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Jamendo Podcast Royalty Free Music Downloads

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Jamendo Podcast

When creating your podcast, you may not initially think about music. However, it’s important not to leave it until the last minute.

You might not be aware that you can’t just use any music for your podcast. There are usually royalties that need to be paid, and the price can vary.

That’s why sites like Jamendo can be helpful in finding the right music that matches the tone of your podcast.

In this article, we’ll explain to you what Jamendo is, and how you can use it for your needs.

We’ll even tell you how much it costs, and which plan you should use. 

What Is Jamendo?

Founded in 2004, Jamendo is a free streaming service to listen to music online. Originally, it was made as a music platform under the Creative Commons license, but that changed in 2015.

Jamendo is all about bringing musicians together with music lovers and allows musicians to earn money through licensing services.

Musicians can sell their music to Jamendo to be used for commercial use via Jamendo Licensing.

This allows users to play music for their own creations, and can even be used as background music in a public space.

With Jamendo Licensing, you can gain access to Jamendo’s music library to contribute to your podcast.

Currently, there are over 250,000 royalty-free music tracks available on Jamendo.

With that knowledge, let’s take a closer look at what you can do with Jamendo Licensing.

Jamendo Licensing

jamendo music

Jamendo Licensing is Jamendo’s platform for licensing that allows its users to download tracks for commercial use.

That makes it perfect for podcasters, YouTubers, and any other content creators who want access to royalty-free music.

Over 85,000 users have used Jamendo before, and it makes it easier to make backing tracks for anything created online.

It’s available in over 160 countries, with tracks made by over 9000 artists.

Over time, musicians have had their tracks played over 115 million times.

As you can see, both artists and podcasters can benefit from Jamendo Licensing. 

Jamendo Licensing doesn’t offer low-quality tracks either. These are all high-quality songs from a variety of distinct genres. 

The user experience when utilizing Jamendo is intuitive, efficient, and straightforward.

The way Jamendo Licensing works is that you need to find your perfect track.

Once you’ve found the perfect track or playlist, you need to choose the right license for you. Then, sync the music with your content.

Once it’s synced, the license will be available in your client dashboard. 

When you get your Jamendo License, it will never expire. Once you’ve paid once, you’ll be able to have the client certificate on your client dashboard.

There are no hidden fees, and you won’t need to pay any more royalties after it’s been purchased.

To show how trustworthy it is, you’ll find that up to 65% of the revenue share will go to the musicians themselves.

What Kind Of Licensing Can You Find On Jamendo?

What Kind Of Licensing Can You Find On Jamendo?

Jamendo has a variety of different licenses that can be used for different purposes.

However, if you want to use it for more than one thing, you can subscribe on a monthly or yearly basis.

These subscriptions are automatically renewed, and with these, you get unlimited access to over 250,000 tracks.

You can broadcast these tracks online, and if you want a single license, you get a 25% discount.

There are several different single-track licenses, and in this section, we’ll be taking a closer look at what each of these allows you to do. 

Personal License

A personal license will allow you to use the music you use for personal use only. That means you can use your track for family videos or school projects.

With a personal license, you can only use it for one project. Therefore, you can’t use it on a commercial basis, and no legal entity can use it.

Standard License

The standard license would be what you would use if you wanted to use it for a podcast.

You can only have one license for one project and allows APPs up to 1 million downloads.

These tracks can be used for podcasts, on-hold music, corporate videos, Youtube, and social media too. You could even use them on local radio, and TV pilots.

Large License

The large license contains everything that you wanted from the standard license and also covers limited TV, radio, and cinema.

Much like the standard license, it will only allow one license for a single project.

The tracks used on Jamendo can be used as cover tracks for national radio and local TV and cinema events.

You can have up to 50,000 physical copies and APPs that have up to 10,000,000 downloads. So you can broadcast the track in public places.

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Extended License

The extended license contains everything from the large license and also has a broader coverage to allow for commercial use.

Once more, you can only have one license for one project.

You can use the extended license for global radio and national TV and cinema, with physical copies of up to 500,000.

You even have unlimited APPs and downloads. Every track in this license can be played on National video-on-demand and subscription-video-on-demand.

That means you can use the track on any video platform.

Full-Scale License

For global commercial use, you can get the full-scale license which is unlimited and all-inclusive. To get access to this, you need to contact Jamendo directly.

Track Packs

However, if you want multiple licenses, you can purchase them with a track pack.

The prices vary depending on which licenses you choose and how many there are. But they can save you up to 30% when you purchase them in bulk.

Final Thoughts

royalty free music concept

As you can see, Jamendo offers a standard license that is perfect for podcasters.

However, you do need a different license for one project.

If you only have one podcast, then a standard license is perfect for your royalty-free music.

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