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Discover 6 Crucial Steps On How To Share My iTunes Podcasts

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how to share my itunes podcasts

If you want to share some of your favorite content with the world so they can understand you more, you might wonder how you can show people what you’ve been listening to on your iTunes podcast account. But, how to share my iTunes podcasts?

Apple makes it easy to share podcast episodes and series through their iTunes or Apple Podcast apps by selecting Share Show or Share Episode.

You can also copy the link to the episode or series and paste it somewhere, depending on how you send it to others.

Whether it’s a topic you’re keenly interested in, or a recent podcast episode that you created or guest-starred on, there are plenty of good reasons why you’d want to share this content with the world.

We’ll show you how to quickly and easily share a single episode or entire series with others to get them in on your podcast listening journey. 

How To Share My iTunes Podcasts

How to Share an iTunes Podcast

When you find a new podcast you love, it’s natural to wonder how to share my iTunes podcasts to others, especially if it’s something you’ve been part of creating.

After opening the Apple Podcast app, you can easily share a podcast series with someone else just by following these steps:

  1. Select the Library of your Podcasts section.
  2. Search for the name of the podcast show you’re looking for, or find it in your recent listening history.
  3. Once you’ve found the series, hold your finger down on it until the options pop up.
  4. Choose from either Share Show or Copy Link, depending on how you want to send it.
  5. With the Share Show button, you’ll be asked to choose from Messages, Mail, or other third-party apps to send it through.
  6. The Copy Link button can be selected if you want a URL of the podcast series to paste elsewhere then and send.

How To Share A Specific Episode

You’ve been recently enthralled by a podcast or guest-hosted episode. Then you thought, “how can I share my iTunes podcasts to others?” Well, you can easily send just the standalone episode to them.

Open up the Apple Podcast app on your phone and follow these steps:

  1. Select the Podcasts section and then Library.
  2. Search for the podcast series from which the episode is coming, and then scroll until you find the specific episode.
  3. Hold down on the episode with a long press which will give you the option to either Share Episode or Copy Link.
  4. If you choose Share Episode, it will come up with options for where and how to share it, including email, messages, and social media platforms.
  5. If you select Copy Link, it will create a copy of the URL for that episode which you can then paste into a message, email, or other apps.

Downloading And Saving Episodes

Downloading and Saving Episodes

A podcast can also be downloaded and saved so that it can be shared at a later time if you’re not ready to send a link now. This can also be done through the Apple Podcasts app by performing the following steps:

  1. Open the library of your podcasts.
  2. Select the chosen show and then wait for the information page to load.
  3. Find the episode you want to download and then swipe left on it. You should be allowed to download or bookmark it, signified by small icons of a downward pointing arrow or a bookmark.
  4. The episode will be automatically downloaded to your Downloads folder unless otherwise specified. You will be able to access it even when your phone is offline.

A Podcast Party

The podcasts we listen to can say a lot about us, and if you’ve found one that you’re mainly into, you might wonder how to share my iTunes podcasts with the world.

With these simple tips, you can share the joy with friends, family, and followers and market your very own podcast that you’re proud of creating. 


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