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Best Podcast For Learning English

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Best Podcast For Learning English

Why Should I Learn With English Podcasts?

Podcasts for learning English are a brilliant way to learn the language easily and efficiently for non native English speakers.

You can also listen to them anytime irrespective of whether you are sitting at a desk studying or you are commuting to work.

There is no better way to pass time during your morning commute than by indulging in an entertaining English podcast.

With commitment, listening to English language podcasts will easily enable you to improve your language learning, communication, and listening skills.

Another benefit of listening to podcasts is that many of them will also include transcripts alongside the audio itself.

This means that you will be able to listen and read along at the same time, navigating different accents and improving your skill set by proxy.

How Do I Use English Podcasts To Enhance My Listening Skills?

Best Podcast For Learning English

Listening to podcasts is a great way to enhance your English listening skills, and there are numerous techniques that you can adopt in order to obtain the best results in regard to improving your listening skills.

These techniques are as follows:

Listen To White Noise

Listening to white noise as podcasts may seem counterintuitive.

However, if you listen to English speaking podcasts while you are engaging in other tasks, you will actually obtain a heightened awareness of the language as your brain will be naturally more engaged.

Listen For A Second Time Attentively

After you have listened to the podcast as background noise (white noise), you should then listen to it for a second time while paying close attention to it.

Your brain will be attuned to the expressions and words that you recognize and you can always reduce the audio speed in order to digest more complicated words and phrases.

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Read The Transcript Where Available

Reading the transcript while you pay close attention to a podcast will help you to retain the information that has been outlined, absorbing the words by proxy.

This is incredibly beneficial as you will be absorbing the information through numerous channels (your eyes and ears) which helps your brain to comprehend new words by proxy.

Repeat Sentences And Words Out Loud

You should speak like no one else is watching and pause your podcast whenever you want to practice different words, phrases, and vocabulary tasks that are new to you.

Repeating these phrases will help you to perfect your pronunciation.

This will also help to extend your English grammar and vocabulary in numerous situations and you will be more likely to engage with others within your place of work.

The Best Podcasts To Listen To For English Learners

The best podcasts for you to listen to improve your spoken English are as follows:

The English We Speak

Close your textbook and listen to this phenomenal podcast brought to you by the experts at the BBC.

This podcast is specifically tailored to those who are learning the English language and it focuses its attention on everyday slang and phrases that you will encounter.

You will become accustomed to the type of English that is typically spoken by native speakers.

This podcast is published on a weekly basis, and each episode lasts for four minutes.

There are numerous examples of commonly used expressions that are explored during the series including key phrases like “take the Mickey”.

English is spoken slower during these podcasts to ensure that you are able to follow along at a steady pace.

Each syllable has been pronounced clearly and succinctly.

The typical format involves two presenters discussing and having a normal conversation.

They also use sound effects in order to give the impression that these people are located in a variety of locations.

Podcasts In English

Podcasts In English

This podcast is filled with an abundance of variety that showcases the very best of the English language.

This podcast is comprehensively filled with programs tailored towards beginners, intermediates, and upper intermediates.

There are numerous podcast episodes for those who need to learn English for business purposes.

These lessons are succinctly conducted in English and feature a variety of conversations between different speakers.

This podcast is also highly interesting as a wide range of topics is discussed.

Some of the topics that are discussed include horse riding experiences and social media platforms.

The short nature of these podcasts is highly useful and they are also supported by worksheets, vocabulary-focused tasks, and an accurate transcript.

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There is something for everybody in this podcast.

This series is created by Innovative Language and is tailored toward those with a beginning or intermediate understanding of the English language.

You can also choose between four different levels of learning to match your individual needs and desires.

These podcasts are presented by hosts who perform different scenes.

Once the scene has finished, it is then repeated at a slower speed so you can properly absorb the information that is being outlined.

The next section of each episode outlines the information that is culturally specific before focusing on phrases and vocabulary.

They also outline definitions of some of the language that is contained within the scenes.

The final section of each podcast focuses on grammar.

Thus, this is the best podcast to listen to if you are seeking a breadth of well-rounded knowledge.

Splendid Speaking

You can tailor your English language skills to perfection by listening to this intriguing and insightful podcast.

The episodes contained within this podcast are designed for those who consider themselves to be advanced language learners.

They offer a unique approach to learning about different aspects of the English language.

Every episode contains interviews and discussions with those who are not natively English speakers.

They also include feedback and advice from experts about how to perfect your English language skills.

This is a highly effective means of learning how to articulate yourself with the utmost clarity.

It is also fun to hear how others have experienced learning the English language.

You may be able to highlight some of the mistakes that they are making which can also be useful for your own learning process.

Better @ English

This is a highly diverse podcast that contains a plethora of real conversations with native English speakers.

The topics are wide-ranging and are discussed at normal speed.

Listening to conversations at normal speed is a great way to supplement your textbook learning.

This also provides the student with a sense of familiarity so that they can keep up with the pace of the English language in their day-to-day lives.

This podcast also highlights common expressions and idioms that are used by native speakers.

This podcast is best suited for those who consider themselves to be at an intermediate level.

If you are a beginner that wishes to challenge yourself further, then you can also gain a lot by listening to this English language podcast.

These podcasts are helpfully accompanied by transcripts that you can follow while listening.

Voice Of America Learning English

This is a brilliant podcast series that incorporates a wide variety of subjects in everyday English vocabulary.

There is so much contained within these podcasts that you will be inundated with numerous choices to expand your knowledge of the English language.

Voice of America is a news and information service that showcases a series of different themes and topics in English.

Within the audio, there is a weekly news program, programs about the history of the United States, cultural aspects of American life, and a focus on the idioms that are used in American English.

All of the episodes are narrated by English speakers who speak at a reduced speed in order to enhance your absorption of the English language.

This podcast makes the perfect addition to your learning tools as it provides you with numerous structural lessons that are highly beneficial.

Similarly to conventional radio shows, every podcast has been divided into specific sections that utilize music alongside sound effects in order to provide an immersive audio experience.

Business English Pod

If you are going to engage in business activities within English-speaking countries and you want to enhance your language skills, then this is the perfect podcast in order to broaden your overall awareness of the English language within a business setting.

Business English Pod provides an immersive audio experience alongside insights into the business world.

The podcast highlights important language that is used within everyday business activities within American culture and English-speaking countries.

The episode also outlines a simplistic structure with the host focusing on a set topic for a number of minutes.

Transcripts, vocabulary guidance, and quizzes accompany each episode which is highly useful.

This series makes the assumption that your working knowledge of the English language is at a reasonable level.

However, it does not assume that you are an expert by any means.

The English contained within this podcast is spoken at a slower-than-normal pace and is relatively easy to follow.

The diction contained within this podcast is also exemplary, perfect for advanced learners.

Thus, Business English Pod provides you with the utmost insight into how business language is used within English-speaking companies without overwhelming you.


To conclude, the podcasts that I have outlined in this article are all brilliant choices for those who want to expand their knowledge of the English language.

Irrespective of the stage in the learning process, beginners or advanced English learners will undoubtedly be able to find a podcast to suit your needs from the list above.

I hope that you have found this article to be insightful and informative. Thank you for reading.

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