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Free Podcast Courses – Get Ahead of the Curve!

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Free Podcast Courses

For beginner podcasters who are looking for some answers to becoming a podcasting expert, or you’re looking for some answers to some of your questions relating to podcasting, a podcast course is a great way to go.

A good podcast course will give you all the information you need and help you become a podcasting expert in no time! 

Podcast courses, even a free course, can help many different people in many different ways. They can support the launch of a new podcast, improve the marketing and promotion of your podcast and help you to make the most out of your content. 

Let’s have a look at the top podcasting courses!

GarageBand: Free Podcasting Training

This podcasting course will improve your knowledge of the podcasting world and allow you to develop your creative, business, and tech skills. This is one of the free podcasting courses you can take advantage of complimentary for one month.

You will learn all of the basic skills and ideas behind podcasts and improve your digital audio workstations, publish to streaming services like Apple podcasts, and much more! This is a great course for those looking at producing podcasts and improving them.


  • This program will help you to create a successful podcast.
  • Through this course, you will pick up skills in effects, music, and podcast directories.
  • It is a very popular course with great customer reviews and over 5,000 people have watched the tutorial already. 

Top Podcasting Courses Udemy

Udemy has some of the best courses (even some free courses) available for those who are interested in becoming a podcaster or improving their podcasting skills.

You are able to enroll in some of the best-selling courses which will allow you to grow your podcast and make it more financially successful.

These classes are created by people who have been in podcasting for years and are very skilled in the area. You will have instructors who will help you in your learning, recording, and editing software.


  • This course will teach you how to start a course on a budget.
  •  You will learn how to set up and use the podcast equipment.
  • You will learn how to record interviews over Skype and other programs.

Getting Your Podcast Off The Ground

This course has great modules that will help you to create your podcast from scratch. The modules cover lots of different topics, including how to earn money from a podcast and which microphones to use.

This course is an hour and 20 minutes long and it is combined with class projects to put your newly gained knowledge into practice. While this is quite a short course, it is great for those who just want a quick introduction to the world of podcasting.


  • This course is great for beginners who want to learn the basics of podcasting.
  • It is taught by an experienced podcaster. 
  • You can test your knowledge through a class project at the end of the course. 

How To Make A Podcast: Plan, Record, And Launch With Success (SkillShare)

This course will guide you through the entire process of creating your podcast. It will guide you through the podcast creation, publishing, and modern digital marketing techniques.

The course instructor has set out clear instructions on how to get started with your learning journey.


The Podcast Masterclass: The Complete Guide To Podcasting (Udemy)

This podcasting guide has all the information you need to record and publish a podcast. It is a fantastic guide on how to catapult your podcast to the next level.

It has everything you need to get your podcast up and running. This is a perfect way to learn the best way to grow your own show. You don’t need any experience to take part in this course, so it is great for beginners. 


  • Learn how to make premium and successful videos.
  • Expand your online business and improve your profits over time. 
  • Discover how to record interviews on Skype. 

Getting Your Podcast Off The Ground (Skillshare)

If you are looking to find out how you can create podcasts, then this podcast course is definitely the one for you. You will be given additional skills and instructions on the best ways to boost your business and market your podcast.

The main skills offered on this course are podcasting, interviewing, business, marketing and creativity. 


  • This course will set you up for a clear understanding of podcasting. 
  • You will be able to create your own podcast independently and have creative control.
  • You will get a comprehensive understanding of the entire podcast process from start to finish. 

Power Your Podcast With Storytelling (Creativelive)

If you are looking to make a storytelling podcast, this course is ideal for you. You will get tips and tricks on how to create powerful stories using audio.

This course provides you with 21 high-definition video lectures which will help you on your podcasting journey. You will be taught communication skills alongside some of the best storytelling courses.


  • On this course, you will learn how to interview guests on a podcast
  • You will also learn how to take your listeners on a journey. 
  • By the end of this course, you will have the skills to create better stories to easily connect with your podcast audience.

Final Thoughts 

Free Podcast Courses

These podcast courses are all fantastic at giving you a base understanding of how to create a successful podcast.

Whether you’re looking for some tips for your storytelling podcast to increase the number of listeners, or you’re searching for the best way to market your podcast to make the best possible profit, there is a course here for you! 

These podcast courses are all fantastic at giving you a base understanding of how to create a successful podcast. You can also find a free podcast course online to get started.

Additionally, there are a variety of books available on any podcast topic such as how to start a podcast that can provide additional depth and podcast insights into the world of audio production.

However, these paid courses can offer you more guidance and support while you work on your podcast. The investment is well worth the knowledge, expertise, and resources you’ll gain by taking a course from a reputable source.

Podcasts are listened to by so many people all over the world and creating a successful podcast is a great way to expel some creative energy and make some money, as well as spread important ideas.

Learn how to do a proper podcast launch or optimize your podcast episodes today using one of these great podcast training courses.

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