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10 Best Dateline Podcast Episodes in 2024

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Best Dateline Podcast Episodes

Dateline is a true-crime podcast offering a deep dive into fascinating criminal cases with compelling storytelling and thorough investigations. It blends current and classic cases, captivating those interested in storytelling and the pursuit of truth.

Episodes range from solved cold cases to those defying logic, all promising a significant impact on listeners. Highlighting the efforts of dedicated investigators, Dateline presents a diverse collection of stories, making it a challenge to choose a starting point. Here’s a guide to the must-listen episodes for newcomers.

Key Takeaways

  • The Dateline podcast combines gripping storytelling with in-depth investigations to explore remarkable criminal cases.
  • Each episode offers insight into cold cases solved, bizarre cases, and impressive behind-the-scenes efforts from investigative teams.
  • Dateline’s extensive catalogue, featuring both current and classic cases, leaves a lasting impact on listeners who seek the truth.

Top 10 Dateline Podcasts

Top Dateline Podcasts
  1. Deep in the Woods: A detailed look into the life of a seemingly perfect family, unraveling secrets leading to a chilling truth.
  2. Into the Night: The mysterious disappearance of 23-year-old Kaylee Sawyer after a bachelorette party, highlighting law enforcement’s perseverance.
  3. Secrets in the Mist: The brutal murder of Eva Weinfurtner during a vacation, uncovering unimaginable tragedy.
  4. Death of a Golden Girl: Exploring the tragic death of a young woman with a promising future, shaking her community.
  5. Over the Edge: A couple’s dark turn revealed through an investigation into hidden secrets and sinister intentions.
  6. The Clearing: A murder investigation uncovers a web of lies, questioning the motives of those closest to the victim.
  7. Mommy Doomsday: The twisted story of a mother’s dangerous obsession, showing the dark side of motherhood.
  8. The Phone Call: A mysterious call leads to the reopening of a cold case, showcasing perseverance in investigation.
  9. Cold Case: New evidence reopens a decades-old murder case, highlighting advances in forensic science.
  10. Ransom: A revisited kidnapping case explores negotiation tactics and the psychological impact of cold cases.

Unraveling The Mystery

As a fan of the true crime genre, I’m always on the lookout for compelling episodes that dive deep into mysterious and captivating cases. Dateline offers an unparalleled depth into these investigations, thanks to their top-notch reporting, gripping storytelling, and emotional interviews. I’ve recently explored some riveting Dateline podcast episodes that particularly stand out to me for their ability to unveil the mysteries surrounding them.

Deep in the Woods

In “Deep in the Woods,” the episode explores the unbelievably complex and chilling case of a seemingly perfect family. A hockey player and his beautiful wife appear to have it all, until tragedy strikes. This episode delves into the twists and turns that investigators face, while they unwrap secrets hidden beneath the veneer of this seemingly picture-perfect life. The listener is taken along for the roller-coaster ride uncovering the truth, as investigators piece together the puzzle, making it a must-listen for any true-crime fanatic.

Into the Night

Another captivating episode, “Into the Night,” tells the harrowing tale of 23-year-old Kaylee Sawyer, who disappears after a night at her friend’s bachelorette party. Her sudden disappearance leaves her loved ones and law enforcement baffled, launching a complex and heart-wrenching investigation. This episode showcases not only the dedication and perseverance of law enforcement but also highlights the impact of Kaylee’s loss on her family and friends. The listener is transported through the emotional and intense journey, as each breadcrumb found contributes to the unraveling of the mystery.

Secrets in the Mist

Finally, the “Secrets in the Mist” episode explores the case of Eva Weinfurtner, who is brutally murdered during a relaxing vacation. Her boyfriend, Stephen Reitz, awakes to find himself in the middle of an unfolding nightmare. This episode leads the listener through startling twists and revelations, shedding light on an otherwise unimaginable tragedy. The story engages the listener, not just due to the crime itself, but also because of the strength and resilience shown by those affected by the horrific event.

In conclusion, the episodes I’ve highlighted here have thoroughly captivated me with their ability to bring these complex and tragic stories to life. These Dateline podcast episodes exemplify what the true-crime genre can achieve, unraveling mysteries and providing insight into the world of investigation. I strongly encourage fellow true-crime fans to delve into these episodes and appreciate their gripping storytelling and unwavering commitment to seeking the truth.

Remarkable Cases

Death of a Golden Girl

In the “Death of a Golden Girl” episode, we dive into the tragic story of a young woman who seemed to have the world at her feet. As her life unfolds, the mysterious circumstances surrounding her death leave us wondering who could be responsible for this devastating crime. This case was a homicide that shook the community and raised questions about the relationships in her life.

Over the Edge

The “Over the Edge” episode tells the gripping story of a seemingly perfect couple whose lives took a dark turn. As the events unfold, we follow an investigation that reveals hidden secrets and sinister intentions. This murder case highlights the fragility of trust and how a seemingly perfect life can unravel with just one push.

The Clearing

In “The Clearing,” we delve deep into a case involving the sudden disappearance and subsequent murder of a beloved community member. As investigators dig deeper, a complex network of lies and deceit comes to light, leaving us questioning the motives of those closest to the victim. This homicide case is a chilling reminder that sometimes, the people we think we know best can harbor sinister secrets.

Mommy Doomsday

The “Mommy Doomsday” episode takes us on a horrific journey into the twisted world of a mother who put her own interests before the lives of her children. With a web of deception and manipulation, this case exposes the dark side of motherhood and reveals the lengths some people will go to maintain their own sense of control. This murder case is a harrowing exploration of family, loyalty, and the ultimate betrayal.

Impressive Reporting and Interviews

Dennis Murphy

I have always admired Dennis Murphy’s reporting on Dateline NBC. His ability to cover true crime mysteries with a blend of empathy and professionalism is truly impressive. It never fails to amaze me how he is able to connect with interview subjects and draw out essential information in a sensitive manner. His interviews add layers of depth and intrigue to the podcast episodes, making them even more compelling.

Andrea Canning

Andrea Canning is another outstanding correspondent on Dateline. I appreciate her dedication to conducting in-depth investigations, which significantly enhances the listening experience. Her interviews with key figures in cases are detailed and thought-provoking, allowing listeners to better understand complex aspects of the story. Canning’s commitment to uncovering all facets of a crime keeps me engaged and invested in the episodes she covers.

Josh Mankiewicz

Josh Mankiewicz, a respected veteran journalist, definitely brings depth and expertise to the Dateline podcast. His concise reporting style and keen ability to ask the right questions during interviews give me a clear and balanced picture of the case at hand. Mankiewicz unravels the intricacies and details of each story in a way that is both captivating and enlightening, making his episodes a must-listen.

Rob Stafford

Rob Stafford’s contributions to Dateline NBC are noteworthy as well. I admire his dedication to objective reporting and incisive interviewing, which ensure an unbiased and comprehensive account of each case. His episodes exude clarity and nuance, allowing me to fully grasp the gravity of the situations covered. Overall, Stafford’s work on the Dateline podcast truly enhances the quality of the show.

Hosts’ Spotlight

Keith Morrison

As a dedicated listener of Dateline podcast episodes, I particularly enjoy the narratives provided by Keith Morrison. With over 50 years in the journalism business, Morrison’s unique voice and storytelling ability genuinely shine in episodes like the “Deadly Dreams” (Jan 11th, 2023). Morrison’s new podcast called “Morrison Mysteries” premiered on October 23, providing fans with more of his in-depth investigations and captivating storytelling.

Lester Holt

My admiration for Lester Holt’s work comes from his role as the principal anchor of Dateline. As an experienced and respected journalist, Holt brings confidence and credibility to the episodes he covers, making them engaging and informative. In the October 11, 2023 episode “Talking Dateline: The Clearing,” Holt offers an insightful behind-the-scenes look at the mysterious death of Ohio woman Emily Noble, further showcasing his ability to capture the audience’s attention.

Natalie Morales

Natalie Morales, another talented correspondent for Dateline, effortlessly blends her reporting skills with her empathy towards the people involved in the stories she covers. As a fan, I appreciate the depth she brings to her episodes, ensuring that I remain engaged and informed about every intricate detail within the case.

Cold Cases Revisited

Dateline Cold Cases Revisited

The Phone Call

I remember listening to the gripping Dateline episode titled “The Phone Call.” In this chilling installment, a young woman receives a mysterious and threatening phone call that ultimately leads investigators to a long-forgotten cold case. With a combination of new technology and dogged police work, they manage to uncover critical clues in solving the case. The tension of this episode kept me on the edge of my seat, and the resolution showcased the power of perseverance in the face of seemingly insurmountable odds.

Cold Case

As an avid fan of Dateline, I found the episode “Cold Case” to be particularly fascinating. In this story, an unsolved murder case from decades ago is reopened when new evidence emerges. Through this episode, I gained a deeper understanding of how advances in forensic science can help crack the most impenetrable mysteries. The dedicated detectives featured in this gripping story demonstrated their unwavering commitment to finding justice for the victim, even when the trail had long gone cold.


The “Ransom” episode of Dateline captivated me with its riveting plot and intriguing character dynamics. In this installment, a kidnapping case resurfaces many years later, forcing investigators to confront a difficult and emotionally-charged situation. This episode delved into the complexities of negotiation tactics, the psychological impacts of cold cases, and the various motivations behind criminal behavior.

The Art of Storytelling

As a fan of the Dateline podcast, I’ve encountered several episodes that demonstrate the show’s incredible storytelling skills. In this section, I’ll discuss a few standout episodes that exemplify the compelling storytelling Dateline is known for.

The Man Who Talked to Dogs

In this episode, the story revolves around a man who claimed he could communicate with dogs. The narrative captures the attention of listeners, as it takes a deep dive into his extraordinary claims and the consequences they brought upon him. The Dateline podcast’s storytelling techniques shine through as they explore the intricate details of this bizarre case, keeping the audience engaged and curious throughout the episode.

The Footprint at the Lake

This episode tells the story of a puzzling murder case centered around a single footprint found at the scene. The Dateline podcast’s ability to unravel each thread of the investigation, while building suspense and intrigue, kept me on the edge of my seat. Highly descriptive – yet clear and concise – the storytelling in this instance is particularly commendable for its attention to detail and ability to convey the complex narrative in an easily digestible manner.

Kill Switch

The “Kill Switch” episode demonstrates the podcast’s skillful storytelling as it delves into a crime that involves technology, betrayal, and unexpected twists. The Dateline podcast’s expert use of tone, pacing, and descriptive language makes this episode a shining example of how captivating true crime stories can be. The narrative is easy to follow, and the presentation leaves nothing to be desired in terms of clarity and comprehensibility.

Bizarre Cases

Bizarre Dateline Cases


In one of the most twisted cases I’ve encountered, the mystery unfolded in the sunny state of Florida. Known for its eccentric stories, this investigation was no exception. The details of the crime appeared odd from the beginning, with strange clues and suspicious comments from those involved. The more I dug into the case, the stranger it became, leaving me utterly fascinated.


Another bizarre podcast episode that left me captivated revolved around a story of obsession gone wrong. The true crime story focused on a seemingly innocent infatuation, but as the investigation continued, the darker side of obsession surfaced. It was both chilling and compelling, and it forced me to question just how far one’s fixation could go.

Losing Faith

Perhaps one of the most unusual and thought-provoking episodes I’ve listened to involved the enigmatic case of Lori Vallow. The story of a mother so deeply lost in her religious beliefs, her actions were inexplicable. As I delved deeper into the case, I found myself questioning what could possibly lead someone down such a twisted path of devotion that they would lose sight of their moral compass. This case undoubtedly left a lasting impression on me.

Behind the Scenes

In my experience listening to the Dateline podcast episodes, I also find it fascinating to learn about the behind-the-scenes aspects of their production. The process of putting together these gripping episodes is a complex one, requiring extensive research, storytelling skills, and collaboration among the show’s correspondents and producers.

One noteworthy episode that showcases the behind-the-scenes work is “The Footprint at the Lake.” This episode delves into a complex case where a young woman was found dead at a nearby lake. In the podcast, correspondents Josh Mankiewicz and Andrea Canning discuss the details of the case and provide insights on the making of the episode. Their conversation offers a unique perspective on how the show is created and the dedication to presenting the full story to its audience.

Another intriguing aspect that I’ve observed while listening to Dateline episodes is the use of various narration techniques, such as:

  • Reenactments: These provide dramatic visual representations of key events and help to bring the story to life for viewers and listeners alike.
  • Interviews: The show’s correspondents often speak with individuals closely involved in the cases, including law enforcement officers, witnesses, family members, and even suspects.
  • Archive Material: Audio and video clips from news archives are used to provide context and to build a more comprehensive narrative.

In addition, the correspondents’ unique storytelling abilities and their in-depth investigative work truly set the Dateline podcast apart from other true crime shows. Each correspondent has their own distinctive style, and their combined expertise contributes to the show’s lasting success.

Through their tireless research, the Dateline team helps us better understand complex cases and their impact on the people involved. Their dedication to presenting accurate information and engaging storytelling keeps me coming back for more, and I’m confident that other listeners will appreciate the work that goes on behind the scenes in creating these captivating podcast episodes.

Other True Crime Podcasts To Check Out

Concluding Thoughts

Throughout my research, I’ve found that Dateline has produced some captivating podcast episodes covering various intriguing cases. From the gripping tale of Kaylee Sawyer’s disappearance covered in “Into the Night,” to the chilling interview with convicted murderer Drew Peterson in “Infamous,” there is no shortage of engaging stories in Dateline’s vast library.

I’m particularly impressed by the quality of reporting and storytelling exhibited by the Dateline team, including Lester Holt, Keith Morrison, Andrea Canning, Natalie Morales, Dennis Murphy, and Josh Mankiewicz. Their extensive experience and dedication to truth and accuracy truly shine in each episode. This ensures listeners are given a fair, unbiased, and well-researched account of the events in each case.

The Dateline podcast satisfies listeners’ curiosity for mystery, crime, and justice-related topics. With a consistent release of new episodes and a mix of long-time favorites and recent cases, the podcast remains a top choice for true crime enthusiasts. Each episode provides a unique glimpse into the lives and minds of the victims, perpetrators, and those left behind in these cases.

In summary, Dateline’s podcast episodes are a must-listen for true crime fans who value insightful reporting and engaging storytelling. The variety of presented cases ensures that there will be an episode that resonates with every listener, making Dateline’s podcast a worthy addition to anyone’s true crime podcast lineup.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which Dateline episodes rank highest?

The most popular Dateline episodes that appeared in multiple sources include “Into the Night” and “Reckoning.”

What are the top recent Dateline episodes?

Some recent episodes worth checking out include “Ghosts Can’t Talk” (January 17th, 2024), which features a conversation with convicted murderer Drew Peterson, and “What Happened to Tara Grant?” (June 28th, 2023). These episodes showcase the captivating storytelling and investigative journalism that Dateline is known for.

Which episodes are narrated by Keith Morrison?

Keith Morrison is one of the correspondents for Dateline NBC, and some episodes narrated by him include “Into the Night” and “Deep in the Woods.” You can search for more episodes featuring Keith Morrison by looking into episode descriptions on podcast platforms.

Where can I listen to the podcasts?

You can listen to Dateline NBC podcasts on multiple platforms, such as Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts, Amazon Music and Stitcher. Simply search for “Dateline NBC” on your preferred platform and subscribe to stay up-to-date with new episodes.

Are the podcasts different from the TV show?

The Dateline NBC podcast is the audio-only version of the TV show that airs on NBC. While the content is derived from the TV episodes, you can enjoy the captivating true crime stories without needing a screen, which makes it perfect for listening while commuting, working, or relaxing.

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