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Spotify Stats – Listening, Top Artist or Song

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Spotify Stats

Spotify has facilitated many changes in the way we produce, release, and consume media, and in many ways is at the forefront of the current wave of online media streaming – offering both music, podcasts, music videos, documentaries, and Spotify original shows. 

However, to an artist or creative who operates through the site, there is perhaps no function more important than Spotify stats, which allows people to actively see customer engagement with their work, and for the first time ever, allows them to act based on the response to their creative outputs.

But how exactly does Spotify stats work, and what benefits does it have? 

What Are Spotify Stats? 

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Spotify stats are an analytical display of several key pieces of information within a Spotify account – and can have different functions depending on whether you are a customer or a content creator. 

What Can Spotify Stats Be Used For? 

As mentioned, the functions for Spotify stats can vary depending on whether the individual is a musician or content creator, or if they are a standard customer. 

Favorite Artists

If you are a music fan, or if you frequently use Spotify to listen to podcasts and other such forms of media, then you can use Spotify data to get a glimpse of your listening habits through songs, artists, albums, podcasts, and other forms of media – such as documentaries watched, favorite shows etc. 

Priming The Algorithm

Creating detailed lists of your most viewed and listened to (Can You See Who Listens To Your Podcasts On Spotify?) can also be good for priming Spotify’s algorithm, thus opening up the chance for better suggestions in terms of artists, podcasts, and shows. 

This means that listeners can potentially discover countless new sources of media to consume, based on their existing music taste, likes and dislikes – introducing people to artists and podcasts that they might not have otherwise encountered on their own. 

Comparing With Friends

It is also a common practice online for Spotify users to compare their most played songs and statistics with their friends – simply as a light hearted way of showcasing listening history, comparing musical tastes, or to show followers on other social media platforms. 

This could be used as a means of popularizing new artists that they love, and could be a great way to put their friends and followers on potentially life changing new bands, as well as benefiting the bands with more streams. 

Artist Viewing Figures

For a musical artist, Spotify stats can be useful, as it shows how many streams a specific song has received, thus giving some sense of the popularity amongst fans. 

This is something that drastically changed with the advent of the internet, and such sites as Spotify and Youtube, and where once artists would have to receive fan mail, or get figures from record companies, they can now see the impact of their latest music in real time, and without any industry jargon or amendments. 

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Gauging Popularity

Similarly, podcasters who have their content hosted by Spotify can use the stats function to see how many views and subscriptions their content is receiving – something they might not be able to do on other platforms. 

This means that they can accurately see the response to their latest episode release, as well as other analytics to help them see the trajectory of their creative output. 

This also has the benefit of proving streaming figures, on the off chance there is a dispute between the podcast producer and any companies they might have sponsorship deals with.

It is important for the content creator to have an up to date understanding of how their podcast is doing, so that they don’t fall victim to underhanded business tactics. 

Are Spotify Stats Free? 

Your Spotify stats are free, and can be viewed as such through many different platforms. 

Mac & PC

This is the main way that listeners and creators alike can view their stats, and is as simple as going on the Spotify app – or via their website – and accessing the account associated with the user. 

Spotify App

Iphone and Android users can also access the Spotify app on their smartphones and devices.

This is good for on the go viewing, and couldn’t be simpler to those who have the right phone and the means to access the internet. 

Spotify Wrapped

Spotify Wrapped is an annual round-up of your Spotify stats, put out by the company itself at the end of each calendar year.

This can be a fun and interesting way to see the top tracks and top artists you’ve most listened to for the specific year, or the number of hours you have spent listening to music. 

For content creators, this is also a good metric to see how many people have streamed and consumed your content throughout the year – allowing you to see more clearly the trajectory of your creative releases. 

How To Access Stats

If you want to access stats on Mac, PC, or on your Spotify application, then there are a few simple steps you can follow to do so. 

Mac & PC

First log into your account on whichever device you possess. There are options to proceed with Facebook log-in information, or that of your Apple ID if you are an Apple customer. 

Click on your name on the top right corner once logged in, then select ‘profile’ on the drop down box. 

At the top, you will see ‘Top Artists For This Month’, and if you scroll down, you can see further analytics, regarding tracks and albums. 

Spotify App

In the Spotify app, select ‘your library’, then select ‘artists, albums, podcasts, and shows’ to see the corresponding statistics for those things. 

Spotify Company Statistics

Here are some of the latest statistics about Spotify as of 2023:

  • Revenue: Spotify generated €11.72 billion in revenue in 2022, which is a 21% increase year-on-year. However, it posted a €236 million loss in the same year.
  • Users: Spotify has 433 million people who use the platform once a month, out of which 188 million are subscribers. The largest market in 2021 was Europe, with 146 million users, and the country with the most users is the United States, with over 88 million Spotify users.
  • Content: There are 100 million songs available on Spotify and five million podcasts. The most streamed artist on Spotify is Drake, with more than 40 billion lifetime plays. The most streamed song on Spotify is Ed Sheeran’s “Shape of You”, with 2.9 billion plays.
  • Demographics: A majority of Spotify users are under 35 years old, but the average age has been increasing steadily over the years. Women make up 56% of Spotify’s usage in 2021.
  • Competition: Spotify’s main competitors include Deezer, Pandora, and Apple Music, which has gained market leadership in the US and a few other countries.
  • Artist Compensation: Estimates vary on how much a Spotify stream is worth to an artist: from $0.006-0.0084 to as low as $0.00318 per stream.

Spotify Podcast Charts

Final Thoughts

And there we have it, everything you need to know about Spotify stats, and the benefits they have to all kinds of users and creators. 

What’s obvious is the sheer reach and dominance that Spotify has within the saturated music streaming market – and with features like these, it is really not hard to understand why. 

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