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Best Guided Meditation Podcasts

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Best Guided Meditation Podcasts

Whether you’re a beginner or if you have been practicing meditation for a decent amount of time, there is no shame in wanting some help and guidance to make your mindful exercises even better.

Guided meditations simply allow you to receive all the benefits that you would normally receive from meditation without the worry of your mind wandering and getting preoccupied. 

A lot of guided meditation podcasts will often be hosted by teachers and experts within meditation so it can help give you a clearer understanding of this amazing exercise along with a lot of information and benefits you may have never known about.

Here are some of the very best guided meditation podcasts to try out so that you can feel that sense of relaxation and euphoria with each and every episode.

Main Benefits Of Meditating

woman meditating

If you have never tried meditating before or have never built up the courage to try it out due to thinking it could be a little too difficult or that it doesn’t hold any benefits, there are actually a huge amount of positives that can come from even a small meditation session, some of these include: 

  • Being able to de-stress in a healthy and safe way 
  • Increased self-awareness 
  • Reducing negative emotions 
  • Greater discipline of our emotions in daily life 
  • Reduce anxiety (also see, ‘Podcasts For Anxiety‘)
  • Improves sleep hygiene 
  • Generates empathy and kindness 

There are just a handful of benefits that can come from regular meditation, and there’s no better way to get started and maintain a consistent meditation pattern than to be guided through it by the best meditation podcasts.

Try out some of these to find your new favorite show to teach you about this incredible mindful activity.

1) The Mindful Minute Podcast

the mindful minute

In each 30-minute episode of this podcast, prominent meditation teacher Meryl Arnett eases beginners into a sense of peacefulness and tranquility extremely easily.

She carefully guides the listener through their meditative experience while feeding in some very light everyday topics to keep the listening experience casual and friendly. 

With episodes released every 3 days, The Mindful Minute Podcast is perfect for beginners who are just getting the hang of meditation and beginning to learn about its benefits and inner workings, provided by one of the friendliest and most charismatic teachers out there.

2) Meditation Minis 

meditation minis

The goal of this popular award-winning podcast is to help people reduce their stress and anxiety levels in as short an amount of time as possible, and with each episode being between 5 to 15 minutes long and often being released in pairs, the podcast more than succeeds in this area.

Host Chel Hamilton uses her experience as a hypnotherapist to use several techniques and methods to ease listeners into a state of peace and tranquility with each episode having a light and relatable topic such as how to reflect on an evening’s work and how the clouds can help with our meditation.

The Meditation Minis Podcast provides perfect bitesize episodes which can help you relax and practice your meditation when you’re on a quick break or need something to help you de-stress incredibly quickly.

3) The Daily Shine

The Daily Shine releases an episode every single day that’s dedicated to providing an accessible and informative space for everyone interested in self-care and meditation.

The Daily Shine provides in-depth and practical advice on meditation including how to sit while practicing, what to think about while in a peaceful state, and breathing techniques to get you up to speed with how to practice meditation the right way. 

Each episode begins with a short relaxing talk about several aspects of life that we may not usually think about such as our feelings waking up every morning or how much we value our close bonds with those around us.

Every episode of this brief meditation session will leave you feeling refreshed and focused for the day ahead. 

4) The Rubin Mindfulness Meditation Podcast

This podcast takes a bit more of a unique format for each of its 30-minute episodes.

Each episode focuses on a piece of incredible artwork from the Himalayan region, as several well-known teachers from the meditation world such as Sharon Salzberg and Tracy Cochran discuss the history and importance of each object before leading into a guided meditation towards the end. 

Best Guided Meditation Podcasts

The Himalayas are where Hindus were known to travel in order to meditate and replenish their tapas or their ‘Spiritual heat’.

The area is very closely related to the mindful practice, and even from listening to the history of the objects in this podcast, you get a sense of just how interwoven meditation really is into all aspects of life, granting some fascinating context to leave you knowing much more about the activity before partaking in it yourself at the end of each episode. 

5) Tara Brach Podcast

tara brach podcast

Tara Brach uses her PhD. in Clinical Psychology, along with her years of experience in meditation, to provide a warm and inviting podcast.

Tara carefully guides listeners through a mediation session based on a particular topic to focus on throughout, including a mindfulness practice on how to feel alive and present in the current moment and how to understand and acknowledge our own appreciation for those around us.

This podcast doesn’t just provide weekly guided meditation sessions. Each episode is also paired with a separate and slightly longer one that goes over some key ideas and mindfulness practices within meditation to understand and practice to improve our health and general well-being for both our mind and body. 

6) Meditation Station 

Meditation station

The ever-charismatic, funny, and friendly Stin Hansen hosts this fantastic podcast. where each week she leads the listeners through both the basics and some of the more advanced techniques that come with meditation.

This podcast comes in a much more casual format as if you’re discussing and trying out meditation and other peaceful activities with one of your close friends.

With some episodes leading you into a meditative deep sleep and others teaching you a language while you meditate, Hansen provides a huge variety of mental health topics and discussions all mixed into the guided meditation practice itself to make each and every episode all the more exciting to keep up with and follow. 

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7) The Daily Meditation Podcast

If you’re a little busy in your life currently but want to still practice your meditation without needing to take an hour or two to do it, The Daily Meditation Podcast provides quick and easy 8 to 15-minute episodes.

Hosted by Mary Meckley, it teaches the listeners how to stay calm and discipline their emotions in frantic and busy times, and how they can find inner peace and practice gratitude through meditation.

This podcast is not only extremely consistent with an episode coming out every 2 or 3 days, it also gives you all the information you need to practice meditation in the current moment.

Along with all the positive effects it can have on your mind, body and inner emotions, this podcast is perfect for when you need to slow down after rushing around throughout the day. 

8) Untangle Podcast

Untangle podcast

The Untangle Podcast is all about guiding listeners on when and how exactly they should be meditating in order to retrieve as many of its positive benefits as possible.

Each week, renowned psychologists and neuroscientists are invited onto the show to give slightly more scientific insight into how exactly meditation affects the mind, and what techniques are considered the best when trying to reach a state of calmness and tranquility.

With short and snappy episodes that don’t overstay their welcome, this podcast is a perfect morning meditation and when you just want to make sure that you are meditating as effectively as you can. 

9) Peace Out Podcast

Peace Out podcast

If you have kids who are eager to get into meditation themselves, or who you think would benefit greatly from its calming effects, the Peace Out Podcast takes a more child-friendly approach to its teachings (also see, ‘Top Podcasts For Sleep‘).

This podcast offers guidance with each episode featuring a short story that keeps kids engaged, while at the same time teaching about the basic breathing techniques and visualization exercises required for meditation (also see, ‘Podcasts For Teenagers‘). 

Casual, fun, and perfect to put on just before bedtime, there really is no better child-friendly meditation podcast than Peace Out, and with exciting stories that the kids are sure to look forward to every single week, you definitely won’t want to miss out on this guided meditation podcast. 


Meditation podcasts are now some of the most popular types of podcasts on the internet, and it’s no surprise that they became so well received since part of the process of practicing meditation is having someone else there to teach and guide you while giving you the information and resources you need to reach your own point of enlightenment through this mindful activity. 

Try out a few of these podcasts and see which is the best meditation podcast for you, and try to keep up with each and every episode to remain consistent in your meditative activities so that you can really reap the benefits that it offers. 

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