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Audio Network Podcast – Music For Your Podcast

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Audio Network Podcast

Creators need access to music to give more life to their podcasts. If there’s no background music, it can feel as though you’re talking into your microphone.

Audio editing ensures that you can make your podcast more interesting to listen to. 

If you want access to royalty-free music that you can use, then Audio Network is a great resource.

There are over 175,000 original tracks available in their music library.

The best thing about Audio Network is that it’s specifically for creators, so you’re guaranteed to find audio that works for your podcast.

To help you, we’ll be going into depth about what Audio Network is and how it works. With that in mind, let’s give you more information about it.

What Is Audio Network?

Audio Network is one of the biggest music libraries online.

Each license is tailored to the specific project that you’re working on, and you can use them on multiple platforms.

Not only can you use these songs for podcasts, but also on multiple other platforms.

Regardless of the country that you live in, all of the music used here is cleared for global use. 

As a whole, Audio Network began in 2001 when Andrew Sunnucks and Robert Hurst founded it.

Now that the company is over 20 years old, they have a team of 170 music professionals who can be found in 17 different countries. 

They’ve worked with some of the biggest brands in the industry, and over 1000 artists, composers, and producers own over 200,000 tracks on the site.

All of these artists work with the music professionals from Audio Network to ensure that all of their tracks are provided at the highest quality possible. 

audio network

Audio Network Licensing

There are multiple licenses available on Audio Network, and they even offer a music consultancy service.

There are several different subscription services and single-use licenses for podcasters.

First, let’s go through the single-use licensing available on Audio Network, as this would be what you would need to get audio for your podcast.

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Single Track For Creators

If you want to use a single-use license on your podcast, it would cost between $9.99 and $29.99.

Creators can gain access to their full music catalog and make it for individual, student, and non-commercial content. 

You’ll find that the single-track use for creators is eligible for video-sharing sites and social media (also see, ‘Podcast vs Youtube‘).

However, they exclude podcasts and sponsored content where the creator allows monetization

Overall, if you want to make money from your podcast, you will need to contact Audio Network to discuss pricing (also see, ‘Best Podcast Host For Monetization‘). 

Single Track For Corporate, Advertising, And TV Programming

The creator’s plan is the cheapest option available, with the next cheapest option being Corporate at $395.

None of the other plans have pricing available, and you need to contact them directly.

We previously mentioned that you would have to contact Audio Network separately about podcasts. 

There are different features supported for both single-track licenses and subscriptions.

These are the features advertised for the single-track license, with none having the full features.

  • Account manager support
  • Full catalog access
  • Individual, student, and non-commercial content
  • Corporate, charity, and non-profit productions
  • Social media promotion
  • Online advertisements (pre/mid/post-roll)
  • Advertisements for TV or any other media
  • TV programming and promos for linear or digital (VOD) TV

As you can see, many features are available for each single-tracks’ permissions.

However, you need to be careful with them, as they are clearly described, and you don’t want to be in breach of your permissions.

If you’re confused, feel free to contact Audio Network for permission. 



If you want a subscription for a podcast plan, it’s unlikely that you would find one.

That’s because subscriptions are only available under corporate, advertising, and TV programming.

None of these have been priced, and they all carry a wide range of permissions.

  • Account manager support
  • Full catalog access
  • Corporate, charity, and non-profit productions
  • Social media promotion
  • Online advertisements (pre/mid/post-roll)
  • TV programming and promos for linear or digital (VOD) TV

As you can see, these are better suited for those who have the resources to promote their work.

Most of these aren’t designed for creators, but it showcases how a wide range of businesses use Audio Network.

How Does Audio Network Work?

Audio Network Podcast

Major creators such as Rooster Teeth and BuzzFeed have worked with Audio Network. 

You can sign up for free, and you can download 10 tracks that you can demo in your creative products.

It’s a way to use licensed music on online platforms without the stress. All you need to do is tailor the content and manage your channel.

They even offer a whitelisting service. If you want to upload your content on YouTube, you can avoid being blocked from generating ad revenue or monetizing your own content.

Generally, the license doesn’t cover the performing rights of the song. So if you don’t perform live, you can use the song.

All of the music is licensed per project or video, allowing you to try it before buying it.

If you want to see the music that’s available, you can view the latest releases available on Audio Network’s site.

These show you the latest albums from the previous months.

They have a collection of hand-picked playlists and even the Top 40 songs downloaded each month if you’re looking for something specific.

You can even find some of the newest artists if you’re looking for something fresh. You can even see all of their albums by title and a list of specific composers.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, Audio Network is one of the biggest music licensing companies in the business.

They’ve worked with some of the biggest companies available.

If you want a wide range of music for your podcast production, you can contact Audio Network to ensure you get high-quality content.

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