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20 Best Morbid Podcast Episodes: Unveiling the Darkest Tales

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Best Morbid Podcast Episodes

The Morbid podcast has steadily gained a large following since its debut in 2018. Known as Morbid: A True Crime Podcast, it explores the darkest corners of the true crime genre, combining horror with humanity. Hosted by Alaina Urquhart, an autopsy technician, and her niece Ash Kelley, the duo shares their lifelong passion for the macabre and the sometimes horrifying world of true crime.

Dark and dense forest scenery representing the eerie theme of Morbid Podcast's best episodes.

With over 450 episodes available, there’s no shortage of chilling and captivating stories to choose from. The podcast features everything from the mysterious death of Kenneka Jenkins in episode 147 to the terrifying case of the Toy Box Killer in episode 20. Their coverage of various criminal cases, unsolved mysteries, and haunting ghost stories has attracted fans from all around the world who appreciate their mix of humor and sensitivity.

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Key Takeaways

  • Morbid: A True Crime Podcast offers a deep dive into chilling cases and unsolved mysteries
  • Hosts Alaina and Ash infuse their passion for horror and true crime into every episode
  • The podcast’s diverse range of topics has made it a fan-favorite in the true crime community

Top 20 Morib Podcast Episodes – Ranked by Downloads

New to the Morbid podcast? Here are the best morbid episodes to get you started, ranked in order by view count and popularity.

1. Gerard John Schaefer “The Hangman” | Episode 358

In Episode 358 titled “Gerard John Schaefer ‘The Hangman'”, Alaina, one of the hosts of the Morbid podcast, delves into the chilling case of Gerard John Schaefer. Schaefer is known to have killed an estimated 34 young women. The episode explores how Schaefer, leveraging his one-time status as a police officer, lured young women into going on an adventure with him, only to bring them to a horrifying fate.

2. Kelly Cochran AKA “The Devil Woman of Michigan” | Episode 355

In Episode 355 titled “Kelly Cochran AKA ‘The Devil Woman of Michigan'”, the Morbid podcast delves into the mysterious disappearance of Chris Regan. The episode unfolds with Chris Regan going missing just as he was about to move from Michigan to North Carolina with his son, a change he was excited about. However, suddenly, all communications from Chris ceased, raising concerns among people close to him. The investigation into his disappearance took a sinister turn when his car was found abandoned at a local park and ride. A subsequent search of his car revealed directions that led investigators to Kelly Cochran’s home, indicating a grim fate that befell Chris Regan

3. Rainbow Family Murders

Delve into the mysterious and unsolved Rainbow Family Murders, a case entwined with counterculture, enigma, and haunting unanswered questions.

4. Kiss and Kill Murder

Explore the notorious Kiss and Kill murder, a case that unravels a tale of passion, betrayal, and a deadly end to a youthful romance.

5. H.H. Holmes, Part 1

Begin the terrifying journey into the life of H.H. Holmes, America’s first serial killer, in this detailed exploration of his early crimes and twisted mind.

6. The Murder of Bridget Cleary

Discover the harrowing story of Bridget Cleary, whose tragic murder reveals a blend of superstition, folklore, and a community’s dark secret.

7. The Clutter Family Murders

Revisit the infamous Clutter Family Murders, a case that shocked a nation and inspired Truman Capote’s “In Cold Blood,” in this gripping recount.

8. The Haunted S.K. Pierce Mansion

Venture into the eerie world of the S.K. Pierce Mansion, a house riddled with ghostly legends, unexplained occurrences, and a dark past.

9. The Carnival Cult Murder | Episode 325

Unravel the sinister tale of the Carnival Cult Murder, where the world of traveling carnivals meets a chilling and ritualistic killing.

10. The Murder of Jennifer Corbin, Part 1

Dive into Part 1 of the Jennifer Corbin murder case, a story that intertwines family drama, mysterious circumstances, and a search for justice.

11. Listener Tales 77

Engage with chilling real-life stories from listeners, each tale a unique journey into the unknown and the terrifying corners of reality.

12. Murder of Sophie Lancaster

Reflect on the tragic and senseless murder of Sophie Lancaster, a case that highlights the consequences of prejudice and the impact on a community.

13. Jack the Ripper | Part 1 | Episode 343

Start the haunting exploration of Jack the Ripper in Part 1, delving into the depths of his notorious and unsolved Victorian-era murders.

14. The Bonebreaker Case

Investigate the gruesome and perplexing Bonebreaker case, where the pursuit of truth reveals a tale of cruelty, obsession, and ruthless violence.

15. The Murder of Kelly Ann Tinyes

Discover the heart-wrenching story of Kelly Ann Tinyes, a young life tragically cut short in a case that reveals the darkness lurking in suburbia.

16. The Horrifying Crimes of Dellen Millard and Mark Smich

Examine the cruel and calculated crimes of Dellen Millard and Mark Smich, a duo whose remorseless actions led to heartbreak and horror.

17. Bobby Mackey’s Music World

Step into Bobby Mackey’s Music World, where country tunes mingle with chilling ghost stories and tales of the supernatural in an infamous honky-tonk.

18. The Devil Made Me Do It

Explore the controversial case of “The Devil Made Me Do It,” where the realms of the supernatural and criminal justice system shockingly intersect.

19. Elroy Kent & The Murder of Delia Congdon

Delve into the twisted tale of Elroy Kent and the murder of Delia Congdon, a story that unravels a web of deceit, malice, and cold-blooded murder.

20. Walter Freeman

Unearth the troubling history of Walter Freeman, the infamous advocate of the lobotomy, whose controversial practices left a dark mark on medical history.

The Creators Behind the Scenes

recording morbid podcasts

As a true crime enthusiast, I have been following Morbid: A True Crime Podcast for quite some time now. I can truly say that one of the main reasons for its success lies in its creators, Alaina Urquhart, and Ashleigh “Ash” Kelley. They bring their unique personalities, wit, and expertise to each episode, making them an engaging duo.

Alaina Urquhart, an autopsy technician by profession, provides fascinating insights into the forensic aspects of the cases they cover. Her experience in the field not only allows listeners to get a deeper understanding of the complexities of crime investigation but also puts a spotlight on the significant role that forensic science plays in solving criminal cases.

In addition to Alaina’s forensic knowledge, Ash brings her infectious energy and humor to the podcast. Ash’s background in theater and her natural storytelling abilities create a captivating narrative, which makes even the most morbid topics accessible and entertaining to a wide range of listeners.

Together, Alaina and Ash have developed a unique style for talking about true crime. They expertly blend their passion for the subject with their distinct personalities. It’s this combination that keeps me, and many other fans, hooked on their podcast.

Their friendship, dating back to childhood, also contributes to the dynamic between the two hosts. It adds a layer of authenticity and connection that makes listening to Morbid feel like sitting down and discussing true crime with close friends. The duo’s chemistry, complimented by their well-researched and thoughtfully presented content, creates an engaging and informative podcast that’s earned a well-deserved spot in the true crime podcast community.

Fan-Favourite Episodes

Vintage knife displayed as a symbolic artifact in a Morbid Podcast episode about historical crimes.

I’ve listened to several episodes of Morbid: A True Crime Podcast and have come across some fan-favourites. Morbid, hosted by sisters Alaina Urquhart and Ash Kelley, covers various murder and crime cases, including lesser-known incidents and discussions about broader criminal justice issues.

One such episode that stood out is Episode 208, which explores the tragic case of Ashley Smith. Listeners get to learn about the complex circumstances surrounding Ashley’s death and whether other individuals should be punished for their roles in the event. This gripping episode attracted significant attention in 2021, and I highly recommend it if you want to dive deeper into an intriguing investigation.

Another popular episode is Episode 184, focusing on the unbelievable life and criminal activities of Carl Panzram. With a runtime of 1 hour and 35 minutes, this episode takes you on a journey through Panzram’s numerous, violent crimes. The hosts’ in-depth analysis of his life and psyche offers a fascinating insight into the mind of a brutal offender.

Episode 122: The West Memphis Three Part 1 is also a must-listen. This episode delves into the notorious West Memphis Three case, exploring the circumstances leading to three teenagers’ convictions for the murders of three young boys in Arkansas. Through meticulous research and presentation, the hosts unpack the case’s intricate details, making it one of the best Morbid podcast episodes ever.

Horror and Humanity

Misty forest scene evoking the chilling atmosphere discussed in Morbid Podcast's mystery episodes.

When I listen to Morbid: A True Crime Podcast, it’s apparent that horror and humanity are intertwined. The podcast delves into the darkest corners of human behavior, highlighting the chilling fact that violence can sprout within families, hurting children and other loved ones. Here are some of the most gripping episodes that showcase a sinister mix of horror and human tragedy:

  • Episode 166: Ian Brady & Myra Hindley: This chilling episode explores the lives and crimes of the notorious killers, Ian Brady and Myra Hindley. The duo’s sadistic acts terrorized a community and took the lives of five innocent children. It’s a brazen illustration of how individuals can experience a descent into darkness.
  • Catherine & David Birnie: In this two-part series, Morbid dives into the twisted tale of Catherine and David Birnie. Despite experiencing tumultuous home lives, their connection was undeniable, ultimately leading to them becoming two of the most vile humans to ever walk this earth. The episodes detail how this couple abducted, raped, and killed with malicious intent.
  • The Mysterious Murder of Julia Wallace: This captivating episode tells the story of Julia Wallace, a woman whose murder remains unsolved. As the podcast unfolds, the host discusses the eerie circumstances surrounding Julia’s death and the puzzling fact that her husband was the prime suspect.

When listening to these episodes, I can’t help but feel both frightened and fascinated by the lengths some people will go to inflict pain on others, all while hiding behind a facade of normality. The Morbid podcast provides a platform for understanding the complexities of human behavior and the cruel paradoxes that reside within families and communities.

Famous Cases Covered

crime scene morbid podcast episode

I have delved into many harrowing and nefarious true crime stories on the Morbid Podcast. Some of the most famous cases covered include the West Memphis Three, Ian Brady and Myra Hindley (the Moors murderers), Ariel Castro’s kidnappings, Dennis Rader (also known as the BTK killer), and David Parker Ray (the Toy Box Killer). Each of these cases is as chilling as the next.

The West Memphis Three were a group of teenagers who were wrongfully accused and convicted of the gruesome murders of three young boys in Arkansas. Their chilling case shed light on the faulty investigation methods and the consequences of false convictions.

Ian Brady and Myra Hindley, also known as the Moors murderers, became two of Britain’s most notorious serial killers. They abducted, tortured, and killed five children in the 1960s; their depravity shocked the nation as the gruesome details of their crimes were unveiled.

Ariel Castro held three women captive for over a decade in his Cleveland, Ohio, house. Michelle Knight, Amanda Berry, and Gina DeJesus endured unthinkable abuse at his hands. Their eventual escape and rescue brought global attention to this horrific case of kidnapping and torture.

Dennis Rader dubbed himself the BTK (Bind, Torture, Kill) killer and terrorized the residents of Kansas for nearly two decades. His horrifying murder spree and taunting of law enforcement added a new dimension to the term “serial killer.”

David Parker Ray, also known as the Toy Box Killer, is another terrifying figure in true crime history. Ray kidnapped, tortured, and killed women in his homemade “toy box” chamber in New Mexico. His gruesome acts have chilled the hearts of even the most avid true crime fans.

The Morbid Podcast also delved into the cases of the Golden State Killer and Willie Pickton. The Golden State Killer was responsible for a string of murders, burglaries, and rapes in California between the 1970s and 1980s. Willie Pickton, on the other hand, was a Canadian serial killer who targeted sex workers and was ultimately convicted for six counts of murder, but suspected of many more.

These are just a few of the many heart-stopping cases covered on the Morbid Podcast. Each episode takes listeners on a dark journey through the twisted minds and monstrous acts of these infamous criminals.

The Impact of Morbid

Top downloaded episodes of the morbid podcast

I’ve been captivated by Morbid, a true crime podcast that has quickly gained a large following since its beginning in May 2018. The podcast is hosted by Alaina Urquhart and Ash Kelley, who have done an excellent job at creating a lighthearted yet informative atmosphere.

In each episode, Morbid dives deep into various murder cases, providing detailed analysis and context that many true crime enthusiasts crave. As I listen to the episodes, I can’t help but notice the meticulous research and dedication the hosts put into their storytelling. This attention to detail has set Morbid apart from other true crime podcasts and established it as a fan favorite.

One of the defining aspects of Morbid is its ability to strike the perfect balance between comedy and serious discussions about sensitive topics such as murder and death. The hosts have a genuine chemistry that creates engaging and entertaining episodes, while also maintaining respect for the victims and their families.

Morbid’s impact on the true crime genre is evident in the wide range of cases they cover – from famous murder mysteries to lesser-known, but equally fascinating, crimes. By shedding light on these often underrepresented cases, they give a voice to the victims and contribute to a more comprehensive understanding of true crime.

In conclusion, Morbid has cemented its place as a must-listen podcast for true crime fans. With its unique blend of wit, knowledge, and compassion, it continues to push the boundaries of the genre and set new standards for other podcasts to follow.

Women in True Crime

Close-up of a mysterious, crime scene, used as a backdrop in a Morbid Podcast promo for suspenseful stories.

I find it interesting to note the number of women involved in true crime, whether as victims, investigators, or hosts. In the Morbid podcast, the hosts Alaina and Ash are childhood best friends who have always been fascinated with true crime. Alaina works as an autopsy technician, giving her unique insight into the cases they cover.

In one harrowing episode, the story of Michelle Knight, Amanda Berry, and Gina DeJesus is explored. These three young women were abducted and held captive in a house in Cleveland, Ohio for more than a decade. Their abductor’s actions, eventual escape, and the aftermath are thoroughly covered in the podcast.

Another episode delves into the chilling case of Mary Vincent, a young hitchhiker who survived a brutal attack. She endured unspeakable violence and managed to escape, later testifying against her attacker in court. Her resilience and determination for seeking justice have encouraged and inspired many listeners.

The Morbid podcast also examines the gruesome murder of Shanda Sharer, a 12-year-old girl who was brutally killed by a group of teenagers. This tragic case exposes the dark side of adolescent behavior and explores the actions that led to Sharer’s senseless death.

Catherine and Kim Edwards were two sisters who made headlines after they brutally murdered their mother and sister. Their case revealed shocking details and caused many to question the reasons behind their gruesome actions. The Morbid podcast looks into what may have driven these sisters to commit such a horrendous act.

Throughout these episodes, the stories of these strong and resilient women are discussed in an engaging and informative manner. I appreciate how Alaina and Ash maintain a confident, knowledgeable, and clear tone of voice while presenting these stories. Their passion for delving into the complexities of true crime is evident, and it ensures that listeners remain captivated and informed.

Listener Tales

Artistic representation of a knife intertwined with a microphone, symbolizing Morbid Podcast's true crime stories

I’ve come across several intriguing Listener Tales episodes on the Morbid podcast. These episodes feature spine-chilling stories that are submitted by listeners, touching on various topics such as murders, disappearances, and encounters with serial killers.

One of the most memorable Listener Tales is episode 20. In this edition, a harrowing tale of a terrifying reminder to always walk with a buddy is narrated, as well as a horrific hometown murder, a dangerous close call with a killer, and an eerie sighting of a plague doctor with a cursed foot. Additionally, there were stories about a brush with the Manson family and one seriously ghoulish old lady to set the spooky vibe.

Another notable installment is Listener Tales 50. This episode is packed with suspenseful narration, and it captured my attention with its vivid descriptions of frightful experiences. In the same episode, the morbid podcast listeners shared heartfelt stories that were both thrilling and captivating.

Listener Tales 79 was particularly chilling, with an account of a rogue silhouette ghost man, playful spirits, and other spine-tingling occurrences. These stories were shared by the listeners themselves, making the experiences feel even more authentic and engaging.

Throughout all the Listener Tales episodes, the Morbid podcast manages to strike a fine balance between being detailed and respecting the sensitive nature of the topics. The podcast hosts discuss murder cases, deaths, and other gruesome events, always maintaining a clear and informative tone. The podcast manages to keep listeners captivated by maintaining a confident, knowledgeable, and neutral delivery of the content.

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Unsolved Mysteries

Foreboding, shadow-filled forest scene, visually representing the mood of Morbid Podcast's best episodes.

One episode that stands out for its coverage of an unsolved murder is the exploration of the tragic disappearance and death of 16-year-old lifeguard, Molly Bish. I admire how Alaina and Ash delve into the details of the case with compassion, attempting to find answers to this heart-wrenching mystery that still remains unsolved since her disappearance from her job in 2000.

Another intriguing unsolved case that piqued my interest is the Irish Vanishing Triangle, a series of disappearances taking place in the mid-late 1990s within a small area in Ireland. The Morbid podcast presents a comprehensive narration of the available facts and theories regarding the six women who mysteriously vanished, leaving little to no traces behind.

I have also found the episode on Hinterkaifeck to be particularly captivating, as it investigates the 1922 unsolved murder of an entire family residing in a small Bavarian farmstead. The Morbid podcast convincingly presents the eerie details of the events leading up to the gruesome discovery, as well as the subsequent investigation that offers no definitive answers.

It is worth noting that Morbid episodes focusing on unsolved mysteries illustrate the podcast hosts’ expertise in combining thorough research with a gripping narrative. Their approach facilitates a captivating listening experience that leaves me wanting to learn more about these chilling unsolved murders.

Morbid Representation

As a fan of the Morbid podcast, I appreciate their efforts in covering cases that highlight important social issues, such as LGBTQ rights and the experiences of marginalized individuals. For instance, discussing cases related to Marsha P. Johnson, a prominent figure in LGBTQ rights and history, provides insight into a different side of morbid events.

One episode that stands out to me involves the tragedy of Mary Vincent. This case covers the survival story of a young woman who faced immense obstacles. I find it equally inspiring and chilling, providing a morbid fascination while showcasing the real-life consequences of crime. In this episode, the hosts discuss the details of the case, providing a comprehensive and sensitive portrayal of the events.

Additionally, the Morbid podcast delves into lesser-known cases with significant social and cultural implications. For example, one episode I recall focuses on Tamla Horsford and how her case was mishandled by authorities. As a listener, I appreciate the information provided, as it sheds light on systemic issues that need to be addressed.

I believe that the Morbid podcast’s coverage of these cases and topics not only educates listeners but also promotes understanding and empathy towards various social issues. By doing so, the podcast successfully combines morbid fascination with social awareness in a confident, knowledgeable, and accessible manner.

Frequently Asked Questions

Concept art for Morbid Podcast mic featuring an abstract blend of lights

What are some chilling true crime episodes?

In Morbid Podcast’s rich collection, there are episodes that stand out for their chilling true crime stories. One of them is Episode 184 on the life and crimes of Carl Panzram. This episode, aired in November 2020, unravels the twisted story of Panzram, a criminal from the early 20th century whose actions still fascinate true crime enthusiasts.

Which Morbid episodes focus on paranormal events?

Morbid Podcast occasionally delves into paranormal events as well. I don’t have specific episodes at hand, but you can explore their episode list and look for descriptions mentioning hauntings, ghosts, or other supernatural phenomena to find those episodes.

What are the most unsettling episodes in crime podcasts?

The most unsettling episodes in crime podcasts often deal with particularly gruesome or shocking cases. While it’s difficult to single out the most unsettling episodes, you can check out top crime podcasts such as Morbid, Crime Junkie, and others for their most intense episodes by looking into their episode list and descriptions.

What episodes highlight the hosts’ connection?

Morbid Podcast is hosted by Ash Kelley and Alaina Urquhart, two true crime fans who share their passion through a wonderful chemistry. While their connection shines in every episode, focussing on listener or personal stories could give you a better insight into their relationship and distinct perspectives as a niece and aunt duo.

Are there controversial episodes in Morbid podcast?

As true crime podcasts often deal with sensitive topics, it’s possible that some episodes may stir controversy or discussions. That said, I cannot provide specific controversial episodes, but it’s noteworthy that Morbid has come a long way since its inception in May 2018, covering a wide range of cases that likely sparked debates among listeners.

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