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Best New Heights Podcast Episodes: Fan Picks

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Best New Heights Podcast Episodes

As a fan of football and podcasts, I’ve been following the New Heights podcast, which features the hilarious brother duo Jason Kelce from the Philadelphia Eagles and Travis Kelce from the Kansas City Chiefs. They provide an insider’s look into the NFL, sharing weekly insights about their games and unique perspectives on trending news in the league. With their combination of humor, wit, and in-depth analysis, this podcast has become a must-listen for any football enthusiast.

Each episode of New Heights brings the brothers’ personal experiences and commentary on their games and features special episodes, interviews with guests, and discussions revolving around highlights across the NFL. As an engaging and informative podcast, New Heights has successfully created a digital space where fans can connect and interact with these two Super Bowl champions while gaining insights into the world of professional football.

Key Takeaways

  • New Heights offers insider perspectives on the NFL from football-playing brothers Jason and Travis Kelce.
  • The podcast features special episodes, interviews, and discussions on football highlights and news
  • It provides an engaging digital space for fans to connect with the Kelce brothers and the world of professional football.

New Heights Podcast: Top 10 Episodes

Top New Heights Podcast Episodes
  1. Eagles Christmas Album Episode: Featuring humorous moments and reflecting on the Philadelphia Eagles’ community.
  2. Rugby vs. NFL Discussion: A debate on the physicality and demands of rugby compared to NFL football.
  3. Journey from Rugby to NFL: Sharing the paths of Jason and Travis Kelce from Rugby to NFL success.
  4. Super Bowl Experiences: Discussions on experiences leading up to and winning the Super Bowl.
  5. Kelce Family Reunion Game: Funny anecdotes and moments from their family reunion game.
  6. New Heights Beer Bowl: Jason and Travis in a friendly beer competition showcasing camaraderie and humor.
  7. Halloween Special: Halloween candy suggestions and favorite spooky treats.
  8. Christmas Album Segment: Discussion on favorite holiday tunes and Christmas cheer.
  9. Hard Counts Episode: Diving into strategic aspects of football and insights on hard count situations.
  10. Interviews with Sports Figures: Conversations with notable sports personalities like Jordan Mailata, LeBron James, A.J. Brown, Julian Edelman, Alejandro Villanueva, and Tyreek Hill.

New Heights – Kelce Brothers Podcast Overview

New Heights Podcast

As a fan of sports-related content, I’ve been following the New Heights podcast, which is hosted by two football superstars, Jason Kelce from the Philadelphia Eagles and Travis Kelce from the Kansas City Chiefs. This podcast provides an inside look at life in the league, football insights, and other fascinating behind-the-scenes info that any sports enthusiast can appreciate.

The variety of topics covered on New Heights is truly impressive. Sometimes, the focus may be on the brothers’ games or their experiences in the NFL. Other times, it might highlight special guests who, for instance, might discuss the Eagles Christmas album or share not-so-dumb questions. Episodes are engaging and often feature humor, making the podcast enjoyable and informative.

Not only is New Heights available on podcast platforms like Apple Podcasts and TuneIn, but there’s also a YouTube channel where fans can watch the episodes. This visual medium allows for a more immersive experience and allows viewers to see the brothers interacting in front of the camera, making the conversations feel more personal.

I find that New Heights stands out in sports podcasts because it’s led by two hugely successful football players who don’t shy away from sharing their perspectives and honest opinions on the NFL. Their charisma and passion for the sport shine through in every episode, making this podcast a must-listen for football enthusiasts and fans of the Kelce brothers.

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The New Heights podcast has consistently provided excellent content – from entertaining anecdotes to in-depth discussions on football strategies and beyond. I highly recommend giving it a listen or checking out their YouTube channel for an engaging and informative experience.

Hosts of the Show

Best New Heights Podcast Episodes Fan Picks

I want to introduce you to the hosts of the New Heights podcast, Jason and Travis Kelce. Both of them are prominent figures in American football and come from the well-known Kelce family. Jason plays for the Philadelphia Eagles, while Travis plays for the Kansas City Chiefs. Together, they have won Super Bowl championships, making their family incredibly proud.

Their father, Ed Kelce, has significantly influenced their lives and careers. Ed, a former football player and coach, guided them through challenges and instilled in them a strong work ethic, evident in their professional achievements. The Kelce family has grown closer and displayed an excellent sense of humor over the years.

In the podcast, Jason and Travis share insights about their games and provide a unique perspective on trending NFL news. Their chemistry as brothers is apparent, and their witty banter adds an element of fun to the show. The podcast’s weekly episodes keep the listeners engaged and informed on the latest happenings in the league.

One interesting fact about the Kelce family is their love for music. They even released a Christmas album together a few years ago. The Kelce Christmas Album showcases their creativity and the strong bond they share as a family.

In summary, the New Heights podcast Jason and Travis Kelce hosted offers a perfect blend of football insights, humor, and heartwarming family moments. Their confident and knowledgeable approach and clear and neutral tone make the show a must-listen for football enthusiasts.

Special Episodes

New Heights top episodes

Several special episodes on the New Heights podcast showcase the Kelce brothers’ personalities and NFL prowess. One standout episode that fans of the show shouldn’t miss is the “Kelce Family Reunion Game.” In this entertaining episode, the Kelce brothers share new information about their family reunion game, delving into funny anecdotes and memorable moments.

Another special episode that caught my attention was “New Heights Beer Bowl.” This segment features crazy antics, as Jason and Travis Kelce engage in a friendly beer competition. Their banter and camaraderie make this episode perfect for those who enjoy watching the brothers have a great time together.

When it comes to holiday episodes, New Heights has it covered. The Halloween special includes discussing Halloween candy suggestions and fascinating insight into Jason and Travis’s favorite spooky treats. This episode is ideal for those who love Halloween and want to get in the festive spirit.

I also came across a Christmas album segment where the brothers talk about their favorite holiday tunes and share their thoughts on the best seasonal songs. This episode is perfect for getting you into the holiday mood and bringing some Christmas cheer to your listening experience.

Lastly, the Hard Counts episode stands out as both fun and informative. In this special episode, the Kelce brothers dive into strategic aspects of football. They provide their unique perspectives on various hard-count situations, allowing fans to gain valuable insight into the game from the players themselves.

Each special episode brings something unique, catering to different interests and showcasing the Kelce brothers’ humorous and informative approach to sports and entertainment.

Guests and Interviews

While listening to the New Heights podcast, I have encountered numerous engaging episodes featuring interesting interviews and guest appearances. Some standout episodes include conversations with notable sports figures such as Jordan Mailata, LeBron James, A.J. Brown, Julian Edelman, Alejandro Villanueva, and Tyreek Hill.

I found the episode with Jordan Mailata particularly enlightening as the Australian rugby player turned Philadelphia Eagles offensive lineman shared his journey of transitioning from rugby to the NFL. His unique perspective on the differences between both sports was illuminating for listeners.

An episode featuring LeBron James stood out as he detailed his impressive career and success, both on and off the basketball court. From discussing his basketball journey to his philanthropic endeavors, James provided valuable insights that were highly engaging.

When A.J. Brown, the talented wide receiver for the Tennessee Titans, appeared on the podcast, I found his candid discussion of the challenges faced during his rookie season to be both genuine and relatable. His perseverance and attitude toward facing adversity only further solidified his status as a rising star in the NFL.

The episode with Julian Edelman, the former New England Patriots wide receiver, was both entertaining and informative. He touched on his decision to retire from the NFL, provided insights into his memorable career moments, and shared his plans for life after football.

Alejandro Villanueva, the offensive lineman for the Baltimore Ravens, also appeared in a notable episode where he talked about his experience as a US Army veteran. From his transition into the NFL to his outlook on the importance of discipline and teamwork, Villanueva’s interview was deeply captivating.

Last but not least, Tyreek Hill, the Kansas City Chiefs wide receiver, joined the podcast in an episode where he discussed his blazing speed and competitive spirit. His anecdotes about on-field trash talk and camaraderie among teammates added a touch of humor and personality to the already exciting conversation.

These episodes are just a few examples of the guests and interviews featured on the New Heights podcast. From sports legends to rising stars, this podcast covers a broad spectrum of engaging and inspiring stories that captivate any sports enthusiast.

Football Highlights

I’ve been following the New Heights podcast, featuring Jason Kelce from the Philadelphia Eagles and Travis Kelce from the Kansas City Chiefs. I discovered some standout episodes that focus on football highlights. As an ardent follower of the NFL, I am confident in sharing my top picks with fellow fans.

In one of my favorite episodes, the Kelce brothers discuss the Eagles Christmas Album – a unique insight into the team’s camaraderie and fun side. They share humorous behind-the-scenes moments and reflect on the Philadelphia Eagles’ tightly-knit community.

As the NFL season unfolds, Jason and Travis offer their perspectives on playing rugby and how its physicality compares to NFL football. Hearing the brothers debate Rugby vs. NFL adds an intriguing layer to understanding the demands of these contact sports.

Throughout the podcast, you’ll also find episodes that shed light on the journeys of Jason and Travis Kelce. Sharing their extraordinary paths, from rugby to the NFL, and their experiences in the league, they offer invaluable guidance for aspiring talents and fans alike.

Their combined experiences with the Philadelphia Eagles and Kansas City Chiefs have led both brothers to achieve Super Bowl championships. In New Heights, they provide unparalleled insights into these pinnacle moments, discussing what it takes to become a Super Bowl winner and the significance of such an accomplishment.

Overall, the New Heights podcast combines entertainment with education, offering a neutral, clear, and engaging perspective on the NFL. From fun moments like the Eagles Christmas Album to the intense experiences leading up to the Super Bowl, you’ll find a variety of football highlights worth listening to.

Digital Engagement

As an active listener of the New Heights podcast with Jason and Travis Kelce, I can say that their digital engagement with fans is impressive. They use social media platforms to interact with their audience and promote their podcast episodes.

On Instagram, both Jason and Travis share behind-the-scenes content, funny moments, and clips from their podcast episodes. This additional material gives fans a closer look into the lives of their favorite football players, fostering a sense of connection.

Twitter is another platform on which the Kelce brothers effectively engage with their fans. They share updates about their podcast, engage in Twitter conversations, and even retweet hilarious memes related to the show.

I have also noticed that they are on TikTok, where they post entertaining short videos and highlights from their podcast episodes. These bite-sized clips are perfect for grabbing the attention of new listeners and engaging existing fans.

As for YouTube, the New Heights podcast uploads entire episodes, complete with video, so viewers can watch the brothers as they discuss life in the NFL, share insights about their games, and provide unique perspectives on trending news and sports headlines.

Lastly, they also offer official merchandise that fans can purchase to support the show and showcase their love for the podcast. Key items include branded T-shirts, hoodies, and hats, giving fans various options.

I believe the Kelce brothers have done an outstanding job leveraging social media and other digital platforms to create an engaging and entertaining experience for their fans, further solidifying their growing audience for the New Heights podcast.

Sponsorship and Partnerships

I’ve been listening to the New Heights podcast and noticed several prominent sponsorships and partnerships that contribute to its success. One of the notable sponsorships is with Experian, where they discuss the advantages of using the Experian Debit Card. This digital checking account is pitched as a great option for managing finances efficiently and is mentioned frequently throughout the show.

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Another significant partnership the podcast has is with Amazon. There are occasional giveaways and collaborations with Amazon, providing a great platform for mutual promotion. This collaboration has proven beneficial for both parties, allowing them to reach a wider audience.

State Farm is another partner that contributes to the success of the New Heights podcast. This partnership mentions State Farm’s services and insurance while Jason and Travis Kelce discuss their day-to-day lives and experiences in the NFL. This collaboration allows listeners to relate to the insurance services mentioned in the podcast and see them as suitable for their own needs.

These sponsorships and partnerships demonstrate a solid commitment to providing quality content and maintaining a trustworthy environment for podcast listeners. They also enhance the podcast’s credibility and reach, allowing for sustained growth while keeping the audience engaged.


Frequently Asked Questions

New Heights Episode favorites

What are the top episodes of the New Heights podcast?

I recommend watching the episode where they share their perspectives on the Eagles Christmas Album and discuss the path from rugby to the NFL. The podcast also features great stories on the “Kelce Family Reunion Game” and how Jason stays safe out of the water.

Which guests have appeared on the New Heights podcast?

Unfortunately, I cannot provide specific guest names based on the information provided.

Where can I listen to or watch the New Heights podcast?

You can listen to the New Heights podcast on various platforms, such as Google, Apple, and TuneIn. For a visual experience, you can also watch the podcast on YouTube.

What is the audience engagement of the New Heights podcast?

New Heights with Jason and Travis Kelce has received 7.6k ratings on Rephonic and enjoys a strong following among football fans who enjoy this fun and entertaining duo.

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