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Best Podcasts For Anxiety 

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Anxiety Podcast

For those of you who suffer from anxiety, you may know the calming relief that comes with plugging in your headphones.

With the rise in wellness products, applications and books it was only natural that podcasts would follow suit. Anxiety is just an umbrella term used to describe the feelings you have but individuals can suffer from different forms of the condition. 

Podcasts are a free and easy resource that can help users wherever they are. We’ve broken down the best anxiety podcasts into different categories to help target various forms of anxiety. 

#1 The Anxious Achiever – Workplace Anxiety

Some of us suffer from anxiety around our careers and workplace which often involves feeling stressed, nervous and tense. Morra Arron-Mele, the host of the podcast, is determined to reframe the narrative surrounding our mental health in the workplace.

Guests featured on the show are experts in their field and are open about their own mental health journeys, from writers to investors there are a wide range of career paths listeners can relate to.

They hope to inspire others with their stories and provide some comfort and hope within a usually dismal corporate world. 

Episodes aren’t really brought out on a specific timeline, so you have to be willing to go with the flow with this one. 

#2 Anxiety Slayer – General Anxiety 

General anxiety can be mild or severe and completely take hold of your life. Characterized by feelings of fear, worry, and unease this condition is becoming increasingly widespread around the U.S.

The Anxiety Slayer is an award-winning podcast that markets itself as a resource for those who have anxiety, PTSD or panic-attack disorders. 

There are hundreds of episodes hosted by Shann and Ananga that target a number of different issues surrounding anxiety such as unwanted thoughts, triggers and how to look after yourself.

Titles of the episodes are clearly labelled for quick access when you’re looking for some guidance and help. 

Other episodes are focused on guided meditation and relaxation techniques making the podcast an all-encompassing haven for listeners. You can find new episodes on a weekly basis. 

#3 Social Anxiety Solutions – Social Anxiety 

Many people live with social anxiety, meaning they become uncomfortable and nervous in social situations. As humans are complex social beings, this can make life very hard for individuals who suffer from this disorder. 

Social Anxiety Solutions is a podcast which focuses on techniques and tools to help its listeners cope with social situations. Psychology experts and trained therapists are interviewed in the podcast to give their expert opinions and advice. 

Each episode tackles a different area of social anxiety in short bursts of information, these are released every few days. 

Best Podcasts For Anxiety

#4 UnF*ck Your Brain – For Women

UnF*ck Your Brain is targeted at high-achieving feminists that suffer from anxiety disorders. The podcast is hosted by a certified confidence coach, Kara Loewentheil. 

Using cognitive-based psychology techniques and insights from feminist theory Kara aims to help women overcome their fears and worries about personal issues, business and family life.

Many episodes also feature various female industry leaders and experts to provide their thoughts and opinions on the many issues that can lead to women developing anxiety. 

The episodes come out once a week and are in really manageable time frames for busy and on-the-go women. 

#5 Yeah, No. I’m Not Ok – For People Of Color 

Dianne Guerrero talks about mental health issues within her community rather than anxiety specifically. The aim of the podcast is to help young people of color to access mental health resources as they are disproportionately affected by these issues with limited help. 

Each week different topics such as body image, depression, addiction and anxiety that affect people all over the world.

This is done through the host’s conversations with friends, colleagues, activists and healthcare professionals who have experienced the relevant issues to help and encourage the healing of others. 

Episodes come out weekly and feature resources in the episode description related to the content, including money off therapy sessions with their associated partners. 

#6 Bottoming – LGBTQ+ Mental Health 

A great mental health podcast for the LGBTQ+ community is Bottoming. The podcast aims to highlight the disparities in mental health between the straight and LGBT communities, as mental health issues can impact them on a larger scale. 

Hosted by UK-based Matthew and Brenden aim to make important topics accessible, a little bit lighthearted and approachable. If you have a dry, British sense of humour you’ll love the dark humour they bring to the show with anecdotes from their own lives. 

One or two episodes are brought out each month with all of them tending to be under an hour long. 

Final Thoughts 

Podcasts can be great free resources for those who suffer from anxiety. We hope you found this list helpful. 

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