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Launch Essentials Podcasting Course By Colin Gray Review

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Launch Essentials Podcasting Course By Colin Gray Review

Podcasts are everywhere at the moment, and are growing in popularity each day.

With the rush of modern life, lots of us won’t always have the time to sit down and watch something.

Although, we do have the time to listen to things as we move about.

Podcasts have become the perfect mobile pastime, with shows that can entertain and inform us as we travel around during the day.

Over 274 million people listen to podcasts, and as a result, a lot of people want to break into the podcasting business themselves.

However, how do you make a successful podcast? How can you learn what to do and what not to do?

That’s where the “Launch Essentials Podcasting Course” by Colin Gray comes in.

This is a course that will teach you podcasting skills such as how to plan, make, and launch your first podcast.

In our detailed review below, we’re going to break down all that Colin Gray’s Launch Essentials Podcasting Course has to offer.

If you’re looking to start a podcast but don’t know how, our review will tell you whether this course is worth the money!

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An Overview Of The Launch Essentials Podcasting Course

The Launch Essentials Podcasting Course is an online paid course developed to teach you how to release your first podcast.

It will guide you through the steps of planning the podcast, creating it, and then finally launching it out into the podcasting world.

The course is available from the Podcraft Academy website. This is a website that offers tools on how to build and grow your podcast.

If you’re a member of the podcast host academy already, then you can get the Launch Essentials Podcasting Course for free.

If you’re not, however, you can buy the course on its own.

Colin Gray is your host for the course, and he’s a man with plenty of experience within the podcasting world.

He founded, a website for making podcasts, and The Podcast Host, a website that offers loads of resources to help you make a better podcast.

As you can see, Colin Gray knows what he’s talking about, which makes him the perfect host for the Launch Essentials Podcasting Course.

Naturally, he’s been both the podcast host and writer for over a decade. The course begins by teaching you how to plan a successful show.

Gray teaches you how to design a show beforehand so that it’s primed for success, as well as tailor it to an ideal audience and find the perfect format for your specific area.

After that, the Launch Essentials Podcasting Course guides you through the actual production of the podcast.

It teaches you podcast insights such as equipment that you will need, as well as audio recording and podcast editing tips that you’ll need to make sure that your show sounds properly professional.

Finally, with your podcast recorded, the course teaches you how to launch the show.

It has a detailed step-by-step guide that will tell you how to host your own podcast online, get it into the massively popular platform of Apple Podcast, and then plan for the growth of the show.

After all, you don’t want to find success and then not know how to evolve the podcast from there!

The course takes the form of 26 total lessons, with 29 video tutorials.

Each lesson has a text summary that you can refer back to for help, and the course also includes 5 eBooks on podcasting for additional deep learning.

There are also 2 interview guides and 4 checklists for time-saving. Finally, it also provides you with a podcast launch planner to print out.

Each of the lessons is carefully constructed, with some consisting of multiple videos, while others might consist of files or a mixture of videos and files.

The cost of the course is $140, which is reasonable for the sheer amount of content that you get.

Better yet, these are lessons that will last you a podcasting lifetime, they aren’t just things you’ll use once and forget.

What Does The Launch Essentials Podcasting Course Offer?

Detailed Podcast Planning Guide

Launch Essentials Podcasting Course By Colin Gray Review

It’s rare for something to succeed without any careful planning beforehand, and this is no different when it comes to podcasts.

If you want your podcast to succeed, it needs to be planned in detail before you begin, with a clear idea of what you’re going for, what you’re going to do, and who the audience is going to be.

The Launch Essentials Podcasting Course guides you through the all-essential planning stage before anything else, which is wise.

It has seven videos by Colin Gray, each covering a different aspect of planning.

For example, one video educates you on podcast artwork such as making your “avatar” in deciding who your show is going to be for.

Target audiences are important to success because it helps to guarantee your listeners.

Additionally, the course also teaches you about creating your uniqueness and then standing out because of it, as well as how to decide what format your podcast is going to take.

Finding the ideal format for your topic is key – your podcast could be a solo monologue, a conversation between you and guests, a storytelling narrative, and so on.

The course will also help you plan how long the podcast should be.

Length is important, because you don’t want the podcast to be too short that it’s frustrating, or too long that it drags on.

You’ll also be given a file on “the PAPA model”, a specific model for podcasting success that you can follow for inspiration.

Guide To Getting The Right Equipment

Guide To Getting The Right Equipment

An essential part of a podcast is the equipment that you use to record it with.

If your microphones are poor, then your audience won’t want to listen to the disappointing audio production.

The Launch Essentials Podcasting Course tells you how to get the right equipment for all the scenarios that you’re likely to come across when recording a podcast: recording yourself, recording interviews that are in-person, and recording interviews over online calls.

Recording online calls can be particularly difficult, given that your interviewees will have different microphones and the online call will probably lag out at some point.

Advice On Audio Editing

person editing podcast audio

A podcast also needs to be properly edited, otherwise, it will turn listeners away.

With the Launch Essentials Podcasting Course, you will learn about how to record your audio, as well as how to edit it.

There is a detailed guide on how to edit with Audacity, which is a free and easy piece of editing software.

Not everybody will have the money to buy professional editing software when they are just starting out in the podcasting business, so it’s handy that this course tells users how they can edit using popular and reliable free editing software.

However, the course also tells you how you can use the assisted editing features of Alitu, as well as its music tools and cleanup features.

Since Colin Gray founded Alitu, he’ll know best how to use it, so you can rely on his video guide.

With that being said, Alitu is a paid service (after a 7-day free trial), so it’s advice for those who have the money to spend on slightly more professional editing tools.

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An Explanation Of How To Distribute Your Podcast

Recording and editing the perfect podcast is all well and good, but you need podcast hosting and distribution.

The internet is a massive place and there are over 850,000 active podcasts running – this means that it’s easy for your podcast to get lost.

However, the Launch Essentials Podcasting Course has a text-based lesson to teach you about how to distribute your podcast to the major podcasting platforms, where the audiences will be the biggest.

The lesson explains how you can get into the massively popular Apple Podcasts, as well as Spotify and other platforms too.

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Launching And Growing Tips

Once your podcast is out there, you need to help it grow. The Launch Essentials Podcasting Course has a variety of videos on this, with different tips.

For example, it’ll guide you on how many episodes you should launch to really grab people’s attention.

On top of that, it’ll also guide you on how to use an existing audience to help you grow, or even use other people’s audiences.

Is The Launch Essentials Podcasting Course By Colin Gray Worth It?

We’ve looked at the key topic areas that the Launch Essentials Podcasting Course teaches you to help you start and continue a successful podcast.

As you’ve seen, there are loads of videos and files, all to help you with every important aspect of podcasting.

Though the cost may seem expensive, the information that you receive will guide you in podcasting indefinitely.

Better yet, Colin Gray is one of the most experienced podcasting teachers you could ask for. It’s worth it!

Final Thoughts

The Launch Essentials Podcasting Course by Colin Gray is a detailed course that will help you succeed with your first podcast.

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