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The Best Tennis Podcast To Follow And Enjoy

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The Best Tennis Podcast

Podcasts are an amazing way to keep yourself entertained for a long period of time. You can listen to them while working and others listen to them whilst exercising or at the gym.

They can also be just a great way to chill out.

Tennis is one of the most popular sports in the world so there must be some really good podcasts that cover it. Spoiler there are many and in this article we will cover the best of the best. 

If you are only looking to keep up with the latest tennis news or you want to learn more about the game from some of the experts then read on and we will have you covered.

1. The Tennis Podcast

This podcast gives you everything you can ask for in a tennis podcast.

It is hosted by David Law, Matt Roberts and Catherine Walker, this trio is great at keeping the show nice and casual and have some big named guests in the tennis world on the show fairly regularly.   

When the Grand Slam tournaments come around then the podcast truly becomes a new level of entertainment but for the remainder of the year, it is still a really fun and interesting listen.

The show has a large focus on tennis in the United Kingdom due to that being the base for the podcast. 

Although the podcast does spend a lot of time talking about tennis, the local region and coming from a more UK perspective on some players they do still recognize that they have a worldwide audience. 

The podcast has been running for over a decade so there is plenty of content to get through and the hosts all have some amazing chemistry. 

the tennis podcast

2. Behind The Racquet Pod

This podcast is not just great for learning a lot about tennis but also for those who are looking to find a podcast that is not afraid to tackle some of the hard topics of tennis like the mental health aspect to the sport. 

The hosts Noah Rubin and Mike Cation do not shy away from touching on the sensitive topic that the majority of podcasts will not touch upon.

They discuss how important mental health is in the sport and go in-depth on how some tennis players struggles have ruined their careers. 

In terms of guests the podcast has many current touring players on to talk and answer questions whilst the hosts and the audience learn all about some of the athletes at the very top of the sport.

3. No Challenges Remaining

This podcast is very popular with it being one of the very first podcasts focused on the sport of tennis.

Over time they have gained a large following with even those who were not actively looking for a tennis podcast have found it and enjoyed it due to how large and well renowned it is in the podcast scene.

The hosts usually tell plenty of noteworthy stories from the sport whilst keeping the whole thing light hearted and entertaining meaning you will not get bored listening to this brilliant podcast.

The podcast also centers heavily around the Women’s Tennis Association and when it is on tour they focus heavily on it. 

They do also cover the Association of Tennis Professionals stories too but wirth most tennis podcasts already covering mostly the ATP it is nice to have one that centers around the WTA which usually does not get as much attention from other podcasts.

4. Podcast podcast

This podcast belongs to the Tennis Channel podcast network which has many amazing podcasts, but one of the best to start with is the podcast.

The host Nina Pantic pairs up with her co host and current touring partner Irina Falconi.

Having a professional tennis player as one of the hosts gives the podcast a unique selling point that many do not have to compete with.

She brings a whole new level of analysis to the podcast and ensures that people who listen truly can appreciate how much work goes into trying to make a living doing a sport that they love and want to be successful in.

Although the podcast episodes are on the shorter end of the typical length of podcasts, they balance this out with the level of content they provide being second to none having amazing guests and also tell the truth behind the sport and those trying to make it. 

Listening to this podcast gives the best look into the fact that making it is not always going to mean the glitz and glamor that the best players enjoy.

5. The Body Serve

Now we have The Body Serve. This podcast is unlike any we have covered up until now.

It takes a more lighthearted approach to the sport and keeps everything fun and tries its hardest to always be entertaining. 

Best Tennis Podcast (1)

They keep it fun and quirky but also do not let that stop them from being knowledgeable about players and still teaching the audience a thing or two about the sport, they will also cover stories that some other podcasts will not cover due to them being funny or just not big news.

If you are looking for an entertaining podcast then this one certainly fits the bill, this lighthearted take on a sport that is mostly taken very seriously is refreshing and gives the ultimate relaxing and friendly place to go listen to the latest news and funny stories. 

6. The Racquet Magazine Podcast

Next up is the newest podcast of all the ones we have listed. The Racquet Magazine Podcast calls itself an unfiltered look at the world of tennis.

This approach is helped by one of the hosts being the infamous Rennae Stubbs who fills the podcasts with amazing stories all from her professional career.

She has amazing chemistry with Caitlyn Thompson and she remains in contact with many people on tour.

The listeners will not have loads of analysis so if you are looking for that then this podcast may not be for you. 

The show comes from a more casual angle and is perfect for those fans who are just looking for some fun stories and a conversation rather than heavy analysis and full breakdown of the sports current ongoing events. 

7. The Mini Break

This podcast is perfect for those looking for a short snappy daily podcast. This show does not drag on and outstay its welcome.

It gives you that perfect short form content every day that is a refreshing change front the countless other podcast that just never seem to end. 

Having the podcast be an easy-to-consume show with a group that talks about all the tennis game news for the day means that they do not rehash any topics as they are constantly being on the lookout for the next news.

The show is not just news however they also have some other features that can help to fill out the time on slower news days.

They have debates during the shows that can grab the attention of all tennis fans regardless of which side of the debate you are on.

It is not the most standout podcast and does not really have a gimmick that sets itself apart from the crowd. Nor does it have a cast of star studded talent and former pros, it is just a group of people who make great content that anyone would enjoy. 

8. Holding Court With Patrick McEnroe

This podcast is hosted by one of the legends of the game being both a player and commentator in his time.

He has been running the podcast for years and has some incredible insight into the world of tennis. 

The length of the episodes is around 30 minutes long on average and due to him typically being on tour with whatever tournament he is working on you get an incredible and unique perspective that fans will never be able to see. 

He may at times be biased towards some players but that can easily be looked over due to how unique the podcast is and also most podcast hosts have a slight bias towards their favorite player or players.

Final Thoughts

So there we have it, eight of the very best tennis podcasts that you can start listening to right now.

Each of them all have their own advantages that make them stand out from the ocean that is tennis podcasting. 

Is there a clear ‘Best Tennis Podcast’, no there is not any of them would have a claim to be the best and maybe some are better than others but each of them have a fantastic catalog of content that will likely take years to fully get through. 

So give each of these essential tennis podcast a go and if you find the perfect one for you then enjoy the seemingly endless amounts of tennis content as whilst sport exists there will always be podcasts to talk about it.

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