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12 Best MrBallen Podcast Episodes: By Fans

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Best MrBallen Podcast Episodes

As a fan of mysterious, strange, and dark stories, the MrBallen Podcast has become one of my favorite podcasts to listen to. In each episode, the host dives into a variety of chilling topics, including paranormal events, unsolved mysteries, strange deaths, cryptids, and true crime stories from around the world. The unique storytelling approach and carefully selected content keep me hooked and eager to learn more about the fascinating tales being told.

The podcast has attracted a broad audience, garnering positive reviews and high ratings from listeners on various platforms. With nearly 200 episodes, it can be challenging to navigate which episodes to start with or which ones are the most intriguing. After spending ample time delving into these spooky stories, I can confidently share a few of the best MrBallen Podcast episodes to give you a taste of just how unnerving and captivating this show can be.

Key Takeaways

  • MrBallen Podcast is a popular platform for mysterious, dark, and strange stories from around the world.
  • The podcast offers a wide variety of topics, including paranormal events, unsolved mysteries, and true crime cases.
  • The best episodes can be found using user reviews, rankings, and personal preferences as a guide.

Show Overview

MrBallen’s Background

As a fan of the MrBallen podcast, I can tell you that it is hosted by John Allen, better known as MrBallen. Before becoming a full-time storyteller, he was a U.S. Navy SEAL and a survival instructor. MrBallen began his career in content creation through his YouTube channel, where he gained an audience by sharing strange, dark, and mysterious stories from around the world. Due to his engaging storytelling abilities and knack for uncovering unique tales, the MrBallen podcast was born.

Podcast Format

The MrBallen podcast follows a consistent format in which he tells one main story per episode. Some of the episodes relate to true crime, while others delve into paranormal events, unsolved mysteries, or other strange occurrences. Each episode showcases MrBallen’s ability to captivate listeners and bring them into the world of the story he shares. The podcast content is a mix of exclusives and episodes imported from his YouTube channel.

The episodes usually last around 30-50 minutes, which makes it ideal for those seeking a casual or informative listen. While the podcast is available on various platforms, some exclusive episodes are available only on certain places like Amazon Music with Prime membership, as well as RadioPublic and PodChaser.

In addition to narrating compelling stories, MrBallen tends to provide context, background information, and personal commentary. This gives listeners a deeper understanding of the events discussed and allows them to internalize the experience as they follow along.

To sum up, the MrBallen podcast offers a unique blend of storytelling and investigation that has made it a popular choice among those interested in strange, dark, and mysterious stories. MrBallen’s background and approach to delivering the tales keep the listeners engaged and always eager for the next episode.

12 Top MrBallen Podcast Episodes

Here are the top 12 MrBallen podcast episodes ranked in order of popularity.

RankEpisode TitleDescription
1Episode 1: The BeginningIntroduces the series with a mix of strange, dark, and mysterious stories.
2Episode 2: The HallwayA chilling story set in an old house with a mysterious dark hallway.
3Episode 17: Unusual EventsA compilation of strange and inexplicable encounters, covering a wide range of content.
4Episode 19: The Dark SecretFocuses on a remote island with a mysterious and sinister history.
5Episode 30: YouTube MurderExamines a viral YouTube video that led to an international investigation involving digital and traditional forensics.
6Episode 11Provides historical context with a missing person case from 2002 in Everett, Washington.
7Episode 21: The Death TrapTells the gripping story of a couple lost in the San Jacinto mountains in 2006.
8Episode 15: The MonsterA look into the 1999 disappearances in Yosemite National Park.
9Ghost Story Episode (October 31, 2023)Features journalist Tristan Redman discussing strange events from his teenage bedroom.
10Episode 1: The Plot (Exclusive, aired February 14th, 2022)An exclusive episode where an unlikely witness shares shocking information about a missing person.
11Murder Mansion EpisodeEmbodies the essence of true crime storytelling in the MrBallen podcast series.
12A Change in Fortune (From MrBallen’s Medical Mysteries series)Set in Goiania, Brazil, in 1986, this episode narrates a family’s experience with severe symptoms after a celebration.

To learn more or listen to the episodes, keep reading.

Episode 1: The Beginning

In my opinion, Episode 1 of MrBallen’s podcast is one of the best episodes. This episode sets the stage for the rest of the show, offering listeners a taste of the strange, dark, and mysterious stories they can expect in each installment. The eerie atmosphere and engaging story format drew me in from the start, and it’s easy to see why “The Beginning” has become a fan favorite.

Episode 2: The Hallway

Another noteworthy episode is Episode 2, titled “The Hallway.” In this episode, MrBallen masterfully unravels a chilling story set in an old, decrepit house with a long, dark hallway upstairs. The suspenseful storytelling kept me on the edge of my seat, and the unexpected twists and turns made this an especially memorable episode.

Episode 17: Unusual Events

“Unusual Events,” Episode 17 of the MrBallen podcast, is also a must-listen. This installment features a compilation of strange and inexplicable encounters, providing diverse and intriguing content for listeners. The stories in this episode range from cryptic occurrences to astonishing near-death experiences, demonstrating MrBallen’s versatility in covering various aspects of the unknown.

Episode 19: The Dark Secret

Finally, Episode 19, “This Island Has a Dark Secret,” stands out as yet another exceptional podcast episode. In this gripping story, MrBallen takes us to a remote island with a mysterious and sinister past. As the story unfolds, I found myself becoming increasingly immersed in the chilling events and wanting to learn more about the ominous darkness that shrouds the island.

Throughout these standout episodes, MrBallen has captured my attention with captivating stories that intertwine the strange, dark, and mysterious elements that make his podcast unique. The episodes mentioned above are excellent examples of the show’s unique storytelling style and gripping content.

In-Depth Analysis

Forensic Perspective

In my exploration of the best MrBallen podcast episodes, I considered the forensic perspective—how the science behind evidence collection, analysis, and interpretation is highlighted. One standout episode in this regard is Episode 30, the “YouTube Murder” podcast exclusive. The episode look into how a viral video on YouTube sparked an international investigation involving digital forensics, as well as traditional forensic techniques, to piece together evidence and understand the case’s links to multiple disappearance events.

Historical Context

As a fan of history, I also appreciate episodes that provide historical context and dive into events from the past. One example is Episode 11, where the story revolves around a missing person in Everett, Washington, in 2002. This case study not only exposes the challenges faced by investigators during that time, but it also highlights how perspectives on missing persons cases have evolved since then. Additionally, some episodes occasionally delve into cases from World War 2 or other significant periods in history, which adds another layer of intrigue.

Investigative Approach

Lastly, I examined the investigative approach taken by MrBallen, a skilled storyteller, and investigative journalist, across his podcasts. By doing so, I wanted to see how each episode sheds light on the diverse methodologies and strategies employed by both law enforcement professionals and citizen investigators. Episodes cover a wide range of cases, including unsolved mysteries and disappearances, often involving deep collaboration between police departments and the general public. This aspect showcases the various challenges and breakthroughs that investigators face in their relentless pursuit of truth and justice.

In summary, the best MrBallen podcast episodes offer a unique combination of forensic perspectives, historical context, and investigative approaches that make them not only informative but captivating as well. Case studies are thoroughly researched and presented in an engaging way, which is evident in episodes such as “YouTube Murder” and the missing person case in Everett, Washington.

Themes and Subjects

Medical Mysteries

When it comes to medical mysteries, episodes of the MrBallen podcast dive deep into some of the most intriguing stories. From diagnostic mysteries to shocking medical mishaps, these stories leave me captivated as I learn about the complexities of the human body and the challenges doctors face in their profession. Fans of the non-fiction murder mystery podcast “Dr. Death” might enjoy these episodes as they often feature strange and dark medical cases.

Ghosts and the Supernatural

If there’s something strange going on, the MrBallen podcast is sure to cover it. The show occasionally explores topics involving ghosts, supernatural phenomena, and unexplained events. When I listen to these episodes, I am often left with chills as the stories veer into the realm of the eerie and unknown. For those who have a heightened interest in paranormal tales, the podcast provides a balanced mix of intrigue and chilling encounters.

Unsolved Disappearances

One of the core subjects of the MrBallen podcast is its investigation into unsolved disappearances. These stories delve into the lives of those who vanished without a trace, leaving behind a trail of unanswered questions and heartache. The podcast weaves together a compelling narrative that showcases the dark and mysterious nature of these cases. As I listen to these memorable episodes, I find myself completely absorbed in the suspense and true-crime aspect of the stories.

Platform Availability


I can watch MrBallen’s podcast on YouTube, where they upload podcast episodes along with visuals, making it an engaging experience. By subscribing to their channel, I can stay updated with their latest episodes and be part of their thriving community.

Wondery App

If I prefer to listen ad-free, I can access all MrBallen podcast episodes on the Wondery App. The app offers a seamless listening experience and allows me to follow Ghost Story and other podcasts from Wondery.

Amazon Music

As an Amazon Music subscriber, I can listen to MrBallen’s podcast episodes on my preferred streaming platform. This integration makes it convenient to listen to my favorite podcast and enjoy their intriguing stories.

Apple Podcasts

For those who use Apple devices, MrBallen podcast is also available on Apple Podcasts. Subscribing to their podcast on Apple Podcasts means I can listen to their episodes whenever I want and add them to my library for easy access.

User Reviews and Ratings

In my exploration of MrBallen podcast episodes, I’ve noticed that the show has consistently received high ratings with listeners praising the content and storytelling. For instance, episode 1, titled “The Plot,” has been well-received and stands out as a podcast exclusive episode 1.

Many loyal listeners recommend specific episodes, such as episode 15, “The Monster,” which explores the 1999 disappearances of multiple people in Yosemite National Park 2. Additionally, another highly recommended episode is the one that focuses on the unbelievable events in the Guatemalan government. MrBallen is known for incredibly well-researched and engaging content 3.

Listeners often mention that they’ve revisited certain episodes multiple times and find the podcast to be an excellent companion during nighttime routines or long drives. This speaks to the wide appeal and captivating storytelling that MrBallen brings to each episode 4.

Some podcast enthusiasts who regularly tune into the MrBallen Podcast have shared their experiences and recommendations on several platforms, such as Apple Podcasts and Podchaser. These reviews provide valuable insight into the best episodes and the reasons why people admire MrBallen’s work 1.

To sum up the available information on user reviews and ratings, the MrBallen Podcast has gained a loyal following and high ratings over time. The well-researched and compelling storytelling is what keeps the listeners engaged and coming back for more.


As a fan of the MrBallen Podcast, I’ve had the pleasure of listening to numerous episodes that have captivated and intrigued me. While it’s difficult to pinpoint the absolute best episodes, a few stand out from the search results provided.

Episode 21 titled “The Death Trap” strongly appeals to listeners with its swift dive into the action. This episode tells the story of a couple who became lost in the San Jacinto mountain range in 2006, which is truly gripping for first-time podcast listeners.

Another well-rated episode is the podcast-exclusive “The Plot,” which aired on February 14th, 2022. In this 37-minute-long episode, I found the story about an unlikely witness divulging shocking information about a missing person to the Everett Washington police quite engaging.

The “Murder Mansion” episode captures the essence of MrBallen’s true crime storytelling. The podcast, hosted by John B. Allen, has garnered numerous accolades, such as nominations at the Streamys and iHeart Radio Podcast Awards, along with a Webby People’s Voice Award win.

One notable episode from the “MrBallen’s Medical Mysteries” series is “A Change in Fortune.” This story transports listeners to Goiania, Brazil, in September 1986. I was both fascinated and horrified by the family’s experience with sudden and severe symptoms after a celebration, eventually leading to a devastating discovery.

In conclusion, these few episodes only scratch the surface of the compelling content offered by the MrBallen Podcast. The combination of strange, dark, and mysterious stories ensures a captivating listening experience, and I’m confident that both regular and new listeners will find these episodes as engrossing as I did.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some top episodes from MrBallen’s podcast?

In my opinion, one of the best episodes from MrBallen’s podcast is Episode 15 – The Monster, which looks into the chilling 1999 disappearances of multiple people in the Yosemite National Park. Another episode I’d recommend is the Ghost Story episode from October 31, 2023, which features journalist Tristan Redman discussing strange events that took place in his teenage bedroom.

Which exclusive MrBallen podcast episodes are worth a listen?

The exclusive Episode 1 – The Plot, aired on February 14th, 2022, is a great starting point for new listeners. This episode features an unlikely witness who shares shocking information about a missing person with the Everett Washington police.

What are some fan-favorite scary stories from MrBallen’s podcast?

Fans of MrBallen’s podcast enjoy his medical mysteries, including the October 24, 2023 episode entitled “A Change in Fortune,” which tells the terrifying story of a family in Goiania, Brazil, who fall ill with horrific symptoms after a celebration. Some believe the cause could be something much more sinister.

Where can I find MrBallen’s podcasts on platforms like Player FM or Google?

You can find MrBallen’s podcasts on most popular podcast platforms, such as Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify, and Stitcher. Simply search for “MrBallen Podcast” or “MrBallen’s Medical Mysteries” to find his shows.

How does MrBallen’s podcast rank among true crime shows?

While it’s difficult to make a definitive ranking, MrBallen’s podcast has garnered a strong following and positive reviews for its engaging storytelling, thorough research, and focus on strange, dark, and mysterious stories. It can be considered as a respected and trustworthy true-crime podcast.

Are there any MrBallen Goosebumps themed episodes?

As of now, I haven’t found any specific episodes focused on Goosebumps by MrBallen. However, his podcast goes into various eerie and mysterious stories, some of which may evoke a similar feeling of suspense and intrigue for the listeners.

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