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Podbean Vs Anchor Platforms Comparison

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Podbean Vs Anchor

For audiences to enjoy podcasts, podcasters need to find the right podcasting platform that will host their show. Thankfully, the possibilities are endless, and two of the best are Podbean and Anchor.

Even though you don’t need anything too extra, perhaps the initial and most crucial requirement is a dependable podcast host.

The best hosting site is one that allows you to be flexible and empowers your creative pursuits. And the one that can get your podcast into people’s ears with minimal effort. That is significant.

Podbean App

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If you’ve been listening to podcasts for any length of time, you’ve probably heard of Podbean. They’ve been in business since 2006, and their name has consistently appeared at the top of everybody’s “best of” list.

Customization Of The Podcast Page

The plan you will choose not only includes a site but one that you can also customize.

In fact, all plans include a range of designs from which to pick. You are not required to write a single byte of code, thereby making it accessible to people who are unfamiliar with CSS and HTML.

All plans (except the free one) include unlimited storage and unlimited bandwidth. As a result, you are free to upload an unlimited number of podcast episodes.

Having your podcast site gives you more validity in your community. Therefore, unlike other platforms, it’s great that Podbean provides you with a domain where you can start marketing right away.

Podbean Features: SEO

One of the benefits of getting a podcast site is that it will be optimized to appear in search results for relevant keywords.

Podbean offers you to add metadata to your website using one of the add-ons readily accessible.

Simply head to and sign in to your account.  Select the SEO Meta Tags plugin from the number of optional plugins listed and select the “Get the Plugin button.”

Once set up, go to the Dashboard and select Settings > Plugins. Look for SEO Meta Tags and click the edit function. You can insert metadata for your show’s site from there.

Free Plan Option

Every month, you get five hours of audio space and 100GB of channel capacity for free. Basic metrics on your listeners and episode performance are also provided.

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Free Distribution

The free plan includes coverage for all of your distribution bases.

The RSS feed for your show is widely circulated so that audiences can discover your podcast on all main Android and iOS podcatchers. Your episodes will also be available in Podbean’s native applications.

Monetization Opportunities

Podbean truly succeeds in terms of monetization and reach. The $9 tier grants you complete artistic freedom.

You get “pro” themes, detailed audience statistical data, and a mappable personalized domain for the podcast.

Best services features also include access to the promotional marketplace and the platform’s dynamic ad insertion feature, PodAds, is also a big deal. All this for less than 10 dollars!

Anchor Podcast Hosting


Anchor’s mission is to be the free alternative for all types of content creators. Freely produce, distribute, and generate revenue. That is the agreement.

Which is mostly correct. When Spotify acquired Anchor in 2019, there were some worries regarding what would happen to the service. So far, everything appears to be going well.

Easy To Use

Making a podcast with Anchor is a simple process. You can access the site with your desktop configuration as usual. This is what we normally suggest to guarantee the best sound quality possible.

You could also start recording directly from their app, but you might experience several plosive issues whilst holding the mic away from your face and looking at the screen.

Free Hosting Option

Anchor provides unlimited space and network capacity.

This distinguishes them from other free podcast hosting providers and is almost certainly the primary reason why new content creators try podcasting for the first time with Anchor.


It’s time to distribute your episodes after you’ve finished creating them, adding cover designs and a meta description.

 Anchor will distribute your show’s content to nearly every podcast outlet known to man. This is essential for gaining more show visibility.


Anchor’s plan also provides some helpful analytics tools for determining where your subscriber base is listening to you from.

The IAB 2.0 certified analytics dashboard also can inform podcasters where and when their listener base is dwindling over time.

This assists in determining how to keep their listeners engaged and which parts or attributes of the show might be ineffective.


Anchor’s monetization appears to work great, but your profitability is also the way they monetize their platform. This is acceptable so long as you’re aware of it beforehand.

Anchor takes 4.5 percent of all donations, and Stripe charges a 3 percent service fee. This means that hosts keep approximately 90% of the total of their listener charitable contributions.

That’s not bad given what you are receiving, but it’s also not “free monetization.”

Anchor sponsorship deals are available if your podcast hosted on Anchor has 50 or more unique audience members.

So, in this second method of monetization, Anchor then matches your podcast with relevant marketers from their registry.

Anchor is doing the heavy lifting in terms of building partnerships in this, operating as an in-house intermediary.

In addition, they will charge a 30% service fee based on a CPM (Cost per 1,000 listens) framework. However, since every other thing offered is free, they’d have to make some profit somehow.

Alternative Comparisons

The Bottom Line: Anchor vs Podbean

Which platform is ultimately best for your show and your early steps in the podcasting world? Anchor may be suitable if you intend to try different things and not be too serious about it.

However, after assessing and analyzing the options, it’s difficult not to like what Podbean has to offer. Their dedication to functionality and ease of use is simply unrivaled.

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