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Marmoset Music Podcast – Amazing Collection of Custom Music Licensing

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Marmoset Music Podcast

Many people don’t realize music’s importance when making a podcast. Background music can be essential for ambiance and tone.

However, you can’t just use any music for free.

That’s why there are music licensing companies that ensure that you can use music without getting copyright strikes (also see, ‘Creative Ways To Use Copyrighted Music In Podcast‘). 

In this article, we’ll be taking a closer look at Marmoset Music and what you can expect from using them for music licensing.

We’ll cover everything, from the kind of licenses they offer to how you can find music.

To help you understand what each of these licenses is for, we’ll include more information about what each type of license covers.

What Is Marmoset Music?

Marmoset Music is a music agency that works in music licensing, production, and artist collaborations.

Due to that, they’ve built a space for themselves in the world of podcast licensing. They help you find the right music you need and will curate it for you depending on your needs. 

You can even work with the team at Marmoset Studio to write, arrange, and record a custom song too.

If you’re not only looking for background music but a theme for your show, you should be able to work with Marmoset Studio to find the right song for you. 

They’ve worked with brands such as Apple and Netflix, making music for TV, film, and a host of brands.

With such big clients, it’s no surprise that they’ve become highly sought after for their experience.

Music Licenses With Marmoset Music Podcast

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There are four distinct licenses that Marmoset Music has for podcasting.

While some songs can be used under fair use, you don’t want to rely on them. That’s especially true when you want to monetize your podcast.

Instead, you should look into getting a music license to ensure that you don’t get a copyright strike on your podcast. But what does each license cover?

Independent Single-Use License

If you have an independent single-use license, it will cover you (and if you have a team) who aren’t part of a content studio.

An independent single-use license will cover the single use of a single master recording and composition that you can use with an audio-only podcast.

They’re not viable for branded podcasts or anything that’s been sponsored.

This license won’t cover if you have a podcast created by a business or available on a paid/subscription digital service or download.

Overall, it would cost you $49 per song used. 

Independent Series-Use License

music licensing

Similarly to the independent single-use license, the series-use license won’t cover sponsored or branded podcasts or any podcasts that a business has created.

So, if you do have a podcast that is on a paid/subscription basis or one that is available for purchase via digital download, it won’t be covered under this license.

However, it will be covered if you or your team aren’t part of a content studio.

You’ll be covered under the use of one master recording and composition within an audio-only podcast.

However, it won’t be for single use of one song. It’s for an unlimited amount of episodes in a single podcast series within a year.

Thus, it would cost you $99 per song to have this license. 

Studio Single-Use License

This studio single-use license will cover you if you or a member of your team are part of either a content studio or business.

It’ll cover the single use of one master recording and composition to use within a podcast. 

However, it won’t cover sponsored or branded podcasts or any podcast created by a studio with over 100 employees.

Therefore, with this license, it would cost you $79 per song to use this license. 

Studio Series-Use License

Studio Series-Use License

The same limitations for the studio single-use license also apply to the studio series-use license.

So if your content is sponsored or branded beyond your own entity or made by a business that has over 100 employees, it won’t be covered. 

If you have a single podcast series and you or a member of your team work for a business or content studio with less than 100 employees, this license will cover you.

You’ll have one master recording and composition for unlimited episodes within one podcast series.

The master recording and composition will cover a year’s worth of episodes. The overall cost for this license is $249 per song. 

Of course, not all of this content may apply to you.

So if you want to discuss what plan is right for you, then Marmoset Music’s customer support team is happy to help.

How To Find The Right Music For Your Podcast

Finding music with Marmoset Music is easy and has a simple user interface.

You can filter through the selection, finding ones with vocals, female vocals, male vocals, or none at all.

Every song is listed, and at the bottom of the screen, you’ll find Marmoset’s collection of mixtapes and albums. 

However, if you have a rough idea of a song, artist, or lyrics that you like, then you can search for them in the search bar.

To ensure you don’t find the wrong ones, you can filter the selection by All, Songs, Artists, and Lyrics. 

When you see each song, you can see the title, the artist, the length of the song, and an option to Buy a License on the right-hand side of the screen.

Before you buy the license, you can also see if the song is right for you by clicking on the album cover to play it.

Final Thoughts

If you’re looking for podcast licensing, Marmoset Music is one of the clearest on the site.

You need to contact them directly if you want to perform your podcasts live or include them with visuals.

However, they appear to be easy to contact and can help communicate your needs to them. 

Overall, if you want to use Marmoset Music licensing, you don’t have to pay them for a subscription.

That makes it easier to get the songs that you want for as long as you want.

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