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Podcasts Without Ads

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Podcasts Without Ads

Podcasts are fast becoming one of the most popular new forms of media in the last 10 to 15 years.

Podcast listening marries the time-honored and tested method of radio broadcasting, with the easy-to-access, easy-to-find, and try for yourself that the internet is known for.

With this new wave, there are now hundreds, if not thousands, of podcasts carving out their little niches in this ever-expanding space of entertainment.

Who would’ve thought that the audio-only format would make combat outside of radio (also see, ‘How Has Podcasting Affected Radio‘)?

Okay, maybe it wasn’t that unexpected, but the sheer explosion of podcasts and podcast apps has been amazing to watch unfold.

There are so many different topics to sink yourself into, and so many great shows, even exclusive content, to listen to out there.

Unless, of course, they have ads. Then we need to find a way around that issue, one way or another, to be able to listen to podcasts ad free.

Ads On Podcasts

Podcasts Without Ads (1)

Now, understandably, ads are increasingly becoming a bigger and more secure stream of revenue for people with online content. 

After all, even if you’re just speaking into a mic for your podcast about the varying quality of cheese throughout the 20th century, there’s still a lot of work that goes into that.

Time is taken to research, organize, and schedule recording, editing, uploading, and marketing your favorite shows (also see, ‘Podcast Production Tips‘).

There’s a lot of time and energy that goes into making a podcast in various streaming services, and that time and energy don’t always pay the bills by themselves.

Hence, the wider use of ads for not just podcasts, but for virtually all forms of content online.

However, it can also mean a good chunk of your time when finding new podcasts to listen to through ads, which also takes up a lot of time, and makes it difficult to tell whether or not a podcast is worth investing in.

That is especially the case for many podcast websites with optional memberships. If you’re listening to a free version, chances are, you are often bombarded with ads that break up the flow of a music album or podcast.

Finding Podcasts Without Ads

Podcasts Without Ads

So, how exactly do we get around the problem of ads in between or before, and after a podcast?

Well, this depends largely on the podcast platforms that you are listening to the podcast.

Many apps that host podcasts will often have subscription services that you can purchase for a month or year. This is the case for services like the Apple Podcasts app, Spotify podcasts, and YouTube.

On some other podcast apps, such as Podcast Addict, you can get podcasts free of ads with a single one-time purchase.

If you do choose to open your wallet to get rid of these ads, then these will get rid of ads that the service you are sending you before, after, or during a podcast episode.

However, if the podcast itself has a sponsor or advertiser, then this will still be included in the episode (also see, ‘How To Get Podcast Sponsors‘).

Podcast Guru, the Ad-Free Podcast App

Podcast Guru

So, it looks like there are very few ways that you can listen to a podcast without there being ads sent to you at some point in your favorite show. Certainly, not without forking out extra cash to them.

However, there is one website and platform that offers you an ed-free experience at no extra cost.

The Podcast Guru is a podcast app that prides itself on having no extra ads as part of its service, meaning that you can enjoy your favorite show without any extra interruptions if they are on there.

Chances are, however, that they will certainly be on this platform, as Podcast Guru might have one of the biggest podcast libraries out there.

There are millions of different podcasts on here that cover virtually every topic, subject, and genre here, from cooking, to housekeeping, to gardening, to music, to entertainment, to politics, history, confectionaries, and so many more!

If you take nothing else away from this article, make sure that you at least check out the Podcast Guru.

Best Ad-Free Podcasts

So, outside of simply going to an ad-free zone, are there any other ways to avoid being wailed endlessly by advertisements?

Well, there are still several ad-free podcasts out there that do not rely on them for revenue, freeing up the air time, and giving you the content you want.

Here are some of our favorites!

Real Dictators

Real Dictators podcast

The perfect podcast for lovers of history and its great figures, Real Dictators is an award-winning podcast that has been going for a few years at this point and continues to go from strength to strength.

Narrated by a professional actor and voice artist Paul McGann, this podcast covers many of the famous figures and tyrants from history, from Genghis Khan to Napoleon Bonaparte, to Vladimir Lenin, and plenty more.

The Generation Why Podcast

Generation Why podcast

One of the first True-Crime audio shows to grace our ears in the early days of the rising popularity of podcasts. This podcast, hosted by Aaron and Justin, is a trendsetter and is still going strong 10 years after it first launched.

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With everything from conspiracy theories to unsolved crime cases being covered, there is a surprisingly wide range of topics for such a specific genre of the podcast.

Plus, it is ad-free, so you can easily settle in and start listening to these incredible true-life tales.

How I Built This With Guy Raz

How I Built This podcast

This is the perfect ad-free podcast for folks that have that entrepreneurial spirit, and want to see how others like them have turned their visions and ideas into reality.

Hosted by the titular Guy Raz, this is a show where some of the world’s greatest entrepreneurs have guested, sharing their stories, thoughts, and ideas on how they built their now iconic brands.

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Get Sleepy: Sleep Meditation & Stories

Get Sleepy Podcast

If you want help winding down after a long day of stress, anxiety, work, or all three, then this ad-free meditation podcast is the perfect solution to an over-active mind.

Help your mind calm down whenever you need to with this show.

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Final Thoughts On Ad Free Listening To Podcasts

So, while finding ad-free podcasts requires a little digging (and maybe even a couple of bucks), it is possible to find shows where ads won’t interrupt your experience.

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