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6 Podcasts For Sleep – Fall Asleep – Sleep Better

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Top Podcasts For Sleep

Sometimes we need that extra bit of encouragement to get to sleep. Whether we have had a stressful day and are finding it hard to wind down, or we just love hearing delicate whispers and noises that can peacefully send us into our dreams.

Podcasts provide some of the best tools for sleeping that can make napping cozy, comfortable and easy.

Not all podcasts need to be following a complex discussion requiring you to absorb as much information as you can, there are many that are much more tranquil, quiet and peaceful that are designed for putting your mind at ease at the end of the day.

With that being said, here are the best podcasts for when you want a deep and restful sleep. 

#1 Nothing Much Happens 

While the title may suggest that absolutely nothing happens in this podcast, it only means nothing that will require you to focus too hard or think deeply about what is being said.

In fact, this podcast hosted by yoga and meditation teacher Kathryn Nicolai is full of peaceful and smooth discussions relating to inner peace resulting from deep meditation, and also step by step talk throughs of how to clear your mind and be free of all the stresses that surround you.

This makes the podcast an extremely easy listen that will blissfully send you to sleep without you having to pay too much attention about what’s being said. 

#2 Sleep Whispers 

Sleep Whispers is one of the many ASMR podcasts that can help relax our body and mind just through the power of light and delicate noises. 

ASMR stands for Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response and refers to the physical tingling sensation when we are in an extreme state of calmness.

It is great for getting to sleep and can be caused by light and close whispering which you will get with every episode of Sleep Whispers. The voice of host ‘Whispering’ Harris is so smooth and relaxing that any episode is sure to send you straight to sleep. 

Podcasts To Help Get To Sleep

#3 Send Me To Sleep

‘Sleep geek’ Andrew in this podcast combines a delicate yet ear catching voice with stories about topics that are sure to slowly send you to sleep including meditation, spirituality and even a few fairy tales. 

With each episode being 30 minutes to an hour long, they are the perfect length to press play and lie back without the worry of the episode ending or being interrupted by a sudden pause.

As the ‘World’s sleepiest podcast’, Send Me To Sleep is more than worth checking out for a good night’s sleep.

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#4 Deep Energy Podcast 

Some of us require just the right sounds to send us off to sleep and even if we are hearing someone talk about a light topic or something we may not be very interested in, it can distract our brain enough to keep us awake.

The Deep Energy Podcast instead fills each episode with very calm and ambient noises rather than voices, using sounds of oceans, thunderstorms, light rain or even a calm breeze that is perfect for both meditating, and drifting off to sleep as if you were in a different, much more peaceful environment. 

#5 In Our Time

This BBC podcast featuring the smooth speaking Melvyn Bragg is the best podcast you will be able to find that explores interesting and in depth topics of history, science and politics while still being light and digestible enough to sleep to. 

Each episode features a new academic guest who shares their knowledge and insight on the topic of that week ranging from a peaceful discussion on the stories of Shakespeare to how exactly stars are born and die. 

With hour-long episodes, In Our Time is one of the best educational podcasts that can be listened to just as easily awake or while sleeping. 

#6 Sleepy

The best story time podcast that will take us back to our younger years, each episode Otis Gary reads a popular story or fairy tale in a curious yet delicate manner.

Covering a range of stories from Peter Pan to The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, for a podcast full of nostalgia that is only made even more peaceful by Otis Gary’s warm and welcoming voice, it’s hard to find one better than Sleepy.


Experiment with some of these podcasts to find the one that you find sends you off into a blissful sleep the easiest and that you enjoy listening to the most.

Whether you want a podcast which is still educational but very light on the information, a simple and quiet discussion on the peaceful elements of life or even just simple ambience and noise, there is a wide variety for you to try out and choose from. 

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