017, True Crime Obsessed quickly carved out its niche by combining humor with meticulous attention to detail, ensuring that while the subject matter is taken seriously, there’s still room for levity and entertainment.

Each episode dives into a different documentary or true crime story, offering insightful commentary, critical analysis, and plenty of laughs.

With the addition of video on Spotify, fans can now get an even closer look at the chemistry between Patrick and Gillian, making the experience all the more immersive.

The visual element adds a new dimension to their storytelling, allowing viewers to see their reactions and interactions in real time, enhancing the podcast’s charm.

My Experience: A New Dimension in Podcasting

video podcasts spotify

Diving into video podcasts on Spotify has transformed my content consumption, making it a more immersive and engaging experience.

The visual element allows me to connect with the content on a deeper level, as I can see the expressions, gestures, and dynamics that audio alone cannot convey.

This shift from merely listening to actively watching has enriched my understanding and enjoyment of each podcast, turning every episode into a more comprehensive and captivating journey.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are all podcasts on Spotify available in video format?

No, not all podcasts on Spotify are available in video format. Video podcasts on Spotify are a select feature offered to certain podcasts based on various factors including the creator’s content strategy and Spotify’s partnerships.

To find video podcasts, look for a video icon next to the episode title or check the podcast’s description for mention of video content.

How can I find the top video podcasts on Spotify?

To discover top video podcasts on Spotify, you can browse the ‘Podcasts’ section within the Spotify app or website. Spotify often curates lists of popular and recommended podcasts, including video podcasts, in various categories.

Searching for “video podcasts” in the Spotify search bar may generate relevant results. Additionally, Spotify’s ‘Charts’ feature can help identify top podcasts, which you can check for video availability.

Can I download video podcasts on Spotify for offline viewing?

Spotify allows downloading audio content for offline listening for Premium users, but this feature does not extend to video podcasts.

Video podcasts require an internet connection to stream directly through the Spotify app on supported devices.

What are some of the benefits of watching video podcasts on Spotify instead of listening to audio-only podcasts?

Watching video podcasts on Spotify enhances the experience by providing visual context to the discussion, allowing viewers to see the expressions, gestures, and dynamics between hosts and guests, which can add depth and entertainment value.

Video podcasts may also include visual aids, graphics, or demonstrations pertinent to the podcast’s content, offering a richer, more immersive experience than audio-only formats.

How to watch video podcasts on Spotify?

how to watch video podcast spotify

To watch video podcasts on Spotify, follow these steps for your device:

How to watch Spotify videos on your iPhone?

  1. Open the Spotify app on your device.
  2. Use the search function to find the podcast that offers video content.
  3. Select the podcast episode with a video. These are usually indicated with a camera icon or a mention of a video in the episode’s title or description.
  4. Play the episode. The video should automatically start playing alongside the audio.

How do you watch Spotify videos on a desktop?

  1. Open the Spotify application on your desktop computer.
  2. Search for a podcast that offers video content. You can do this by typing the podcast name into the search bar.
  3. Select the specific podcast episode that features the video. These episodes usually have a video symbol or mention of a video in their title or description.
  4. Play the episode. The video should automatically start playing in the same window as the audio.

How do you watch Spotify videos on a TV?

Spotify Compatibility with Smart TVs

Spotify is compatible with most smart TVs, such as Android, Samsung, and Google TV.

How to Install Spotify on Your TV

  1. Go to the app store on your TV.
  2. Search for Spotify in the app store.
  3. Select Spotify from the search results and install the Spotify TV app.

Watching Video Podcasts on TV

Once Spotify is installed:

  1. Open the Spotify app on your TV.
  2. Log in to your Spotify account.
  3. Search for the podcast with video content.
  4. Select and play an episode with a video. The video should automatically play if available.

How do I watch Spotify videos on aPS5?

To watch Spotify videos on a PS5:

  1. Download Spotify from the Media space on PS5.
  2. Log in to your Spotify account.
  3. Search for a podcast with video content.
  4. Play the episode; the video will start automatically.

Final Thoughts: Navigating the Future of Video Podcasting

Expanding video podcasting on platforms like Spotify is ushering in a dynamic era for creators and audiences.

This evolution from audio to visual storytelling enhances the narrative depth and fosters a stronger connection between podcasters and their listeners.

As the landscape of video podcasting continues to grow, we’re poised to see an even greater variety of content. This promises to broaden our horizons and challenge creators to innovate and captivate in new ways.

Whether you’re a podcast enthusiast or a creator venturing into this territory, the future of video podcasting holds exciting possibilities for storytelling, engagement, and community building.

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