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Podcasts For Kindergarteners

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Podcasts For Kindergarteners

Part of the beauty of podcasts is they are accessible to everyone and anyone, regardless of gender, birthplace but also age.

There’s a podcast tailored for every person including ones that kindergarteners and younger children can find extremely fun and entertaining too.

Podcasts can not only be an incredibly engaging way to teach kids a bit more about a subject when out of kindergarten or school, however they can also be a perfect way to keep the kids occupied when they are in a bit of a restless mood or can’t keep still in the car during a day trip.

Luckily, podcasts are not just for going down rabbit holes of interesting thoughts and ideas, there are many that are much simpler and more fun and engaging for younger audiences that are perfect to show kindergarteners, with these podcasts listed below being some of the best.

#1 Big Life Kids Podcast

Big Life Kids Podcast

While as adults we may reminisce on the easier times of our lives when we were kids, being a child can actually be quite challenging and tough especially as kindergarteners are first introduced to pre-school and being away from their parents for the first time.

The Big Life Kids Podcast features energetic hosts Zara and Leo as they travel across the world meeting other kids who have changed the world through some amazing discoveries, whether it’s learning about the wonders of the internet or what animals live where in the world and their habitats.

This podcast is a wonderful mixture of light education and fun facts mixed with an engaging adventure styled tone which is sure to keep kids occupied as they listen.

#2 Short & Curly

Short & Curly

Short & Curly is an incredible podcast which manages to teach kids about the deeper issues and questions of the world in an easy to understand and bitesize manner.

With 13 minutes an episode and incredibly creative titles that lightly refer to more realistic issues, it is an excellent and fun podcast that can give kindergarteners and young children an idea of the world they are stepping into.

Whether it’s an episode about how we can, and if we should, colonize other planets in space or if we should trust a robot who suddenly lands on Earth, Short & Curly provides a wide variety of fun and educational adventures.

#3 Stories Podcast

Stories Podcast

There’s not much kids love more than a good story, not only to send them to sleep, but also to get them into the rhythm of reading and providing meaningful and memorable stories for them to enjoy.

The Stories Podcast features smooth spoken and engaging retellings of some favorite child stories and fairytales ranging from Snow White all the way to Little Red Riding Hood.

With episodes lasting just a few minutes to others that are longer series focusing on one story, this is a perfect and enjoyable podcast to throw on for the kids while in the car, or to peacefully send them into a deep sleep.

#4 Purple Rocket Podcast

Purple Rocket Podcast

Another adventure based podcast which is fun to follow along with not just for kids, but for all the family, the Purple Rocket Podcast features a selection of exciting adventures that span over a few episodes that actually contain much deeper meanings.

‘Grandpa’s Globe’ for example is just one of the many globetrotting adventures with aliens, fairies and everything else you could imagine being involved, however thanks to the excellently passionate commentary by Greg Webb, each episode is more thrilling than the next and is a perfect podcast to throw on if you’re kids are in for a long car journey and need something to keep them occupied.

#5 Making Math Moments That Matter

Making Math Moments That Matter

For those kindergarteners who are starting to enjoy math and love shouting out the answers to questions they often see in the classroom, this podcast has episodes tailored for all age ranges from 3 all the way up to 18, meaning even after you have showed it to the kids, you can even test your own mathematic skills out at a different time.

A great way to provide some very light educational entertainment that can help gear a child up for the classroom, Making Math Moments That Matter is a great podcast that should be listened to not just by kindergarteners, but for all ages.


Podcasts have no limits, anyone can listen to them and this even includes kindergarteners.

Whether you are looking for something to prepare a child for the classroom, to start teaching them about the wider issues they might face in the world, or just a fun and excitable adventure that they can get involved with, try out some of these podcasts to see which grabs your child’s attention the most and keeps them engaged the longest.

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