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Google Podcast Vs. Spotify

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google podcast vs spotify

With the popularity of podcasts on the rise, it’s important as a fan of this kind of content to use a podcasting app that’s right for you.

Whether you’re listening on the go or winding down before bed, you’ll want to have the best listening experience possible.

Google Podcasts and Spotify podcast apps are both huge in the podcasting industry, offering a wide range of podcasts covering many different topics.

If you’re wondering which one is best for you, then read this handy guide and compare these podcast apps before making your decision.


An important feature that should be included in every podcast app is the ability for its users to subscribe to new podcasts and their favorite shows.

This allows podcast listeners to stay informed about new episodes and announcements from their favorite podcasters.

Google Podcasts

Listen on Google Podcasts

Google podcasts launched in June 2018 and was developed by Google for Android devices. Google Podcasts (see also ‘Stitcher Vs. Google Podcasts‘) does allow users to subscribe to multiple different podcasts.

It also integrates with your Google Assistant so you can get notifications when new episodes are released.

The podcasts you are subscribed to are also easily accessible and can be found in the menu of your Google Podcast app.

It is also easy to unsubscribe if you are no longer interested in a show.


Spotify also allows you to subscribe to a podcast offering with a simple tap.

Any podcast addict can set up notifications on your device so that you can get updates directly from Spotify to your phone when new content is released.

Spotify also creates a list of new episodes of all your favorite podcasts in one place, so you know exactly what’s new at any given time.

Your subscriptions are easy to find in the menu, and you can also unsubscribe with one tap.

Offline Capability

A great podcasting app should allow you to download episodes of a podcast so you can listen to them without an internet connection.

This feature is great for listening on the go and saving your mobile data.

Google Podcasts

Google Podcasts does allow you to download episodes, however, this is a double-edged sword.

If you want to save an episode of a podcast, it will automatically download the episode.

While some might find it helpful, others might not want to download an episode of a podcast as it takes up too much memory.

The app does have great offline capability, but you can’t save an episode without downloading it.


With both the free and premium versions of Spotify, you can download podcast episodes to your phone for offline listening.

You can then find your downloads in Spotify’s user-friendly menu.

The only problem with the Spotify download system is that you need to go online at least once in a 30 day period to keep your episodes downloaded.

This is so that Spotify can collect play data and compensate podcasters for the number of listeners they receive.



The ability to curate and recommend podcasts specifically for you is another desirable feature for any podcast app.

This allows you to find new shows that peak your interest and lets podcasters reach their target audience.

Google Podcasts

This podcast app does offer recommendations to their users based on what they follow and their search habits. However, not all podcasts can be recommended.

Those with podcasts need to follow Google Podcast guidelines and meet their requirements to be able to be recommended to a wider audience.

These requirements might mean that a listener may not get as many recommendations as they could.


Spotify also offers numerous podcast recommendations for its users based on its algorithm.

They also take it one step further by recommending specific episodes of podcasts that you might be interested in.

Spotify has put a great system in place where it actually creates playlists of podcast episodes that you might enjoy.

This playlist is based on your own personal listening habits to help you find new shows.


Being able to create your own playlists is also a desirable feature you should look for in a podcast app.

It helps you organize your content and categorize your podcasts however you like.

Being able to start where you left off in an episode is also something you should look for.

Google Podcasts

Unfortunately, Google Podcast does not bookmark your spot in an episode and does not allow its users to create their own podcast playlist unless you are subscribed to the show you want to archive.

This isn’t an issue for some, but if you only enjoy certain episodes of a podcast and not the whole show, you won’t be able to add them to your playlist.

Despite this, you can create your own playlists for episodes of your favorite shows that you are subscribed to.


While Google Podcasts has restrictions on making playlists, Spotify allows you to add any episode from any show to your own playlist.

It also saves your place in an unfinished episode of a podcast for you to revisit later.

There is no limit to how many playlists you can make on the Spotify app, so you can order your podcasts however you want.

You can also name each playlist to help you find exactly what you’re looking for.

For example, you can create a playlist for gaming podcasts and then create a playlist for music podcasts.

Final Thoughts

Google Podcasts vs Spotify

Listening to podcasts has never been easier with the range of podcast apps available for you to download.

Google Podcasts and Spotify (see also ‘Google Podcasts Vs Apple Podcasts‘) are among the most popular and both have some great features that make them great podcast apps.

Some features you should consider include offline capability, organization, personalization, and subscription.

You can refer to this comparative guide when deciding which app is best for you.

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