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Music Bakery Podcast

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Music Bakery Podcast

Establishing your podcast is hard enough, but having to think of ways to try and distinguish your podcast from all the rest is even more complex, so it’s down to you to get creative to help your podcast stand out!

One of the ways that people like to help distinguish their podcasts, as well as help make their podcasts more professional, is to incorporate their own theme music into their podcasts.

However, if you’re not musically inclined, and are unsure about how much of a copyrighted song you can use, then it can be difficult to know how to do this!

Thankfully, with the use of Music Bakery, you can easily incorporate music into your podcast without having to worry about the hassle of copyright or hiring professional studio musicians.

So, if you want to learn more about who Music Bakery are, what they offer, as well as why you should use music in your podcasts, then keep reading, and we’ll provide you with all of the information you need to know.

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What Is Podcast Music?

If you’re new to podcasting or unsure about what sort of music you should be using in your podcast, then don’t worry, as it’s all fairly straightforward, so allow us to explain. 

Podcast music is usually heard at the beginning and end of most podcast episodes, and sometimes during short intervals between clips depending on the length of the episode. Editors and producers use it to break up long stretches of conversation or monologue, while also providing an interesting and unique introduction to the episode.

Depending on the type of podcast you host and produce, will mean that the music you will need will vary.

For example, an interview podcast that regularly sees guests and the hosts have conversations won’t want any music playing in the background, as this will distract listeners and make it harder to focus on the actually interesting part. 

On the other hand, podcasts that focus on storytelling, such as true crime podcasts, might benefit greatly from some background ambiance, much like how a movie uses music, allowing the podcast host to build tension or dramatize certain aspects of the story as they see fit. 

So, as you can see, podcasts are improved when the correct choice of music is added to them, but where can you get music from that’s going to be royalty-free, and able to be licensed by the average podcaster? Worry not, because this is why Music Bakery exists!

What Is Music Bakery?

the music bakery

Music Bakery is an online library that allows you to browse through and select the perfect royalty-free music for you to license so that you can then incorporate it into your podcast without having to worry about your content being taken down due to copyright infringement, or without having to regularly pay out royalties to the artist’s music that you used. 

The music you license from Music Bakery can be used across a number of different platforms, so whether you decide to incorporate it into your YouTube videos, apps, video games, and even video and television advertisements, Music Bakery’s license allows you to monetize your usage too, so you don’t have to worry about that either!

Of course, included in the different ways you can use their music in podcasts, so you’re absolutely free to license music from the Music Bakery website and use it throughout your podcast episodes! 

What Does Music Bakery Offer?

Music Bakery Podcast

Music Bakery has a small but diverse range of royalty-free music available to be licensed at your request, and allows you to filter by genre in order to get the music that is going to be best for you, your listeners, and your podcast! 


As with licensing any type of music, there is a cost to doing so, so it’s important that you pick the option that is going to be best suited for you and your podcast, as there’s certainly no need to go breaking the bank in the hunt for the perfect song. 

Music Bakery has two different options when it comes to the amount you pay for each track, so take a look below to see what would suit you best! 

Straight-Forward Pricing

If you’re looking to use one of the tracks from Music Bakery’s library in your podcast episodes, then here are the amounts you’ll need to pay in order to license the different versions of it for your use! 

  • 15 Second version of the song: $29
  • 30 Second version of the song: $34
  • 60 Second version of the song: $39
  • Full version of the song: $47
  • All versions of the song: $59

There’s also a discount available if you purchase multiple tracks too, which is convenient for those who want to regularly switch up the music they use in their podcasts. 

  • For $50 or more worth of content in your cart, there’s a 10% discount. 
  • For $100 or more worth of content in your cart, there’s a 20% discount. 
  • For $200 or more worth of content in your cart, there’s a 30% discount. 
  • And finally, for $400 or more worth of content in your cat, there’s a 40% discount. 


Music Bakery Podcast

There’s also a variety of subscriptions available for you to access the music too, which ranges from a single all-version licensed download per month, which costs $49 a month for 3 months, or $39 a month for 12 months.

As well as a licensed all-version download every three months, which costs $14 a month for 6 months, or $12 a month for the year!


Overall, Music Bakery is an excellent way of accessing royalty-free music with no hassle whatsoever, so you can easily implement it into your podcast episodes without having to deal with the stress of copyright. So, get adding music to your podcast today!

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